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  1. What did I do to my FZ-07 today? Gave it its first ride on a tow truck. Well it was a ramp truck. What is the average life of a battery anyway? I've had my bike almost 3 years. Been riding though the winter. Got heated grips a few months ago. I'm guessing I haven't been riding enough to charge the battery fully. My wife drove out with my charger and we let it go for an hour but nothing so I made the call. Didn't want to leave it overnight.
  2. Installed the grips yesterday. Good and chlilly this morning, but the grips were very toasty. Fantastically toasty!
  3. I was in western NC last fall. I think NC would be an absolutely amazing place to have a bike. The problem I had on 4 wheels is that I seemed to be stopping all the time to take pictures. It took forever to get anywhere because of that. Enjoy.
  4. @AlbatrossCafe -- exact same situation for me. 3rd winter with the bike and that's enough. Ordered them last weekend, expect them in the next few business days. Just a stone's throw north of you in Victoria BC. Weather sucks these days with the wind, rain and debris on the road but it is certainly rideable.
  5. 48. bought the Fz-07 when I was 45 though. first bike.
  6. Kootenays? Arrow Lakes? Couldnt quite read the road signs but the tell tale ferry departure gives a hint of the south east interior.
  7. I've got the Coretech 2.0 24 l. I use it as my daily commuter bag. Extra clothes, lunch, running gear, sometime laptop. I often shop on the way home too. A few times I have had the bag at its absolute limit, and it did stress the zippers out a bit. I even use it when I'm not riding, as I keep standard stuff for my work day in there (like cords and adapters, my building pass etc.) so I don't have to keep switching bags, which inevitably leads to something being forgotten. Could I use a bigger bag? Sure, but mostly that would lead to me carrying around more stuff.
  8. Burley

    Victoria to Nanaimo and back

    I noticed Alice's restuarant ont the way in. I'll do that next time for sure. Accident was a small pick-up that ran a red light and got T-boned by a semi. Intersection at Chemainus and the highway. I was in my Toyota Sienna. Didn't know I had it in me to take evasive action the way I did (I thank motorcycle riding actually). We were mere inches away from being part of the whole thing. I can still hear the impact -- like a paper bag being popped in slow motion. But on to happier things -- planning more excursions up Island. Possibly up to my home town of Port McNeill.
  9. Been riding year-round but not much highway lately. Doing "The Loop" next weekend with some guys from my old workplace so thought it was a good idea for a practice highway run. No trip north of Victoria is complete without a stop at the original Serious Coffee at Mill Bay. I had to stop anyway as my hands were freezing. After that it was smooth sailing to Nanaimo. First time that way since my wife and I witnessed a fatal collision last summer so I had to really focus as I passed that same intersection. Lots of cool shops in Nanaimo. Found my place for a bowl of soup (did I mention I was freezing?). After that, I booted it back. Some strong winds to contend with along with some pokey traffic, but all-in-all a nice excursion. Been sitting by the gas fireplace for a while now. Still cold.
  10. Burley

    Neutral to first

    @gregjet @pineappleunderthesea, this seemed to do the trick. She always intends to gear down to first -- sometimes neutral happens by mistake. Its mostly when we're starting off or when we pull over mid ride and then want to get going again. Very good to have removed this frustration by giving her a sure fire method to get into first quickly and get riding. thanks again.
  11. Burley

    Neutral to first

    Thanks everyone -- I've been travelling all week so we'll be doing some riding this weekend. All very good tips and tricks!
  12. Burley

    Neutral to first

    Hi -- my wife rides a Honda CB300F. I ride an FZ-07 . She is getting very good at riding. One of the things she has difficulty with sometimes is getting from neutral to first. I've hopped on her bike and usually I can get it, but sometimes I have to rock the bike back and forth a bit. Not a fun situation if this happens in traffic. Any tips? I think she might not be tapping down hard enough but its hard for me to tell as I can only see through my rear view mirror. I wonder if she is tapping with her foot at an angle. Any thoughts are appreciated.

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