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  1. blah,blah,blah and more blah
  2. scordiaboy515

    Power commander

    I will always put my money for a PCV......it also enables you to delete the o2 sensor, just in case you want to run leaded race gas at the track.....I just like the smell I built an R3 for a track bike, put a PCV with a M4 full system, MWR air filter and carried to Max Speed Cycle in Kernersville, NC, Miles got 41 rwhp....not to shabby.
  3. Let keep in mind, the MT or Masters of Torque has been in Yamaha's line up for years..2005 was the first year of the MT-01, of course it never came to the states...pretty cool bike imho....
  4. scordiaboy515

    2018 MT-07

    Just checked Yamaha web site....looks like it's still 689cc
  5. scordiaboy515

    2018 MT-07

    I really like the styling upgrades, suspension tweaks for sure. If I buy one I will definitely not go over the top like I did with my first one.....they really are great bikes stock, of course will do the exhaust and fc
  6. scordiaboy515

    2018 MT-07

    I sold my FZ-07 about a 1 1/2 years ago......one of my favorite bikes that I have owned. I must say, I am very pleased with what Yamaha did to the new bike, so much so that I might have to buy one....

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