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  1. Beemer

    Cruiser to MT-07

    Hi! It's my guess that you'll most likely form your own opinion but I think you should give naked a try for awhile first, it won't kill ya and you might enjoy the feeling of the wind on you. It's a big part of what makes biking so enjoyable. You could say the wind feels like freedom but whatever you call it is nice if it's not too powerful and fatiguing you to death. Highway speeds can sometimes prove to be a PITA without a screen but in my experience with riding my bike with one and without I recently chose to go back to naked. I'm usually not on the highway long enough for windblast to fatigue me and I can put up with a little discomfort for a little while, I'm not totally whipped just yet, ha! I think the bike looks better without a screen (it has a hooligan-esque look to it and looks better without it, IMO.) I originally put a screen on because of encounters with strong coastal breezes at highway speeds and bugs speckling my front side but I realized those two things just don't happen very often so I'll put up with them occasionally.
  2. Beemer

    new fz 07 racer

    Don't worry about any Grammar Nazi's, @r1limited actively keeps them at bay with his own twist on Ebonics.
  3. This is me trying to do math in my head while trying to ride at the same time.
  4. The search engine is very good in finding problems also, I found this very quickly. Beemer Premium Member 3,379 6,520 posts Report post Posted February 11, 2017 Quote "Check the fuses. I am not sure but I think you may have blown the signal fuse. There are two fuse boxes under the seat so do not give up after you have found one. Keep us updated on what you find." When I changed my turn signals I blew a fuse and still had a problem. I then went back and checked the rest of the fuses I hadn't checked before finding the first blown fuse and found another blown fuse so yeah, check all fuses to be sure. 10 amp fuses. 
  5. The T7 is a definite bad-ass and if I had trails that I could wonder off onto I would consider getting one but I don't so a 700 Tracer would be the smart choice. If Yamaha could keep the weight down I would love to see a 1000cc, Tracer. I know they make the Tracer 900 but I would rather have a big, thumping twin, thank you! Suzuki has the 1000 V-Strom so why not?
  6. Beemer

    How old is to old for tires

    My question to you is, do you have the gear to match a wipe out at high speed on a track and are you willing to test your gear in such a way? I look at it this way, if the years of those tires not being used have compromised them in such a small way that you can't detect it it's possible you will detect it when the bike is pushed to it's limits on a track and it might be too late then. I don't think that's too far out of the scope. Also, ask yourself this, if it were a professional racing team with the decision to use them on a track do you think they would take that chance? You take the chance of losing bike, rider and the win. Of course in the end it's ultimately your decision so gl with whatever you choose.
  7. Beemer

    NO! Just NO!

    Ahhh, yes, the BMW Auto-bitch! (what you'll be if you're not in control) If California gets wind of this, biking as we know it, will be over. Cut off the head before it grows now!
  8. No wonder that Camaro was unhappy, Camaro's are like wild horses and can't be tamed, not with metric anyway. Poor car.
  9. When I put new turn signals on my bike I accidentally connected them wrong and it blew a 10 amp fuse. I know I've mentioned it before so I wonder why it didn't show up in a search? I'll have to look into that. Good to hear you found the problem, though.
  10. It would be nice to see introductions along with that also instead of new people simply joining and then start asking a lot of questions when we don't even know them. Just saying, would be nice.
  11. Like many, you forgot to remove the tank sticker. You gain 3 h.p. when you do that.
  12. Have you received the windscreen yet? Please put up pics of it on the bike when you get it installed, I really want to see how it looks, thanks!
  13. Beemer

    2018 Triumph Bonneville t120

    As a kid in the sixties I grew up seeing a lot of bikes with that style, I'm nuts about tanks like that, they're just beautiful! You're right, they're works of art and I've always wanted one, no matter their flaws. (Maybe that's how H.D. guys feel about turds???) Should my FZ ever "bite it" I will fulfill my childhood dream of having such a beautiful bike. Side note, I pulled up next to a guy on one in Riverview, Fl. a couple years back and he showed me what the bike had and believe me, the bike is no turd. He got on it hard and it appeared to be every bit as quick as our beloved FZ-07, quicker maybe. With my gut I might get mistaken for Brando speeding bye, ha!

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