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  1. When did you talk to him? The full system is on his website for sale http://www.toceperformance.com/toce-2013-2016-yamaha-fz-07-razor-tip-full-exhaust-system/ I talked to him I think in the middle of last year, but then I went and bought the Ti Akra muffler after he told me that he was not planning on making any for the FZ07, maybe I should have waited a little longer . If you decide to get the Toce muffler, post a video here, I would like to hear how it sounds.
  2. Last time I talked to the owner of Toce, he said he won't be making any mufflers for our FZ-07, I then called him again after a few months to make sure he didn't change his mind. Is this a project that you are trying to fabricate and get some parts from Toce. Please keep us updated, and let us know if it does work for you, I would like to see the end result, I have always liked the look of that Toce muffler. Black with black would look nice for the bike as it shows in the picture.
  3. Living somewhat close to Sacramento ( in Solano county), we have our own lake berryessa damn to worries about , if that lake damn fail to hold the water or broke, a massive flooding for our area, I guess I better start shopping for a canoe.

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