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  1. Pattonme, So I should have taken this measurement after installing the shock before I set it back on the ground. Sigh. Hindsight is 20-20! I'll go for the leaning route with a helper. I appreciate the tip! The trip to TN is with the wife and 2 YO, so I'm lucky I convinced her to let me trailer it. I will also pass on the hundreds of miles on super-slab through the flat midwest. Skater, thank you for the video link! I'll watch this later this afternoon; Fridays are for slacking! Thank you both!! Jason
  2. I recently installed an Ohlins shock and am wondering how to get the R1 measurement? I started lifting the bike with a floor jack but it felt super-sketchy. Aborted mission! I’m 150 lbs dripping wet so probably 160ish(?) with gear. Haven’t adjusted anything on the shock yet. Already feels way better than stock so I can only imagine how good it’ll feel setup properly. Trailering it from WI to TN in a couple weeks so trying to get everything in tip-top shape. Any my help would be appreciated!
  3. jkrueger13

    2015 FZ - about modded out

    The grill guard is EvoTech. It finally came back to me last night. JK
  4. jkrueger13

    2015 FZ - about modded out

    I have given the mirrors some thought recently as they seem to need constant adjustment. You 'look' at them wrong and the angle is off. Any additional specific advice/recommendations on the mirror mods? I've never spent much time looking into light mods as I've never ridden at night. Given this, should I look into it? Haha, I actually already installed the Denali and forgot to add it to my list! Did this last spring. I've heard about the throttle tube and have read others talking about it on here. Is this something I should really explore? This bike is all about fun and being a hooligan. Thank you for the tips!!
  5. jkrueger13

    2015 FZ - about modded out

    Thanks, I try to take good care of it. Keep the shiny side up! Gosh I can't remember the exact type of grill guard. Let me inspect it and follow-up. I like the saddle. I used to get pretty sore after about 45 minutes and this is no longer an issue. It really changes the riding position as well. It's much more versatile now.
  6. jkrueger13

    2015 FZ - about modded out

    I should definitely look into this as the stock setup is a bit harsh. This is my first bike, so I don't have much to compare it to. I figure if I never ride anything else, I'll never think the grass is greener!
  7. jkrueger13

    2015 FZ - about modded out

    Haha, my daughter would love it! However it would have the unintended consequence of her wanting to ride it earlier than she should. Move the pegs up higher daddy!! I'll look into the mirrors; thanks for the tip!
  8. Thanks for posting, that's one heck of a bike you have built! And yes, like on Facebook, you can post here on your wall. You can also tag other people by putting an @ in front of their usernames. You can also post on other people's walls. 

  9. Long time listener, first time caller. I’ve had my FZ since 2015 and relied heavily on this forum for upgrade ideas and how-to’s. I never really posted up until this point as the old photo upload system wasn’t user-friendly for me. Anyhow, my most recent upgrade was the Corbin seat. In the past I’ve done the Yosh fender delete, sliders, windscreen, radiator cover, wheel tape, CRG levers, Yosh exhaust (baffle-in which is loud enough for me), ceramic paint for headers, powder-coat head guards (or whatever they are called), RAM mount for iphone, wired charger for phone (using hidden power port), ECU reflash and spider hand grips and tank grips. Only things left on my radar include possibly suspension upgrade, maybe LED signals (the pumpkins aren’t a big pain point for me). I just rolled past 13k which isn’t too bad for southern WI, especially since we have a 2 year old daughter at home (no more FZ commuting for me).
  10. jkrueger13

    FZ-07 Stock exhaust

    I upgraded to the yosh. No need for my stock parts. Not even sure what a fair price is so $50 plus shipping. Pipes are in good shape. From a 2015 which has been kept in my garage the whole time. I take good care of my things. Located in Madison, WI but will ship of course. Thanks!
  11. jkrueger13

    Fz07 stock seat from and rear

    I also have a stock seat and pillion. Willing to part with them for a modest $$ and shipping. Jason
  12. jkrueger13

    Looking for stock exhaust.

    If anyone is looking for stock exhaust, I'm your guy. I have a stock seat too. Just looking to clear out garage clutter. I'll part with them for a modest $ and shipping. Jason

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