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  1. zombiphone

    Oil consumption?

    My bike never noticeably consumed oil (with some oil change intervals admittedly and embarassingly hitting the 8-9000 mile mark) up until I hit around 50,000 miles. It doesn't seem to burn much oil now either, but it definitely has started using a little bit. I use mobil1 full synthetic, generally.
  2. zombiphone

    Adventure Helmets

    I've got an AGV AX-8, which I tried to use as my adventure helmet. I thought was pretty comfortable, although its cheek pads cover the ear section, so it's not the best with earplugs. Also, the wind buffeting at even reasonable speeds was pretty obnoxious on the FZ with its minimal wind protection (Maybe it's just my tall windscreen, but it was exhausting to wear), so I didn't really like it for anything but supermoto kart track duty. I ultimately use my race helmet (A shoei X-12) for actual adventuring duty.
  3. zombiphone

    What other bikes in your Garage?

    When I had my apartment, I was pretty limited on space, so I kept it down to 3 bikes at all times, and cycled out a few to cover different disciplines. The FZ is my street bike, and the others are a KX65 with supermoto wheels that I use for mobbing around on kart tracks (and doing two strokey power wheelies), and my Ninja 250 that's been my long time race bike for big tracks. I really want to add a dirt bike to the stable again once I've got a set storage place again. In the past I had an SV650 (which was replaced with my FZ for street duty), and a crf230 (which got sacked for my kx65 because road racing was the priority). My partner has an '03 FZ1, so I guess that's also kind of in my stable, too
  4. Norcal does have some of the best riding ever everywhere you look. Ride the 108!
  5. Remember. You dont have to outrun the bear, you just have to outride your buddy. Also the first rule of the Zombie Apocalypse
  6. YESSSSS- I think Japan specifically is top of my list! I went there 2 years ago to climb mount fuji (*coughAnd for nerd thingscough*), and between the super inexpensibe, crazy good sushi and the gorgeous landscape, I can't wait to go there on a motorcycle! The FZ needs at least one trip to its motherland, haha. ..... Plus, when you spend every single day on a motorcycle riding too many miles, all those hot springs don't hurt. I'm really torn on where I want to go next, but there's a really strong argument in favor of Japan
  7. What's stopping you? I'll meet you there, and we'll ride, haha!
  8. The US is waaaaay more amazing than people give it credit for! I'm pretty sure you can find nearly every climate on earth in one state or another (And culture shock from west coast to east coast or anywhere vs the south makes it feel like whole other countries anyways, haha). I mean, I'd also love to see Europe, but the US is definitely not disappointing
  9. Ugh, yeah, when I finished my 49 states tour, I started looking into shipping a motorcycle to Hawaii just so I could call it an even 50, but everywhere I looked, it was more expensive to ship there than it is to ship to Europe! I'd still love to see it one day, but probably not reasonable to do it on the FZ. How are the roads there?
  10. I think I'd love spain, too, even if just to see Jerez and Catalunya and such. I wonder how tough it would be to get a motorcycle to a place like Bora Bora. I've never been even just on a normal vacation, but if it's anything like latin america's resorts, you could probably get one of those little 125-200cc not-quite-dirtbikes-but-not-quite-scooters to tour around there! But yeah, also if it's anything like central america, places like cancun or cabo parts of Belize or Costa Rica, etc etc etc are uncharacteristically expensive for the area, and not actually the most fantastic scenery the area has to offer, so a more modest island might be a better ride anyways. I kind of want to do it too now, haha
  11. zombiphone

    Frame sliders. Yes or No?

    I also recommend the front axle/fork sliders (I think R&G racing makes them?). Relatively inexpensive, 10 second install, and good added security. I used to use shogun sliders on my old bike, but I have Hepco Becker engine guards with sliders on my FZ, and they were worth their weight in gold when I ate shit in the middle of nowhere. Having dropped bikes at a standstill and at speed more times than I care to admit, I'm a very big fan of sliders, and not as big a fan of not having them and trying to start a bike with a bent in rearset and no clutch lever, haha (Hypothetically, of course. Hypothetically.....)
  12. Hi guys! Been a while since I've been on this forum, but just thought I'd say hi and talk about dreamy things! I just finished hitting the very end of the road in North America in Panama just outside the Darien Gap (Trip complete with getting sniffed by a cockerspaniel for drugs at a military checkpoint. Cutest Narc ever), and am heading back stateside to regroup a bit before choosing where to take my FZ next, so it got me curious- We all love riding our FZ's, but if one day you were going to ship/ride your bike anywhere in the world, what country would you want to go to and why? From my experience, it's a surprisingly capable dirt platform, too, so realistically, most anywhere is fair game! (well, assuming the country has roads traversable by, say, a subaru and not only full jeep status vehicles) Personally, I'm thinking I want to do Southeast asia (Japan, thailand, etc) next, although I don't know if that might be a little TOO extreme of dirt riding in spots, haha. Riding across Russia and seeing Siberia is also pretty up there, or exploring Australia or following the Irish Road racing circuit and Moto GP Europe, and then eventually south america when I've saved up some money again so I can afford more extracurricular down there. Anyone else have some bucket list spots they want to ride?
  13. zombiphone

    ASTech Seats

    Awesome! Glad they worked for you too! But mostly, I just wanted to say I had one of those fastpacks on my last street bike, and it was my favorite thing ever, haha
  14. zombiphone

    ASTech Seats

    My seat never had an issue over the months of 30 degree mornings and 40 degree days when I was touring the northern US/Canada/Alaska. And it's definitely not squishy at all. I don't know the exact materials they use. I just know they work for me ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯
  15. zombiphone

    ASTech Seats

    Yep, still alive! (Although just barely after getting through most of Mexico- I'm in the state of Chiapas in a mountain town called San Cristobal right now. The roads are mostly great riding, but the third world title is not an exaggeration down here in terms of corruption and street maintenance, haha). Sorry I've been such a stranger since I started travelling! It's overwhelming enough just keeping up with writing articles for the magazine and staying in touch with my family in between all the madness, that I run out of gas before the forum makes my priority list (unless I have an email reminding or alerting me, haha). Life used to be so simple back when I worked a 9-5 and was just preparing for a trip to the keys and back, haha Shooting for round the world (Or at least exploring the whole world, not necessarily in a proper rounded order), so it's gotten a lot more stressful!

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