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  1. norcal616

    FTecu FlashTune kit issues

    no check engine light...
  2. norcal616

    FTecu FlashTune kit issues

    no its connected to the sub harness of the wiring system not at the ECU... the wire length of the stock o2 sensor is like 8in or so, just follow the wire to the connection...
  3. norcal616

    FTecu FlashTune kit issues

    stock o2 threads are 12mm x1.5mm IIRC, go to a good nut/bolt store like Fastnal for a good stainless bolt bout 10mm long... you can disconnect the o2 sensor behind the silver frame guard above the footpeg area and leave the sensor in the exhaust... its best to remove the o2 sensor so its not getting destroyed just hanging out on the exhaust... another odd idea is maybe you have a "quick turn" throttle installed? if so that may give you fits with tuning/troubleshooting since you gotta be "on point" with throttle control vs the stock throttle tube...
  4. I brought a farkle for the "little bike"... I put the $50 gift card I won from the forum the other day... https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/rg-racing-radiator-guard-yamaha-fz-07-xsr700
  5. Aluminum is tricky... some aluminum processes are not ment for welding... also you need to plan out "weld run offs" since every aluminum weld is actually "cracked" ... I have been making aluminum "thermocoolers" for the last 10+ yrs
  6. I spy an an old Honda 2stroke in the background
  7. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2072470969490283&id=134210496649683&fs=1&focus_composer=0 ummm... whos gonna be the 1st to install one of these kits?? my tuned CP3 motor puts 120whp/62TQ for comparison...
  8. norcal616


    knocks on wood... i also have had reliability issues with 2 diffrent brands... I now use Cordona built QS, 2 years of riding in all weather here in Michigan, its never missed a beat... the QS came with my Woolich Race kit/tune for my FJ-09... I learned my lessons, dont mess with the default settings I stopped using my QS on my FZ-07 as even shifting normally the gear indicator goes blank...it seems the gear sensor can be sensitive to being "dirty"... seems like every 5-7k miles it happens to me till I wipe the sensor off and wipe out its housing on the motor... knocks on wood...
  9. Higdonion Cage and rear sub frame cage will offer quite a bit of protection of the bike...
  10. norcal616

    FTecu FlashTune kit issues

    yea... EU and USA maps are diffrent... you need a EU spec map...only 1 available EU spec map on website for all stock EU bike on powercommander USA website.. this is EU website..https://dynojet.co.uk
  11. norcal616

    FZ-07 pic from 2015

    hmmm... i wonder what chassis the FZ-07 motor was stuffed into??
  12. norcal616

    Don't ever test ride a Ninja 1000

    not a "lemon" but just didnt mesh well with me...
  13. norcal616

    Don't ever test ride a Ninja 1000

    I have had bad luck/juju owning a Kawasaki...so im not interested in throwing a leg over one anytime soon...
  14. TQ wrench are overkill for an oil change... oil pans are cheap like $75 IIRC...
  15. norcal616

    KTM Duke 790 Wow!

    budget bike vs entry lvl race bike... an MT-09( 843cc triple) easily puts down 120whp at 420(?)# and speeds of well above double the national speed limit... some decent suspension and a tune the MT-09 will give the overpriced KTMs, Triumphs, Ducs a run for they money...

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