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  1. Cruizin

    Cruiser to MT-07

    The MT-07 is a sportier bike, has a little more get up and go in the bottom end, but it's not a fz09, fz-10 or R-1, nothing to be afraid of by any means. Its a great step up bike, actually pretty mellow. As far as wind goes, it's a motorcycle. If wind is a problem, perhaps consider a used sports car instead. There will always be wind. You get used to it.
  2. All ya got left to now is upload a profile pic
  3. Best advice is to just enter a city, state. It gives you two choices, enter your address yourself or let the system find your ip address current location. I suggest just entering city/state. Sooner or later, someone from your town will join and find you. If we can keep this thread up, more will see it and add their pins to the map too.
  4. Seriously, the member map up on top of the forum is a greatest way to find other people to ride with, but only if you dummies use it! lol
  5. Bump! Upload your profile pics and place your pin on the member map.
  6. To upload a profile pic and avoid looking like a "newb" . 1. Go to upper right of this forum, click on your username. 2.Click on "Profile". 3. Click on the little box on the top left that has the first letter of your username in it. 4.Upload your profile pic. (I think it has to be 500 mb or less). 5.Click Save. NOW CLICK ON THE MEMBER MAP AT THE TOP OF THE FORUM. Enter in your city and state and click SAVE! DO NOT LET THE SYSTEM FIND YOUR ADDRESS BECAUSE IT WILL ACTUALLY POST YOUR ADDRESS! ENTER YOUR OWN CITY, STATE! Now, other FZ07 owner in your area can find you, send you a pm and invite you to ride with them. Wow, wasn't that easy?
  7. Did you read the rules on this page? Please read them, and then post location.
  8. Cruizin

    FTECU Flash

    They will only get you their base tune, no hp increase and no throttle improvement. In fact you won't even notice a difference. Get the 2wdw tune man. FTECU's too guy quit to go to work for 2WDW. What's that tell ya?
  9. Cruizin

    How old is to old for tires

    2014 should be fine. As long as there is no cracks or cords showing, you are fine. They are only four years old. All depends on wear.
  10. Cruizin

    Connecticut riders?

    If you haven't already, be sure to place your pin on the member map. Just click on it, enter your city/state then click save. Others in your area will find you and send you pm's.
  11. Moving this to the tech tips section, great job!
  12. Welcome to the forum, have any questions? Tell us more!
  13. Congrats and welcome to the forum! Drop your pin on the member map! Its a great way to find others to ride with.

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