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  1. Found this website http://www.motomachines.com/FZ-07_c_714.html not sure if you guys have seen it already but it looks like they have some pretty cool fz07 parts. Radiator side covers http://www.motomachines.com/Ermax-Scoop-Pair-for-Yamaha-FZ-07_p_5025.html Passenger seat cover (pic has fz09 in it but go to the tire hugger pic and you'll see it on the 07) http://www.motomachines.com/Ermax-Seat-Cover-for-Yamaha-FZ-07_p_5026.html Tire hugger http://www.motomachines.com/Ermax-Rear-Hugger-for-Yamaha-FZ-07_p_5023.html Belly pan http://www.motomachines.com/Ermax-Belly-Pan-for-Yamaha-FZ-07_p_5020.html The prices aren't too bad either. I may pick up a rear pass seat cover, the tire hugger, and the radiator side covers or scoops as they call them. Took a screenshot of one of the pics with all the parts on the bike http://i1283.photobucket.com/albums/a548/qjohnson2/imagejpg1_zps521f932f.jpg

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