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  1. I suspect they will be a bump in orders this week
  2. This is a first time I have heard of these body kits... less than $1500 for a body kit w/hardware...
  3. it's stuffed in a 2008 era WR450F frame from what I understand...
  4. norcal616

    Cruiser to MT-07

    take the windscreen off the Honda and ride around? as for the biggest differences will be a way lighter bike and the seating position is very close to supermoto/dirt bike... if your used to riding full sized (250cc plus) dirt bikes, the FZ/MT-07 is very close...
  5. norcal616

    A question about the AP Link

    https://www.extremecreations.com.au/jack-up-plates-2... adjustable one
  6. norcal616

    Healtech Speedohealer

    used the compatibility tab on Healtech webpage they had near bottom of page...I plugged in a 2015 F-07...showed list of parts available with part numbers needed...
  7. norcal616

    Healtech Speedohealer

    SH-Y04 is the harness...
  8. yes baffle= DB killer as for the "controlable" popping, yeah that's weird... weird enough to occupy my mind like a song stuck on repeat...
  9. norcal616

    new fz 07 racer

    Welcome to the "Hord Army" either choice of tuner will suffice, but the FTech Autotuner is better... another choice is Woolich Racing and the " Race Kit" add-ons they sell...
  10. norcal616

    new fz 07 racer

    lots of threads on the forum about people who have converted the FZ/MT-07 into a track bike the last few years... I suspect the maybe biggest difference will be suspension choice due to your location... I see that you have removed the airbox?
  11. hmm I think you are the only(?) member of the forum to use that "tuner"... i can only think of a few options/ideas...take em with a grain of salt im not familiar with that style of tuner the dial control tuner is not as fine tuned as the PCV tuner so I bet some popping will be norm due to "adjustability" of the tuner... have you tried using the baffle if you are not? have you tried using the stock filter/lid you might have to try rent an AFR gauge from Dobeck and see whats going on and play with the dials one at a time(at least write down the current settings before doing this) and watch the gauge to see what happens across the rpm range
  12. i dunno... first find out if its leaking, if it aint leaking- then go down the list of reasons why... is your ECU flashed? are you using the PCV or the old school dial adjustment FC?
  13. if your bike is a CA bike it will have one unless it was a used CA bike were previous owner may have/not removed it... its purpose is to catch "fuel vapors" from going into the atmosphere... your popping may be due to exhaust leak, the base tune used is not slightly adjusted for elevation... exhaust leaks are easy to find with one of them "long reach" candle lighters, just run the lighter flame around the joints and watch for the flame to dance/go out... if you find a leak, either seal it with proper sealant or expand the exhaust pipe for a tighter fit...
  14. the FZ-07 does not have an AIS but the CA bike has a "vapor canister"...
  15. yall forgot the Hordpower Airbox and remove all plastic body panels...

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