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  1. Has anyone replaced theirs yet? I'm talking about the rubber piece that sits on top of the swing arm and prevents the chain from sawing into it. I have about 12k miles on my bike and the grooves in the rubber appear to me to be rather deep (I can't remember what it looked like when new though). Thanks - Recurveshooter (Carl)
  2. recurveshooter

    Moto Guzzi fans????

    I second the above comment. They aren't scorcher's but they do everything nicely. And for a guy who wants to work on the bike himself they are cake. The valves aren't shimmed, you take off the cover and just adjust them! Most everything is easily accessible. NO CHAIN! I bought my FZ because there is a Yamaha dealer here in town. The nearest Guzzi dealers were an hour or more away.... but I find the 750 V7 is a mighty tempting bike. Do it, life is short! - C p.s. - I had a '77 124 Spyder also. Neat cars.
  3. ..... are any of you running a chain with a bicycle style (spring clip) master link? I believe the original chain has a riveted master link. I'd like to take the chain off to clean it REALLY WELL and then reinstall it. Are the spring type master links strong enough? I ran them on all of my bikes decades ago and some of them (like my Triumph 650) made a fair amount of HP and weighed 400+ lbs. Thanks - C
  4. And welcome to Boulder Colorado! Very nice Steve. Did you use a drone to film that? - recurveshooter

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