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  1. Does disconnecting the O2 sensor give a check engine light? I am thinking of disconnecting mine as I am sometimes getting a bit of jerkiness at low throttle.
  2. mjh937

    DIY: FZ-07 Spark Plugs

    Now you tell me I am not doing that again until I have to.
  3. @rotaryryan24 cut up a stock exhaust a while ago. There is no packing in there, which is another reason I am still running the stock.
  4. Most exhaust changes will cause a power loss as the engine is tuned for the back pressure of the stock exhaust. An ECU flash will fix that. I would be surprised if the slight power loss from drilling your exhaust will be noticable.
  5. @derekfz, was that a kit or did you put it all together yourself? If it was a kit can you post a link? Thanks.
  6. There have been a few guys on the forum who have drilled holes in the toick exhaust without any problems. Most of them drill five or six around where the pipe exits the muffler, that way the shroud around the pipe hides the holes. I have not heard any complaints about it, in fact all the post I read were very positive. You should not need a flash for that small an increase in air flow and I don't expect any performance lose would be noticable. I would recommend flashing your bike even with the stock exhaust anyway (that is my configuration). It makes a huge difference to how the bike behaves. @2wheeldynoworks will reflash it for free when you get a new exhaust. Finally, without getting in to the loud pipes debate, never assume someone hears you. Always ride like you are invisible as it is amazing how people can look right at you and then pull out or charge lanes anyway.
  7. mjh937

    DIY: FZ-07 Spark Plugs

    Here is what the plugs looked like after 8,000 miles. The left one was only in finger tight, hence the different wear...I guess I did not do as good a job installing it as I thought. It is torqued down properly this time though and the bike is running better than it did before.
  8. mjh937

    DIY: FZ-07 Spark Plugs

    Thanks @c3tkeyo, that helped. It is still a tight area to work in, especially the left cylinder as the wiring loom gets in the way but at least I got the cap off easily. It took me a while to figure out that a magnet was an easy way to fish out the old plugs.
  9. I am loving it. So far I have been able to find everything I have searched for, which was not the case with the old system.
  10. mjh937

    DIY: FZ-07 Spark Plugs

    I did mine at 8,000 miles and they were a dark brown, nowhere near as bad as @c3tkeyo's though. I am at 16,000 miles now and just bought new plugs to replace them anyway, but I tend to be conservative and enjoy wrenching on my bike (with the probable exception of getting the cap of the left spark plug, hopefully it will be easier now it has been off once before).
  11. Being nervous is okay, it will make you be careful.
  12. mjh937

    Don't tell my MT

    Nice. What did you think of it?
  13. I do what @rider said except I stand behind my bike and hold on to the strap on the rear seat. After you have done it a few times you will feel more comfortable. Having someone there the first couple of times is also a good idea.
  14. I would try disconnecting the O2 sensor and see if it makes any difference. Please keep us posted if you do.

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