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  1. Oh fudge Im jelly Im on a tiny island for a month No moto rides or excellent hamburgers for a little while
  2. Since I've been scraping that right peg so much I decided to just break it off. And bend the rear brake lever in. And get that front brake lever out of the way too. And sand the rough spots on my crank case. And that Vagabond frane slider was sticking out too far, too, so I ground it down. And smashed the bike into a guard rail. And hey why not, my body, too. Bend the handlebars, slice the front brake lines, and shred a fork seal. And who needs plastic? Shit, who needs happy painless knees and elbows for that matter? I'm fine. Was a little banged up but all good. Mostly bummed for the bike. THANK YOU to all of the angels who helped me right after the crash.. Randy, Jennifer and her man, and especially CARLOS the cyclist who was some kind of incredible hulk and helped get the bike unwedged from underneath the guard rail that had me and the bike pinned. Carlos asked that I pass on this message: Please respect bicyclists on the roads we share!!!!!!!!!!!!! And thank you all my guardian spirits who protected me from getting totally mangled by oncoming traffic! And thank you to the wonderful man who is helping walk me through the insurance and dealership shenanigans like a pro You know who you are!!! And sorry bikey bike for not listening to you better. I will keep learning and growing and we'll be back in action in no time. Better and brighter.
  3. I've got those in the ti finish on my bike and they have been great. Adjusting the brake light was a pain, and I replaced the peg rubbers with OEM, because they wear out fast, and you definitely need to lock-tite all of the bolts, but beyond that, they have been rock solid. Are those these? : https://www.amazon.com/Rearset-Footpegs-Yamaha-2014-2015-Ajustable/dp/B01E56YVSQ
  4. crescentwrench

    My Naked FZ-07 Track Build

    Do you have a closer up shot of the rearset mounting plates? Another newb question - do you need mounting plates for new rearsets, or does that just give the new rearsets an even more aggressive position? The AP Moto Arts website says their mounting plates can be used with stock controls, that means no aftermarket rearsets required, right? I'm trying to make my fz07 more track ready but on a budget. The APMA mounting plates seem like a good option. Thanks in advance for your thoughts. Beautiful bike and thanks for sharing all the info!
  5. Falcon cover for UV and rain protection since I have no garage anymore. https://www.revzilla.com/product/nelson-rigg-falcon-defender-2000-cover
  6. crescentwrench

    Anyone have a drag bar?

    So is it just a matter of how aggressive a position you want to ride or are there any fubctional or handling or feedback differences as well?
  7. Do you have other bikes too?
  8. crescentwrench

    Anyone have a drag bar?

    Do you guys have pics? Bonus: Newb question, is a drag bar the same as clip-ons?
  9. crescentwrench

    Running lower profile up front

    Hah. Yes. I think it is 155 on the rear, right? Thanks also Pete. Good to know the chattering is a common issue. I took it up the twisties today and tires were AMAZING. I'm pushing it but not at limits yet. I think I was at my old tires' limits though...! I was sooo much smoother with the q3's today, lower profile be damned. I was not chattering where I was on Sunday w the old tires. Fx for track day. Thanks guys.
  10. Finally put on Vagabond fender eliminator! Scrubbed in my new Dunlop Q3's. Relubed the chain.. Annnd... Dropped it off at my buddy's for loading for track day! Yay!
  11. Ok thanks guys. I started a thread on it for more thoughts and to record findings...
  12. Accidentally put a 120/60 up front instead of 70. Friend did the swap for free and it's on me for not checking the tires first. I am stuck with these for a little while at least, including for my second track day, Friday. How is running the lower profile tire going to affect riding? They're dunlop q3's and first pair of new shoes since buying the bike. I am taking it out this a.m. to test it out and break them in a tiny bit. I've been told it will mess up the geometry, and that it may be harder to turn in. I've also been told any loss in turning agility from the lower profile is going to be negated by the overall improvement from having significantly better tires. I'm worried because the rear end of the bike seems chattery or like high frequency bumps or bounces mid-turn some times when I'm leaned over. Seems like pitching forward could worsen that. Wanted to get alla y'all's thoughts and also to report my street and track findings in case anyone ever finds themselves in a similar situation or is curious.
  13. R3 or R6 track bike. I need a garage first though...
  14. Make sure you update us with how you like them. I have a couple in the basement that I will probably put on later this year. Will do. I am accidentally running lower profile on the front so I'll let you know how that goes too...

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