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  1. $2.85/US Gallon in central NJ for 87 octane "regular".
  2. njdevils1990

    Best MPG/Tank Range Competition

    My highest MPG indicated on the dash was 66.9 mpg which came to be actually 72.5 mpg. Most range I got out of literally an entire tank was 252.6 miles. All fuel data is here
  3. Mileage/description/date 0/Purchased/1 November 2017 0/Picked up from dealer/2 November 2017 100/mileage milestone/3 November 2017 480/added heated gear plug/5 November 2017 500/mileage milestone/5 November 2017 660/600 mile service performed/7 November 2017 1,000/mileage milestone/12 November 2017 2,000/mileage milestone/3 December 2017 2,101/added Yamaha comfort seats & Buell Blast saddle bags/8 December 2017 ~2,400/dropped bike at about 5 mph/10 December 2017 3,000/mileage milestone/20 January 2018 3,922/4,000 mile service & drop repairs/24 February 2018 4,000/mileage milestone/9 March 2018 5,000/mileage milestone/15 March 2018 6,000/mileage milestone/14 April 2018 7,000/mileage milestone/22 April 2018 8,000/mileage milestone/7 May 2018 8,011/8,000 mile service/23 May 2018 9,000/mileage milestone/24 June 2018 10,000/mileage milestone/6 July 2018 (Won't let me edit the first post for some reason now so, I improved) Also milestones will only be every 5,000 miles now, until I get the bike to 100,000 miles in about 8-10 years it'll go to every 10,000. Service and issues will continue as normal.
  4. Event number 2 is I, for the first time ever on a bike have put over 10,000 miles on it in under a year. In the garage right now with 10,001 miles. My current average is 40.49 miles per day since picking the bike up from the dealer on 2 November 2017. This will drop down to around 21 miles per day as come Monday I'll be losing my license for 7 months most likely, though could be up to 13 months that I won't be able to ride, worst case. But come February (or August) I'll be sure to make that 9,000-16,000 mile gap up within the year after I begin to ride again.
  5. Well two interesting events happened yesterday. 1st was I decided to experiment and find out a) how far I can go on a tank that I "hypermiled" b) how far I can go on trip F c) how big the fuel tank actually is and d) try to get my best mpg I got answers to all and achieved my best mpg average between this FZ and my previous best set on my '15 FZ-07 of around 70-71 mpg. Also planned it out pretty well as I ran out of fuel only 6/10 mile from the fuel station. +1 for 5 minutes of exercise! A) How far can I go on a hypermiled fuel tank (averaged 40 mph ranging from 0-55 mph through moderately hilly terrain) 252.6 miles once the motor completely gave up due to lack of fuel, began stuttering at around 248 tank miles. B) Once trip F came on I continued to ride but kept it close to three fuel stations so my push wouldn't be horrible. Made it 51.2 miles on trip F. C) A completely dry (usable fuel) tank took 3.490 gallons to fill up. D) I got my best fuel efficiency average between this and my previous '15 FZ-07. The bike indicated 66.9 mpg average but the actual average was 72.5 mpg. I always liked how this bike always under estimates your actual mpg average.
  6. Passed 9,000 miles on my way home from Delaware yesterday. I plan to have 10,000 miles by this weekend.
  7. njdevils1990

    78000 miles and running strong

    That's amazing, assuming you've owned it for 3 years that's roughly 71 miles per day every day for 3 years. You've got my average of about 40 miles per day for the last almost 7 months beat a tad. I just got to ~8,180 miles after having the bike since 2 November 2017.
  8. Just dropped her off for the 8,000 mile service with 8,011 on the odometer. Should have her back by Monday. I plan to have at least 10,000 miles on her by 9 July when I'll likely be losing my license for a half year due to some unfortunate events on the morning after St. Patrick's day.
  9. A little late to update but passed 8,000 miles on 7 May. Haven't been riding since I got home that night as I'm waiting to finally take it to the dealer for the 8k mile service (likely taking it next week).
  10. njdevils1990

    What was your first street bike?

    1. 2003 Buell XB9R 2. 2009 Buell 1125CR 3. 2015 Yamaha FZ-07 4. 2015 Honda Grom 5. (current) 2017 Yamaha FZ-07
  11. Well, as promised I reached 7,000 miles about 30 minutes ago just before reaching home.
  12. Passed 7,000 miles since 2 November 2017.
  13. Got my FZ up to 6,600 miles so far. Going to try to have 7,000 by tomorrow night (should easily be accomplished, today even) I've only had this bike since 1 November, 2017. I'm riding it about twice as often as I rode my 2015 FZ-07. Gotta put some money aside so I can drop it off for the 8,000 mile service in a little over a week.
  14. My 2015 (taken during the winter of 2014-2015)
  15. Just passed 6,000 miles, going to shoot for 7,000 by next Sunday. I may not be riding the bike for up to 13 months after next Monday so getting in what I can before Monday.

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