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  1. Great little screen, really fits the lines of the bike nicely.
  2. The ladies do tend to pack more.
  3. Looks good! I picked up the same Kriega system. Fantastic bit of kit along with the 10 yr warranty. sold. Backpacks are also excellent.
  4. Nice! I chopped and hacked my stock airbox out (befitting end to its hideousness) and happily threw it in the trash. Along with a PC-V and Hord's custom mapping the Hordpower filter is fantastic. Brand new bike in power/fun/sound and overall aesthetics. Like the Fonz.
  5. You're damn right it is....if I had a garage, it would be like this. Pure envy.
  6. Your impeccable tidiness is pleasing.
  7. Mr.Puss


    +1 for the cyclops, I have the 3800, solid product love it. Their customer service is top notch as well.
  8. Yeah I agree 100%, Im a bit OCD in the "research my gear" dept and I kept coming back to Olympia. They've made some pretty logical/excellent improvements over their previous jacket.
  9. I bought the jackets for wife and myself. Only had to use it once and it does its job flawlessly. Nice features/improvements too.
  10. Nice, I have the 10-c and its been flawless.
  11. Mr.Puss

    For smoker lovers

  12. Mr.Puss

    Lets Talk Handlebars

    5"8 @ 170lbs.
  13. Mr.Puss

    Lets Talk Handlebars

    Same 5'8, 170-lbs. Have you swapped out for adjustable rearsets? Its minor but may help you find that sweet spot posture with new bars.
  14. Mr.Puss

    Lets Talk Handlebars

    Fwiw, I went from stock to the Amazon drag bars. I loved the look and the posture but regardless of any adjustments of bar, rearsets or myself, after 2 hours my right elbow felt like it had a spike driven through it. I swapped over to the renthal ultra low and no problems, theyre are a bit wider, a bit more sweep, and a are a bit lower than stock. Perfect for me.

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