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  1. c0al67

    Harley Street Fighter 975

    2 years is when I'll probably be looking to buy (i'm making bike "payments" into a savings account). I've always loved harleys and have owned a couple but went to the FZ when I started getting into more sporty riding. I honestly hope this bike is good and not priced to crazy. But if it's priced too closely to the new CBR1k, MT10 etc, and it doesn't offer more power... well I'll probably have to go elsewhere. I would be absolutely excited to have the first real sport harley though if the power/weight/pricetag is right!
  2. c0al67

    2017 Fz-07 100% Track Build

    some day i'll have more tools, mechanical knowledge, garage space, and money. 'til then i enjoy the hell out of these threads lol.
  3. c0al67

    Show me how you go to the track

    Been dreaming about a cargo van myself. Enough room for a bike and a cot and i'd be a very happy guy. I enjoy going down to deal's gap as much as I enjoy the track, and it's about a 5 hr drive for me. My current set up is a jeep wrangler with a small trailer, and then renting a room. but it's a hassle and a van would be amazing! I've owned the jeep for 11 years though and I'm pretty attached to it.
  4. I've had TST front LED signals for a while, with stock rear turn signals. Hyperflash never bothered me, so I never installed an LED relay. I finally got some rear LED signals. When I installed them, It made the front signals go dim. I reinstalled the stock rear signals, and thinking it was probably because of the relay, I ordered and installed an LED flasher relay. Hyperflash is gone, but If I install a rear LED signal, it causes the front LEDs to go dim. Likewise if I completely remove the rear signals, the fronts also go dim. I've tried googling, but I seem to get a whole lot of forum posts but haven't found the solution. Attached - photograph of a front "bright" signal, with the right signal having an LED front+rear showing what I mean by bright vs. dim
  5. c0al67

    Project FZ Supertwin

    I had a rainy day down at the tail of the dragon in deals gap. I was absolutely impressed with the S21's also. I was running a brand new set with 1 track day on them. I was amazed with them, it was the first time I really pushed in the rain.
  6. it's a tough one because I'm in love with a new bike every few weeks. The 07 is such a good bike though. I'm about 50% street 50% track now and i'm still very very happy with it. I did upgrade the front and rear suspension though, and have different rear sets and bars. It's somewhere right in between the stock FZ07 riding position and a sport bike. i'm happy every time i ride it so i can't complain.
  7. Pretty much all i can find is this . . And it actually looks larger than the passenger seat? I can't find anything that just gives the rear a smooth look. Anyone have this and have opinions? or know of any cleaner looking options? i got rid of my passenger pegs first thing pretty much so I hate having a seat back there that can't be used
  8. Honestly, the engine braking IS my rear brake. I never touch the rear brake lever. I ride 50/50 track / street.
  9. c0al67

    The Return of Erik eBuell

    The sad thing is, I really, really want him to make it. The EBR 1190 was so good.
  10. I'm using the TC bros drag bars. they are $20 bucks and I like them quite a bit. I keep an extra set around for track days in case I lowside again.. I also got a good deal on a set of used suburban machinery M1 bars (usually around 200 bucks, got them for 75) which I'm gonna try out this track season.
  11. c0al67

    The Evil, Wicked, Mean and Nasty Kawasaki 750 Triple

    a kid I know has a mint H2, inherited from his mom who had it since it was near new. Thing sounds like a goddamn bunch of angry chainsaw's coming down the road!
  12. I'd just like to be able to afford to go every weekend to any track I definitely wanna do COTA before I die, and spend a few days at barber seeing the museum and riding the track. I don't have enough experience on the track yet to pick a dream bike, but I do wanna ride an EBR 1190, shame that company didn't do well.

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