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  1. gremlin

    Need your advice

    Thanks, yea that's a good starting point. Not Many FZ07 owners with Akra are selling an excellent condition full exhaust. So it's just little harder to gauge. Hopefully more will chime in
  2. gremlin

    Need your advice

    Okay! Thanks guys! I'll post it there also. And I'll update this thread.
  3. gremlin

    Need your advice

    Sorry, I wasn't sure where to post this, but I'm selling my bike and have been trying to source a used price for akrapovic titanium exhaust system for sale and can't seem to find any. I'm selling the full exhaust system with baffle and catalytic converter. I also have a flashed ECU tuned from 2WheelDynoWorks. I am asking what do you think is a fair price and if anyone's interested. I don't want to rip people off I want to be fair. I'll post pics and price ounce I have a consensus. Thanks guys,

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