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  1. Agreed - for work done on a manual mill, outstanding work. Not sure if I like the holes or solid: with the holes, I think it looks too much like the heel guard and a little too cute/stylish. Maybe in black? Nice work.
  2. I think you'll want a AFR mod of some sort. I understand the $ issue, but you can get an EJK for around $200 US and, while not ideal, it will help a lot. I've played with this bike quite a bit and have run 3 different exhausts (4 including stock) and have run an EJK before finally getting a reflash. All the pipes I put in had different enough characteristics to require jetting mods, esp the Acro. If you put in that exhaust and a DNA intake without a jetting change, I think you'll wish you hadn't. Good luck.
  3. sansnombre


    Very enjoyable read. Thanks for taking the time. Cheers. P.S. Thanks esp for the cam timing info - otherwise I might have spent a bunch of time for little gain.
  4. sansnombre


    Great info, thanks. Curious where you located your lobe centers after you slotted th cams? I did this long ago on a GPz550, and thought it made a nice difference. Did you play with it at all or just shift for best high-end perf? Personally, I like to alter the lobe centers for low-midrange for street riding and have thought about it for my FZ but haven't gone there yet. Are there no big bore kits for the FZ or did you need to stay at the stock displ for racing reasons? What does your gut tell you caused the destruction? Deep into the red zone during the races? It's tough to see that type of damage and not consider the FZs durability. Again, thanks for the write-ups.
  5. sansnombre


    If you find the time, can you spec what the different tune state mod's are? Curious, looking at the dyno runs - speaking of which, do you have a larger picture to see the numbers? Is red peaking at ~87HP around 9k? I know you commented about pistons, so you must have bored it out - which run? Also is sounds like you increased the squish and compression ratio by removing material off of the head - do you know what the final ratio was? Enjoyed the read. Thanks.
  6. sansnombre


    Ditto. The factory numbers cannot be directly compared to your dyno runs. Take a look at all the other stock dyno runs, and yours started somewhere around there as well.
  7. sansnombre

    For those against mandatory training

    Wait, in CA anyway, you have to do a ride test at DMV to get your license that he would have failed. It's not crazy difficult for someone reasonably competent on a motorcycle, but you do have to negotiate some twisty, slow speed cones and circle. He would have failed that test, clearly. So was the dude licensed? If so, the state must not have a rider qualification test ride, and that's easy to fix and justify. If not, well, then there you go. Getting training is on the individual - you can do it or not, but you still have to be competent to a threshold that you're not going to run into my wives car because you're an idjit. The DMV ride-test, for what it is and is not, at least strains out the truly incompetent from getting a license. He couldn't have been licensed in a state with a mandatory ride test. This is one of those old conundrums that we have here in the states: personal freedom (which I value highly) vs. state-controlled imposition of some sort so you don't impose upon the freedoms/safety of your neighbors, which, being a husband and father, is a pretty big deal. A very difficult balancing act to be sure. I'm libertarian in this regard, but sense and simple observation say that we have no choice but to limit in some degree so you're not wreaking havoc on the other citizens. But . . . mandatory classes for this type of thing? No. But showing a mandatory ability to a competent level? Yes. IMHO
  8. sansnombre

    ECU FLASH and Yoshimura R77

    Any other engine work besides the pipe and flash? Your numbers are quite good for those two mods alone. You pulled the snorkel? Re the engine braking - you'll get used to it, then like it. You can modulate your brakes as needed and that is much better than the on/off effects of the engine braking. In short, you'll have much more control using your brakes than the engine braking can provide. In time, you'll appreciate it, but it's a big change in the beginning, and I missed it as well. Cheers
  9. Long time ago, Hordboy, but did this version ever make it to market, or just the one we're familiar with? Interested.
  10. sansnombre

    Selfmade Analog Cockpit

    Dude, this is not right. Looooook how pretty and desirable . . . but you CAN'T HAVE IT!!! Make it for sale, my friend. Make. It. For. Sale.
  11. sansnombre

    Project FZ Supertwin

    Interesting. If you have access to 3D modeling software and a printer, you actually could easily create a nicely shaped velocity stack that attaches over the end of a cutdown section of these lengths. Basically, mid-way between the ribs nearer the carbs, cut them circumferentially, then you have a length of pipe where the wall thickness is uniform. You could design your stacks to go on the outside of these lengths while aligning the internal walls, and attach with something appropriate. You also could have them externally connected, attached on the outside of the stack so they are more stable - could also have another length go to a stable location that allows the entire kit to bolt up. I did some analysis a while back on stacks on this bike, and there was a gain to be had via larger bells and appropriately designed velocity stacks. I would have done it to my bike, but the airbox makes that proposition nearly impossible, at least very difficult. But yours are wide open, so the benefits can be had quite easily. Give it some thought.
  12. sansnombre

    Selfmade Analog Cockpit

    Stev, I still think a kit would be a great option for this design - it's too impressive to only have on one or two bikes. You could even include the stl file for the 3d print, so we could make (or modify the housing to our liking) the housing ourselves. Also, easy enough to outsource to an online 3D print shop. Would take some work, obviously, but at least you'd be able to recoup some time/$ from your project, and as you can tell, many of us are very interested in it. I know there's some delicate soldering, but maybe those points could be changed to fittings instead of direct solder? Anyway, please give it some thought if it doesn't get to the marketplace some other way.
  13. sansnombre

    Selfmade Analog Cockpit

    I'm curious about the responsiveness of the tach needle - will it be as responsive and quick as the cable-actuated of yesteryear?
  14. sansnombre

    Selfmade Analog Cockpit

    For a "home project" this is phenomenal. Outstanding work!

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