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    Parasitic Drain??

    So yesterday I was putting a new LED license plate on my bike and I blew a fuse. After this I replaced the fuse and rode the bike and stopped 2 times. Then two hours later I went to get on it and it was dead. So I jumped it and rode and then when I got to where I was going and stopped again, it was dead. This is when I looked and thought I found the drain. So this morning I jumped it and while the cables were on I connected my multi-meter to it, it was reading 0. So I went and got gas with a friend following me and she jumped me again. Went on a 15 mile ride got home turned it off and then tried to start it and it was dead again. So does this mean that my battery is completely done? I don't think it's my charging system because it stayed on the entire ride. I've been dealing with this problem forever and last season I bought a new battery and now this ones done I'm guessing. Does anyone have any idea what could be happening?? I'm taking the battery to the shop today to have it tested by them. I'm hoping it's just a battery and not something more serious because I'm out of warranty. I appreciate the response guys!
  2. rwynne24

    Parasitic Drain??

    I replaced the original. Should I go buy some and try a new one?
  3. So lately my bike has been dying randomly, whether it be over night or over a few hours. Tonight I had the time to take it apart and look through everything. I used a multi-meter set to amps and disconnected the positive lead and had one lead from the meter stuck to the terminal and one lead stuck to the positive lead (for the bike). I was getting a reading of anywhere between 0.2-0.3 amps which from what I read means there is a drain on the bike. After pulling each fuse, I realized that the [HASH]5 fuse (Back-up/Clock) fuse is the one causing the issue (I think). As soon as I pulled this one, the amps went down to a solid 0. When I plugged it back in the amps rose again, so I'm basically thinking this is the issue. When I put everything back together the battery is now dead again and needs to be jumped. The starter still clicks and buzzes. Now, does anyone know what I do from here? Im lost at what to do, how would the clock fuse be causing a parasitic draw? If anyone can help, I really appreciate it.

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