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  1. Lildrumr

    MD riders

    Yep! Lez do it! I can still ride with y'all with the gixxer right??
  2. Lildrumr

    New member - Roanoke VA

    I don't believe it has changed much, except for the offering of ABS model for 2017
  3. Lildrumr

    New member - Roanoke VA

    My 2015 FZ for example has a kbb price of 5100 in stock form
  4. Lildrumr

    New member - Roanoke VA

    Kidding aside, all on your preference. A well maintained bike with low mileage is good given it's at the right price and with the mods you're looking at. Or new bike smell with the new bike price, plus your mods.
  5. Lildrumr

    New member - Roanoke VA

    You should buy mine with all the goodies! ?
  6. Popped 2nd gear power wheelies!!! Almost forgot why the FZ is so much fun!

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