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  1. Hey, @hippiebikerchick where you been? Still have your FZ-07? Oh, yeah, your prifle wall has been updated. Feel free to go into profile and use it! 



  2. hippiebikerchick

    Mistaken Identity

    In a tiny town in Utah a guy asked me if my bike was a Ducati. People ask me all the time what kind of bike it is. I guess the correct answer is "not a cruiser".
  3. hippiebikerchick

    When much too much isn't enough

    Death wishers. There are old motorcyclists and there are bold motorcyclists. There are no old, bold motorcyclists.
  4. hippiebikerchick

    how do you ride your fz07

    Well, @beemer , you could go for a ride this Sunday and find out what turns are. :::::ducking and running::::: Seriously, stay safe.
  5. hippiebikerchick

    Riding Game

    Finally! And I thought it would be an easy challenge to get!
  6. hippiebikerchick

    Need moral support...

    Blood pressure meds lower the pressure in many different ways. Some slow the heart rate, some are vaso dilators and some increase urine output. Your side effects should go away in time, if not, ask to switch to a different acting one. You got some excellent advice here - eating whole foods and exercising and maintaining a normal weight. I've been on bp meds for a long time. If you happen to be genetically inclined to have high bp like I am there isn't much you can do. Sodium has been blamed for a long time but there's always studies showing the opposite so who can tell about that? Good luck and I hope you get it figured out and back to riding soon.
  7. hippiebikerchick

    Riding Game

    Yeah, seems to be too difficult......................
  8. hippiebikerchick


    We use this one. Hubs bought two for a wider area to walk the bikes up. They work perfectly.
  9. I recently sold Diva, my heavy, lumbering cruiser and I think a Grom would make a nice replacement. It's hard to match the fun and cool factor of a Grom.
  10. hippiebikerchick

    Riding Game

    OK, I hear ya. The challenge now includes garage and yard sales.
  11. hippiebikerchick


    Welcome Nina, your hiatus is about as long as I have been riding! Among the first things people do to their bikes around here is remove that pesky warning sticker. We have an amusing thread about it right here.
  12. hippiebikerchick

    Riding Game

    This is as close as I could get. The Point Cabrillo lighthouse has a 3rd order Fresnel lens still in operation and I think I caught the moment that the light came around. Scenes from the movie "The Majestic" with Jim Carrey were filmed here. Next up: Your bike at an estate sale. Not a garage or yard sale.
  13. Basically confidence issues. The preload is set at the lowest right now so after I get out there to ride it we have the ability to adjust up a bit.
  14. Took my bike to a suspension shop and had it lowered 50mm. This was done with a new shock and fork springs and oil. Also different kick stand. Going to ride it today.

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