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  1. Any chance you will do another group buy soon?
  2. chuckles


    I would love to get a ZX2R like the one in the video @faffi posted. Sadly I don't think I could find one in the states.
  3. chuckles


    I saw something a few months ago that kawasaki were looking at introducing a i4 250 ninja. Then they realised the amount of work involved (getting it to meet wmisions standards) and how much it would have to cost to cover expenses. Never even got to a concept sketch. I think they said the price was going to have to be between the zx6 and the zx10. As soon as an engine revs to 18k rpm then the tolerances in the engine become much stricter. The cost of meeting emisions standards is what is basically killing of the 600 class bikes. The amount of sales they account for compared to the cost of r&d just isnt worth it. I'm not sure what yamaha did to the 2017 r6 but apparently it was the closest to meeting the standards in the 600 class. As far as i know all the other brands are ditching them. I've heard alot of doom and gloom about 'the death of supersports' and so on but i find it a bit exciting to see what all these companies will think of next to fill that void. I thing an mt07 inspired fully faired sports bike could be cool. Kind of like the ninja 650 and the cbr650 Its really going to suck if the smaller displacement I4 goes the way of the dinosaur. Not everyone wants a liter bike and its hard to beat the character and thrill coming from an I4 screaming at redline.
  4. chuckles


    I kind of want a 400-500cc I4 that revs out to 18k rpm, basically I want something that has the fun of a SS but at more legal speeds.
  5. chuckles

    Rotella it is...

    straight from the T4 triple protection webpage....yo have it backwards. 15w-40 is ok 10w-30 not listed for MA/MA2. http://rotella.shell.com/products/rotella-triple-protection.html for t6 http://rotella.shell.com/products/t6-full-synthetic.html With all due respect, look a little closer That said I agree with the post above. People have been using these oils for way too long with success for us to have any doubt that people who want to use it in their bikes should have no problem. You are 100% correct, that's what I get for speed reading at work haha. Looks like I'll be running 15-40 T4 on my next change. I've used rotella T3 on pretty much every type engine without any problems, when I saw they discontinued it and went to T4 I had some concerns. The 15-40 at my local napa only listed the DH-2 standard on the back and I guess I missed the ma/ma2 listing on the website.
  6. chuckles

    Rotella it is...

    On the Rotella website the T4 is only listed at JASO DH-2 (10W-30 only, 15W-40 shows no JASO Spec), The T6 Full Synthetic is still listed as JASO MA/MA2. Additionally the T6 Multi-Vehicle 5w-30 only shows JASO DH-2. Here is the website, http://rotella.shell.com/products.html
  7. chuckles

    Rotella it is...

    I was running T3 15-40 which was Jaso-ma but it appears shell discontinued the t3 and replaced it with T4 which only lists Jaso-dh2. I'm going to miss my $12+filter oil changes
  8. It is probably just the way you phrased this, but aren't bypass valves meant to allow unfiltered oil to bypass the filter during non-idle rpms? Are you saying that they leak while under low pressure? Or are you saying they aren't bypassing like they should at high rpm? I haven't liked Fram since I sold autoparts in the late 80s. They were junk then. Thanks for the heads up that K&N are made by Fram. the bypass valve is meant to let unfiltered oil through when either your oil pressure is too high or if the filter is clogged. Good filters use metal support material around the valve, if you cut a fram open it will be card stock.
  9. So its basically a fram filter? So I should just not use fram either? I refuse to run fram on anything their bypass valves are shet and leak internally letting unfiltered oil through. I always run either WIX or Napa Gold. (WIX makes the Napa Gold filters)
  10. K&N used to rebrand WIX filters which are good, they switched to the Fram OE a couple years ago and went to shit.
  11. The Bitubo JBH and XZE11 were easy to install and a huge improvement. Hit up @bellissimoto if you want to check it out.
  12. chuckles

    PSA: Speeding

    Damn, Norway is pretty strict. If you aren't going 5mph over the limit here you get passed. Is there any jail time associated with the higher fines or is just IL that wants to make criminals out of speeders? They just passed a law in IL that if you get caught three times doing wheelies over the posted speed limit it's a felony. Aka mandatory jail sentence, court costs, 5k fine, and no hopes of getting a job afterwards. How about Washington? Any criminal record or jail time at the upper brackets? More and more it's looking like I need to leave this state.
  13. So on my way to work there is a straight back road with no intersections and no traffic, the road is about 5 miles long and terminates at a gravel quarry. The problem with this road is it’s posted at 35mph (it clearly should be 55 but the county probably has some excuse for it) and I have never seen a cop on it over the last 15 years. Naturally, being an adrenaline junky, I decided to open up the ZX6R and bounce it off the rev limiter through the first 4 gears. After that I resumed mostly legal speeds the rest of the way to work. When I arrived at work I started to wonder what would happen if I was caught. Well I looked up the IL state laws regarding speeding and here is what I found. 1) 1-20 mph over - $120 fine 2) 21-25 mph over- $140 fine 3) 26-34 mph over -Class B misdemeanor, up to 6mo in jail, and up to a $1500 fine 4) 35-? mph over -Class A misdemeanor, up to 1yr in jail, and up to $2500 fine (this is also what you get if you are caught DUI but did not hurt anyone) At the speed I was going it would be at minimum the 4th level, if a cop really wanted to stick it to me it would be reckless driving and some sort of aggravated charge which means felony. Now after realizing all of this, I have decided the adrenaline really isn’t worth the risk of jail time, losing my license, and losing my job. I can live with the level 1 and 2 penalties but everything else just isn’t worth it in my mind. The reason I made this post is because I had absolutely no idea that the penalties for speeding were as steep as they are. I was under the impression that if I was caught that far over the limit it would consist of a heavy fine and some community service. I am guessing that I am not the only rider that doesn't fully understand the consequences of excessive speeding so I wanted to call attention to it and encourage people to look up their own state laws. Out of curiosity, has anyone here been pulled over while traveling 40+mph over the limit? If so what was the outcome?
  14. I didn't get my static sag numbers but the rider sag was 23mm on the front and 25mm on the rear with the as shipped settings. I backed both forks off 2 turns on preload and ended up at 25mm on the front. After riding around a bit I went 2 clicks up on the rear rebound (3rd hash) and two clicks down on the front compression. Frost heaves still give a pretty good jolt to the front end but I don't even feel the normal bumps anymore.
  15. They gave me .9 springs as well. I ordered for a 230lb rider full geared but requested for it to be set on the aggressive side. The rear shock came with a Bitubo 120 spring. Any idea if they change the valving for rider weight? If so is there any way to find that info?

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