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  1. hobbs

    Need advice from M4 and/or Delkevic owners

    I don't have any pics on hand at this moment. I can dig one up later on. It was a kit offered by @Marthy a while back and it doesn't extend above the swingarm. It sits about where the M4 does.
  2. hobbs

    Need advice from M4 and/or Delkevic owners

    I have a delkevik slip on, I think it's either 8 or 10 inches with a pretty short midpipe. It's fairly loud, but I wouldn't say obnoxious.
  3. hobbs

    Kevlar sleeves

    There's a long sleeve kevlar shirt on eBay for around 50 bucks, I think it's a better option honestly.
  4. 210 is fine, I have peaked around 225. Fan kicks on around 210-220. Spent many an hour in traffic and 95 degree weather, no issues, bike is unaffected, 32k miles.
  5. hobbs

    New FZ Hawaii edition

    Welcome to the forums and keep an eye out for that mossy green junk that grows in the shade of mountain roads!
  6. hobbs

    WA cager rant

    There isn't one, not that I've discovered yet.
  7. hobbs

    Helmet lifecycle

    The suggested cycle is, as far as I know, a 2 pronged thought process. The first part being that to benefit from technological and material advances, you need something current. Overall, not that big a deal in my mind since helmets are indeed advancing, but not as rapid as say, electronics. It's still expanded polystyrene styrofoam with improved shapes and typically polycarbonate shells. Part B being that UV rays from the sun, gasoline vapors, chemical irritants and repeated shock degrade the integrity of the structure over time. If the helmet was kept away from those negative elements, I would consider it perfectly fine for a couple more years. Altought no longer cutting edge, the difference in performance is likely relatively minimal.
  8. 30k, no issues. Well, it should have more miles, but no issues.
  9. I'm with @r1limited on this one. Too much to go into, but the truth is out there. Just don't expect it from any food corporation, pharmaceutical company or your average indoctrinated doctor. Best wishes in getting over what ails ya.
  10. Thanks for sharing. Nice to know clutch replacement is pretty simple, pretty sure mine's about due along with a coolant flush.
  11. hobbs

    New exhaust

    That's a good deal. It's basically a facsimile of the @marthy slip on kit. Which for the record, adds a nice hump in hp and a little torque right in the middle of the powerband. The sweet spot in my opinion. If you get a new muffler I'd go with Delkevic. Good quality, sound and there's a ton of different lengths.
  12. Heat is good, but before you bust out a blowtorch, try a hair dryer. Works surprisingly well, less hazardous and at times open flames are just a no go.
  13. It's 30 mm. And the rear is 27 mm, just for posterity.
  14. Ugh, yeah, when I finished my 49 states tour, I started looking into shipping a motorcycle to Hawaii just so I could call it an even 50, but everywhere I looked, it was more expensive to ship there than it is to ship to Europe! I'd still love to see it one day, but probably not reasonable to do it on the FZ. How are the roads there? There are some really nice routes @liv2ride gave me a grand tour of some great areas and I had 3 other days I just went wherever I could. Early mornings are best, it gets pretty congested at times and the UV index is in the upper levels. Lots of international (bad) drivers and tourists. Pali highway, any of the coastal highways (all 2 of em) and some really twisty roads throughout the mountains and residential neighborhoods. Green, slippery plant material grows in the shade of mountain roads and you have buses that use these same roads. It can be perilous, but I'm alive. Road conditions are so-so. A lot of patches, cracks and potholes in places. It's mostly about the scenery and if you find yourself in the right place at the right time, you can be a bit less cautious. Also, rain comes and goes in an instant on the windward side and in the ridges and valleys. I can give you the contact info for a friend who runs a rental outfit if you find yourself out here, you'll be treated like Ohana. (family)
  15. The Yucatan Peninsula, or any part of South America if I couldn't be picky. Brittany, France. And India, starting south and working up towards the Himalayas and Tibet. And riding around Oahu has been really nice, but you only need a few days and are better off to just rent.

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