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  1. I've been looking into this plates for a while and just wonder if they work with the OEM side stand? I need to replace one due a low side so it will be the perfect time to get them. Thanks! - Pancho
  2. Sumitomo MT Connector Item# Set MT090-2 And you need the other side... the bigger one, should be this one https://www.corsa-technic.com/item.php?item_id=335&category_id=107 - Pancho
  3. Got an awesome Bitubo XXF31 shock and JBH cartridge from @bellissimoto but only got to install the shock today. [attachment id=2533" thumbnail="1] I'll provide a full review once JBH is installed and got to take it out for a good spin.
  4. Hi @mericc ! This are all 4 Bitubo shock descriptions: XZE11 - Spring preload with micrometric single aluminium ring - Rebound (7 clicks) - Adjustable length (range 10mm) XZE31 - Hydraulic spring preload with micrometric single aluminium ring - Rebound (7 clicks) - Adjustable length(range 10mm) XXF11 - Low speed compression 24 clicks - High speed compression 20 clicks - Rebound 24 clicks - Millimetric Ring manual spring preload - Adjustable length up to 8 mm, easy to adjust with the supplied knob XXF31 - Low speed compression in 24 clicks - High speed compression in 20 clicks - Rebound in 24 clicks - Hydraulic spring preload range 12mm (in 24 clicks) - Adjustable length up to 8 mm, easy to adjust with the supplied knob And this is the fork inside description: JBH cartridges - Pressurized cartridges with adjustable spring preload, compression and rebound. I'm waiting to get my XXF31 + JHB combo which is what I really wanted, but the best combo is actually what fits better your own needs. If you are planning to go RACE your bike, then the XXF series is your best bet otherwise XZE should have you cover. Hope this helps you! - Pancho
  5. Whish I can be there! I'm already saving and will try to make it for next year! ENJOY! - Pancho
  6. I had the DNA filter + lid for 18 months or so and never had issues with it either under rain use or after washing the bike so water should not be a problem at all. I switched to MWR filter + lid i got from @bellissimoto cause I'm crazy and wanted to experiment (already tested with K&N + DNA lid) something "better" as MWR is pretty well know in the racing world. I do have a PCV + autotune so wasnt too worried about getting Dark-Y into a dyno and I do think the MWR combo is the best I had tried so far. I cannot say I felt a difference is power (maybe just a little) but it do feels more smooth and can definately "hear" the difference in "air flow". Both MWR lid & filter are lighter than DNA ones so if you are paranoic about weight reduction you will drop a few onces moving to MWR not to say MWR combo is cheaper also. Drive safe! - Pancho
  7. As far as I know they likely won't be in stock as they are pretty much made by order but @bellissimoto has the final word on this. I order my combo about a week ago and I have a long wait ahead since they need to get to @bellissimoto first and then travel aaaaall the way down from Vegas to Chile so it will take a while before I get to try them. - Pancho
  8. panchobullet

    Frame sliders. Yes or No?

    I got Evotech Frame, Front & Rear and they already saved me from a low side. After checking the bikes I can tell sliders took 97% of the damages (remaining 3% was clutch lever tip, bar end and peg) I got exactly the sames one the follwing morning. Without them the story would have been really ugly and way more expensive. So, should you invest in some? In my opinion, absolutely yes. What kind? Whatever that makes you feel confortable in safety, looking and budget. Here is a shot of Dark-Y so you can check them out. - Pancho
  9. Installed the latest toys I got for Dark-Y... Yamaha Chain Guard & Coolant Reservoir Cover - Pancho
  10. Not really for Dark-Y but to my head, I got a new awesome helmet. I was wearing an Icon Airmada "Thriller" and before that an Icon Alliance "Dirty South" so the move was quite obvious for me.... Icon Airframe "Pharaoh" with a gold mirrow shield... At least for me it fits perfect, new shape/style is a lot more aggressive but it feels really nice, lot of air moving but low noise level. Really happy with my new "toy". - Pancho
  11. panchobullet

    FZ-07 Flash Dyno charts!

    Here is the general analysis on the air filters and differ styles...https://fz07.org/thread/7952/airbox-modification-simulation-testing-conclusion Also consider the MWR filter+lid combo @bellissimoto can get for us. Pretty sure he can make a good deal on them and at least in @pgeldz bike the dyno test showed MWR was little bit better than DNA. For more info you can check @bellissimoto post here: https://fz07.org/thread/7572/new-mwr-filtercover-breaks-cover Hope it helps bro! - Pancho
  12. Well, I know I can do the maths because I have them all in a spreadsheet but honestly I just dont want to know. But if you are curious about what I have done so far and what I'm looking forward to do I already posted it here: https://fz07.org/thread/4766/chilean-rider-dark-love-story Also since I live in Chile on top of each part cost consider internation shipping and custom taxes (about 30%~40% extra for each) and sliders + bar ends I needed to buy them twice due a stupid low side (nothing but the sliders and bar ends were damaged so I was lucky). What I'm going to do once I have all my mods list completed? Probably just keep Dark-Y for life and get another bike to do the same... R3, R6 or R1M may be in the horizon for one day... Hopefully sooner than later, but that day will come... - Pancho
  13. LOL... didnt think about it!... but maybe? hehehehe... just happy to keep doing business with @pgeldz and @bellissimoto as they have been helping me get Dark-Y custom build as I wanted!... just a few more mods to go (hopefully this year) and Dark-Y project will be 100% done. Need to save a lot of cash anyway, but looking forward to use it when I have it! :-d About getting the new lid or get rid of airbox, it really depends how much you want to spend and the look you want to go for. There is a big difference in price between the MWR lid and the hordpower air box (if that's what you are thinking), but whatever that makes you happy is the right call ! - Pancho
  14. Finally had some time to install the cover today and did a quick comparison against DNA cover. MWR weight is about 1/4 of DNA and fits perfectly on the MWR filter allowing 100% use of filter opening versus aprox 85% DNA cover provides. Here a some pics for those of you that were about to say "pics or it didnt happen"... Cheers! - Pancho
  15. Yes, that's how I have it right now while I wait for my MWR filter cover to arrive - Pancho

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