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  1. Not sure if this helps, but here's another post that has a close up picture that seems to show less gap, although it's a bit hard to see. It is from a while ago, but just thought it might help for reference. I'm sure someone who actually has them will show up soon and they can answer better. https://www.fz07.org/post/39668/thread
  2. @nykx , no question is stupid here. Everyone here is top notch on the respectful scale so fear not! Its probably safe to say most if not all of us are figuring out this bike on various levels. What do you mean by "fogged through it"? I ended up spraying the fogging oil into the intake with the air filter still installed, getting a bunch of oil in it. The directions even told me to take it out, I just somehow forgot in the moment, duh.
  3. Picked up a new air filter since I accidentally fogged through it before putting it away for the winter. https://www.knfilters.com/search/product.aspx?prod=ya-6814 Seems like it will be a pretty nice upgrade regardless! By the way, did I even need fog? I didn't my first winter, and then found various things for/against it, but decided to this winter. Fuel was non-eth and treated with stabilizer... I'm new to maintaining a motorcycle (or anything, for that matter) so take pity on my stupidity! Thanks!
  4. kykx

    Getting back on a bike.

    Awesome! The fz-07 is my first bike, and the fact that seasoned riders seem to enjoy it makes me feel like I made a good choice. Good luck in finding one for yourself!
  5. kykx

    Hi from Ithaca, NY

    Thanks all! I will certainly get some pictures up soon. Here's one at a nearby observatory, one of my first rides after I got the bike.
  6. kykx

    Solid vs Graphic Helmets

    Solid black, currently have an rf-1200. I like the minimalist look, probably not the safest, though.
  7. Perfect, exactly the info I was looking for, thanks!
  8. If there is no designated motorcycle parking, I don't see anything wrong with taking up a normal sized spot. Just park towards the back so you're visible. Although, I might be a bit biased because almost nowhere has moto parking where I am, and sidewalks and crossed lines are definitely off limits, so no one has ever given me a hard time. Sometimes I do think it would be more efficient if I wasn't taking up a whole space, though!
  9. Would this be a general good upgrade for someone looking to replace their battery even if I'm riding fairly consistently? What sort of temperatures are Li-ion good down to? I definitely get some freezing temps at night late in the season where I'm at.
  10. Hi all, Long time lurker. I live in Ithaca, NY and only started riding about a year and a half ago. Took a safety course for my license and then found a practically new (400 miles) white 2015 fz-07 for a killer deal I couldn't pass up, even on my grad-student budget (thanks guy who bought a motorcycle without asking his wife!). Since then I've added LED blinkers/relay, fender eliminator, shorty levers, and some other stuff and absolutely love riding. Fun fact 1: There's someone else in Ithaca with a white fz-07. It is my goal to find this person. Fun fact 2: I was actually insta ip-banned from the forums when I registered about 1.5 years ago (not sure why...I did mess up my username on the first go, so that's my guess... :/) and a few months back Cruizin helped me out after seeing my cry for help on the fz07 subreddit. Now I've got my account back and can actually access the forums! (school's been crazy so I haven't had much of a chance to post much...hence the delay). Looking forward to riding soon now that things have warmed up here in upstate NY! Cheers!

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