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  1. Or cover it with a plastic garbage bag. Have some water and cloths ready to clean it as soon as you see any spills. I may have not noticed it for a while. The thing that got me was pumping the brake with the top off the reservoir...it tends to shoot fluid up and out when you do that.
  2. Be careful with the brake fluid when you change them. It will stain the plastic pieces if it gets spilled on them. I just got a new front fender today because the brake fluid stain was annoying me. I managed to install my Spiegler lines without a problem but then made a mess when I was replacing the fluid last time.
  3. I have heard good things about the razor. I have the Nitron R1, which I have been very happy with. For racing you probably want something with more adjustments than both of those though.
  4. It seems the FC is only letting you address half of the problem. Not being able to adjust timing as well will not let you get it set up perfectly.
  5. Good point. I guess goggles and a Speedo would make you legal in many states and still be pretty light. Well maybe not pretty, but light...
  6. If you ride naked you could save the weight of all that gear. You did title it an excessive list after all.
  7. You could always get a Tenere if you want a big Yamaha twin. I am in the same boat as you regarding trails. They have closed all the nearby parks and forests to motorized vehicles so it is a long trip to get anywhere that I could go off road.
  8. I remember I borrowed a Camaro in the mid eighties that had a digital dash. I was doing 30 through town and felt I was barely moving. After a while I noticed it was showing metric and I was going 30 KPH (18MPH). Oops.
  9. mjh937

    NO! Just NO!

    But if it follows you home do you get to keep it?
  10. mjh937

    2018 Triumph Bonneville t120

    It looks good, buy the Triumph dealer in my town closed, then the one half an hour drive away closed. The closest is now over an hour away, and who knows how long that one will last. If they had a better dealer presence it would be tempting, as would the new Street Triple.
  11. mjh937

    How old is to old for tires

    I bought my bike in July 2014 and replaced the tires this Spring because of wear. The tires were fine otherwise. I keep my bike in a garage, so sunlight is not an issue. I would use four year old tires that were stored out of sunlight if they looked good visually.
  12. I do not recall a matte black being available in the US. You may have to order the panels in your country if you want that. I think it would look good. I have not seen a matte black one.
  13. The difference is the emissions system. The panels and colors are the same.
  14. The panels on the 2015, 2016 and 2017 are the same, so you can choose any color from those years.
  15. Rome, Naples, Venice (where we will leave for a cruise), and Florence. It might be tough to get to Milan unfortunately.

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