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  1. ^^^ this guus has some serious priorities....LOL! BUT they said if it bursts there could be a 30 foot wall of water? Thats scary chit!
  2. forcefed86

    Neutral to first

    Im not sure if this will have any affect or not, but mine was doing the same. It would just skip neutral and go to 1st or 2nd. I did adjust the clutch cable and lever along with the shifter linkage. I brought the shifter up therefore shortening the center rod if i remember correctly. After i did that to fit my boot better i have 0 issue finding neutral from either stopped or going into 1st if stopped in neutral and now i dont longer need to rock the bike back and forth.
  3. Sucks for those people having to leave everything theyve worked for behind. We are flooding here in central natzifornia too but not as bad. Hope it all goes well for them and i hope they really put pressure on those f-tards that opposed to update the damn.
  4. forcefed86

    87 Octane w/ Flashed ECU

    7k bike, hundreads of dollars in upgrades, only to cheap out 25 cents in gas!!
  5. Geeezz at least put up a damm photo. ...

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