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  1. Only had it up to 55mph so far. No vibrations that I could notice. I will try take ye ol' interstate this weekend and find out how it fairs. Seems quite secure though.
  2. ShiftHer

    Newbie (Mass)

    Welcome! Looks like a nice stable you have there!
  3. Been waiting like 2 months for this to be released. Ordered it from Twisted Throttle for about $130. I was told all tints are the same price, so I went with the dark smoke. Here's what it looks like installed: Here's a brief overview of installation: Came packaged very nicely. Remove the front 4 bolts and put the included brackets underneath, then re-use the stock bolts. Put the included rubber thingies (qty. 4) into the holes of the brackets you just mounted. Position the screen over the holes, and put the included washer on the included screw then put both through the windscreen into the mounting brackets. When you tighten up the mounting screws, the rubber thingies will expand and secure the screw/bolt in place behind the screen. Voila! All finished. There was a piece of rubber and 2 small plastic clamps that came with the screen as well. I think you're supposed to put this over the edge of the screen somehow. I couldn't get it on there easily, so I just left it off. The edge doesn't feel sharp or anything. Here's a before: And after: Key clearance is good. I have the Bruudt bracket with RAM short socket and X-grip on my instrument cluster, so my opening is even smaller than normal. I'm still able to squeeze my hand in there without gloves on. It's the knuckle protectors that get in the way. Men's medium glove for size reference. Screen height from the back. My phone mount peeks over the top of it just a little bit. And a side shot, perspective is from me kneeling on the ground here: Previously, I had the Givi A2118 screen, which I liked quite a bit. I just like the look of this MRA Spoiler Screen a lot more. After riding with it for about 100 miles, I feel like they block about the same amount of wind. Which is not a whole lot really, but it just kind of moves the wind off my torso and onto my head. Makes my arms and shoulders less tired. Makes the ride a bit noisier with more wind up near my helmet though. Trade offs. Overall, pretty happy with it so far. I've only ridden about 100 miles, so can't really give a review, but these are my first impressions of the screen.
  4. ShiftHer

    G'day from Tassie

    Welcome! I have just read all your posts in my head with an Australian accent.
  5. ShiftHer

    Lets talk Cheap Ebay Exhaust...

    I remembered reading about an exhaust from China a while back. See if this helps at all... https://fz07.org/thread/8519/new-exhaust
  6. ShiftHer

    Advanced Sport bike Rider Class

    Advanced course is definitely on my bucket list.
  7. I do have a garage. It would probably support it. O_o Deodorant failure lol (rofl) I live in the suburbs, so it's a bit less hectic out here. Thanks for trying out the wrench!!
  8. ShiftHer

    Need moral support...

    I was on BP meds for a little while to try and control migraines. It lowered my BP a bit too much and left me feeling light-headed. I, too, experienced the rush of blood when standing up. I would get a wave of light-headedness sometimes while riding and that made me very nervous. That, combined with some extreme tiredness, led me talking to my doctor, monitoring my BP, and then we determined that the meds were making my BP too low. Most important thing is talk to the doctor and tell them all of the issues you're having. If you can keep a side effect log, I find that to be pretty helpful. Does the wooziness coincide with when it's near dinner time (drop in blood sugar?), do you notice other physical symptoms (tiredness? headache?), etc. All would be helpful to a doc when determining which med would work best. If you can spring for it, get a blood pressure monitor so you can check at home. The brand I have is Omron. I think I got it on Amazon for about 50 smackeroos. My doc said it was a good brand. It's possible you can alleviate some side effects while still getting benefits of medicine on a lower dose. Or a different medicine altogether. Everyone's body chemistry is different and responds to medications a little differently. I have noticed sometimes that doctors will not pay too much attention to side effects unless you really start advocating for yourself. So, make sure you are insistent that certain side effects are not acceptable! As others mentioned, exercise, drinking water, staying away from salt are all good habits to develop to help you out on the natural side of things. Good luck, and keep us updated!
  9. Yep, that's the one. I can check to see if it'll fit the OE shock later tonight. I was more pushing you to fix the problem of dealing with adjusting a cheap shock with an even cheaper tool - by getting rid of both You can also try lubing that collar where it rides on those ramps (a little dab of grease) and also where it rubs on the spring (maybe teflon dry lube or even just motor oil - though that will attract dirt). That will help a wee bit. The nice thing about that Ohlins tool is that it has 2 hooks. You go turn the adjuster in either direction from one side of the bike. But keep in mind, the Ohlins (and most aftermarket shocks) have threaded rings and not steep, friction inducing ramps. Adjusting takes longer, but way less force. I would really appreciate if you could check! Tell you what, I'll buy the shock if you come out to Chicago and install it.
  10. For those who don't want to click: I assume these are German or EU sales? BMW: S1000R RnineT R1200GS Ducati: Multistrada 1200 Monster 1200 Scrambler Harley: Dyna Street Bob Breakout XL1200X Forty-Eight Honda: NC750X CB500F Africa Twin Husqvarna: FE350 701 Enduro 701 Supermoto Kawasaki: Vulcan S Z900 Z650 KTM: 1290 Super Adventure 690 Duke 1290 Super Duke R Suzuki: V-strom 650 GSX-S 750 SV650 Triumph: Bonneville T120 Street Triple Bonneville Bobber Yamaha: Tracer 900 MT-09 MT-07
  11. Good to know! Man, I really miss my Nighthawk gas tank. All metal, just pop the bag on, pop it off. lol Simpler times...
  12. I just googled "ohlins shock wrench" and this came up. https://www.amazon.com/Ohlins-OH00710-02-PU-Shock-Spanner-Wrench/dp/B00415XAH0 - Does this look like what you have?
  13. Hey gang. I took a pillion yesterday (they LOVED it, I'm so excited ), but it was a serious PITA to move the shock collar for 2 up and then move back down for my normal solo riding. I'm pretty sure that wrench that comes with the bike is made of tin foil. I was sweating like a pig both times and came away with 2 bruises from the wrench slipping off. Is there a better quality wrench I could buy that would make adjusting easier?

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