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  1. I drilled my exhaust and never noticed any difference in performance. It sounded great to me. I ran it that way for about a year. I thought I had a picture of it on my computer, but I can't find it. If I do, I'll post it.
  2. Ordered a set of these the other day: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Rider-Front-Foot-Pegs-Adapters-For-YAMAHA-YZF-R25-YZF-R3-MT-25-MT-03-MT/32811839659.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.16da4c4dCQKdPV
  3. I haven't done anything to the ECU, yet. Not sure when, but it's on the list of things to do. I'll be shocked if whoever flashes the ECU has a map for my exhaust. It'll be interesting to see how things work out when I get it done.
  4. I have them. I used one of the stock nuts as a jam nut along with the wing nut. They work fine with my spool stand. The only issue I have is that the black finish has faded to a strange dark brown/copper color, which I suppose is to be expected for such a low price...
  5. Lol! I got cold just watching it! I was in Pittsburgh in the winter about 8 years ago. Landed in the middle of a nasty blizzard that dumped almost 2 feet of snow on the area. The day after the snow, I saw a motorcycle cop on a bike with a sidecar (may have been a trike, can't remember for sure) out riding around. The guy was wearing a short sleeved shirt. Crazy! I wish I'd gotten a picture of him.
  6. Just posted a review in the "What did you do to your FZ07 today?" thread.
  7. I installed the exhaust I got from Aliexpress. (Actually, I installed it a few weeks ago, but haven't had time to log in here lately.) https://www.aliexpress.com/item/MT07-FZ07-Motorcycle-Muffler-Full-Front-Exhaust-System-Pipe-Mid-Tube-DB-Killer-FOR-YAMAHA-MT/32827231270.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.3da24c4dUyuVa0 I'm really impressed with everything about this exhaust. Build quality and fit & finish are first class, regardless of price. Installation was straightforward. Had to hold my mouth just right to get the exhaust gaskets in place while I started the bolts. Installing the top spring on the slip-on was a b*tch tho. I ran it for a week without the db killer. It's loud, but not ridiculously so. The thing that convinced me to install the db killer was the popping and cracking when I chopped the throttle. It sounds great, but got tiresome after a few days. Last Friday, I was turning and let off the throttle a little. It backfired loudly and scared the bejeezers out of me. So i put the db killer that night. Surprisingly (and fortunately), it didn't quiet it down much. It just got a little deeper tone and quieted the backfiring down a bunch. Here a few pics.
  8. Lol! It comes with a db killer, which I'll likely install. But not before I try it without.
  9. According to the website, it is all SS. We shall see tho... Someone on here bought a similar exhaust from China last year and posted pics. They were impressed, which is what prompted me to look for one on Aliexpress. Now, to quote Tom Petty, the waiting is the hardest part.
  10. I'll give a report when I get it. Right now I'm just doing the exhaust. At some point I'm going to send the ECU off for a re-flash.
  11. I ordered this today. Yeah, it's from Aliexpress. I figured for $140, I'd take a chance. Honestly tho, I think it's the best looking one out there. Now, for the (likely) long wait for delivery...
  12. I'm in Oklahoma too. I've got flushmounts on the rear and have never been stopped. So I'd say you're just fine. Unless, of course, you give them a reason to pull you over.
  13. squiernut

    New exhaust

    Very cool! I have a stock exhaust that I drilled. I think it sounds good and not too loud, but a little louder would be fine with me. Thanks for the response.
  14. squiernut

    New exhaust

    Looks good! Is this the one you got? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/motorcycle-exhaust-connector-contact-pipe-for-KAWASAKI-ER6N-ER6F-Ninja650R-2012-2016-without-exhaust/32739288948.html?spm=2114.search0104.3.132.39g5Xr&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0 It doesn't say that a db killer comes with it, but you mentioned that it does. Does the db killer quiet it down a lot? As much as I like a loud bike, I don't want it that loud day in and day out. Thanks!

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