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  1. As I am a young person at least 25 years away from retirement I give it a great big meh.
  2. Mine is about the same. I didn't really notice it last year, just this year when I took it out of storage. It hasn't been getting any worse so I've been ignoring it.
  3. ravenlord

    XSR700 New Owner

    I second this endeavour.
  4. It depends on which way H-D wants to play that game. If they do the same thing that Audi has done for the past few years it would be entirely fine. Audi just stepped back and let Ducati do whatever they wanted and footed the bill. Seems to have worked really well. If H-D was smart enough to just allow the Ducati tech to migrate to the H-D motorcycles and more or less left the Italians to do their thing it would be an awesome deal. H-D could use some expertise in making a smaller motorcycle that doesn't just make noise and go slow. Ducati could use more dealers, at least in Canada, it is the reason I ride an FZ-07 and not a Monster or Scrambler. However if they went the way most people expect them to, and attempt to make the Italians use H-D tech, or adopt different manufacturing techniques it would all be bad. Ducati and HD are more similar than most are willing to admit. Both are V twin engines, both make a distinct noises, and both have massive clothing lines that their super loyal followers will buy.
  5. Displacement and power output pits it against the FZ-07. Notice that the performance specs are worse in every aspect other than braking distance. The price is that high because it is a H-D. It will get that price for it, because of brand nonsense, but any self respecting (read fat accountant) Harley owner will say it isn't a true H-D and they will sell poorly, and H-D will continue it's decline as a manufacture of motorcycles that you would ever expect to perform.
  6. ravenlord


    For me it was more to do with the Ducati dealer being 400kms from where I live, and less to do with the maintenance that they require.
  7. ravenlord

    New helmet lots of wind noise

    Rig yourself up some sort of baffle for the neck. I think there are a few companies that sell them... Or never use a highway.
  8. Is there a puddle under the bike? Do the tires appear to still be inflated? does the chain have any surface rust on it? If the answer to any of the above is yes investigate. Otherwise gear up and ride.
  9. Only thing I want to change about mine is the silver braces to black and putting a set of LED lights into it.
  10. ravenlord

    Spring time in Canada

    As a Canadian I can attest to this pictures accuracy.
  11. ravenlord

    Welding Question

    I have done a bunch of welding on a car with just the battery pulled. If you're concerned pull the ECU as well.
  12. ravenlord

    It's finally time!!!

    17 degrees Celsius, not a cloud in the sky, first week of April. Finally got her out.
  13. ravenlord

    Any Maritimers Out There?

    There are at least 2 of us in Greenwood. Both riding red FZ's
  14. ravenlord

    How to find Yamaha bolt sizes

    Any way to determine the thread pitch? I do have a thread pitch gauge, but it would be helpful if I was ordering bolts to not have to run to the bike and check pitch.
  15. According to the internet the FZ-07 makes it to 60 in about 3.4 seconds. The R6 is about the same speed, and the R1's are around 3 seconds. I think it has more to do with us needing to shift during acceleration to 100km/h more so than the lack of power. now as soon as you surpass 100km/h (62mph) the larger more powerful bikes with higher redlines will walk away from us, because of gearing, power, and typically more aerodynamic designs.

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