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  1. Are you gonna be able to write up a tech tip? A brag thread is ok too, but a tech tip could help a lot of others to follow suit. Great to see you doing this.
  2. Cruizin


    @thegardensnake has a few fans, lol.
  3. Cruizin


    And feel free to post your video tutorials in our Tech tips section. That section gets about 10,000 visitors a day and you'll get even more views and subs.
  4. Cruizin


    Man u have a ton of fans on here, I'm one of them. Go to our pictures and videos section. Start a new thread with your channel name in the title. And whenever you upload a new video, post a share link in your thread. You'll get more subscribers and your thread and posts will start showing up in Google search results. Maybe mention the forum once in a while if ya feel it. Welcome! I hope you keep coming back!
  5. Yes, your adblocker is blocking the ads and the banner. You can whitelist this website in your adblocker by going to whitelist/enter our url. https://fz07.org/ Ads help pay for this place and keep it free.
  6. Thats because you are a premium member, you don't see any ads or banners. You paid for this in one way or the other.
  7. Yep, nobody does search better than Google, so I decided to not use the standard forum search anymore.
  8. That new Revzilla banner near the top of every page, it leads to Revzilla's page for all their FZ-07 parts. In a year or so i will redirect it to lead to the page for all of their 2018 + MT-07 parts. They made that banner with FZ07 pics just for us! I put it there so we all have an easy one click way to go parts shopping. And, if you happen to buy something there, the forum gets a SMALL finders fee. This does not raise your price at all and all funds raised from Revzilla go right back into this forum and the costs of running it smoothly. So, if ya need to buy something, please consider clicking that banner. It's a great way to help the forum at no extra cost to you! Why Revzilla? They are great friends to this forum and they stock a ton of parts. They also have the easiest return policies of just about any vendor out there.
  9. Are you guys liking the new search engine? It works so much better than the standard feature was working for me.
  10. Cruizin

    How long should the clutch last?

    I have seen clutches go out on other bikes as soon as 8000 miles, but it's rare. It depends a lot on how its used, slipping the clutch a lot can wear on it. But I have not noticed any clutch complaints on the forum, and we have been around since the very day that Yamaha announced that this bike was coming to the USA. If you do change your clutch, please take pictures or video and write up a tutorial for the tech tip section. In a few years that would help a ton of MT07 owners.
  11. And if you guys havent noticed, our good friends at Revzilla have tons of MT-07 FZ-07 parts and accessories at great pricing and also the easiest return policies in the business. https://www.revzilla.com/search?_utf8=✓&query=yamaha+fz07
  12. Ok, the randomly picked winner is.................. @norcal616 !!!! Please send me a PM with the proper email address to send your $50 Revzilla giftcard, along with your full name !!
  13. Sorry guys, I got so busy last night I totally forgot the contest. I know, Im a flake. Ok, so Im locking the thread now and running the software to pick the winner! Who will it be???
  14. Today is the day! I will lock this thread this afternoon and then tonight around 7 PM Pacific time I will run the software and pick a winner! Post a pin on the map, post a pic of your bike in this thread! Its easy!!

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