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  1. Who said you can't mount luggage onto street bikes? The Hepco and Becker Oval Street Soft Bag Set is an affordable set of luggage that is made with great quality. These bags lock with a key and have a simple waterproof zip to ensure your belongings are always safe. The design of the bags has a sleek and stylish look to keep that street style going for your FZ-07. The bags mount onto the Hepco and Becker C-Bow carrier, which makes them easy to slide on and off. Great price for quality luggage! Take a look at the FZ-07 C-Bow mounts here! Take a look at the Oval Street Soft Bag Set here!
  2. motomachines

    Ermax Seat Cover

    Try using www.colorrite.com and just enter in the year of your bike to see the factory colors
  3. motomachines

    Ermax Seat Cover

    Ermax is a French manufacturer that makes many useful accessories for motorcycles. One of our favorites here at MotoMachines is the seat cover for the FZ-07. The Ermax Seat cover comes in matched colors from the Yamaha factory as well as unpainted. The seat cover gives the FZ-07 a race-type look and is easy to snap on or off. Perfectly match the seat cover to your FZ-07 for that stylish and sleek look! Take a look at the Ermax Seat Cover here!
  4. motomachines

    Looking for a new screen?

    Ermax is a French manufacturer of motorcycle windshields that vary in style and color. Spice up your FZ-07 with an Ermax Nose Sport Screen that will give your bike a clean and sharp look. The screen will take away the windblasts on your chest without taking away the style of your bike. You can purchase the screen here!
  5. motomachines

    Springtime Accessories!

    Spring is on the way which means now is the time to get accessories for your FZ07. Moto Machines has a lot to offer for the FZ-07 including screens, an engine guard, a Sportrack, side luggage carrier, C-Bow carrier, rear rack, and much more. We have the best selection of luggage options for those planning a ride this year and do not have any way to carry their stuff. Below is a link to all of the accessories available for the FZ-07. FZ-07
  6. The FZ07 is a really cool bike! What isn't cool is dropping it without engine guards. Protect your FZ07 with Hepco & Becker engine guards against falls and drops. They are made of high-quality steel and powder coated anthracite black. All engine guards are custom made for each bike, so there is no need to modify the bike for installation. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about this product or any other accessories that can be found on our site. They are $220.00 and can be found on our website here.
  7. motomachines

    OEM Belly Pan

    Here is a link to the belly pans. https://www.motomachines.com/Ermax-Belly-Pan-for-Yamaha-FZ-07_p_5020.html Let me know if you have any questions.
  8. motomachines

    Flash Sale 10% OFF Accessories!

    Flash sale on our website! Visit motomachines.com and use code "fz07deal" to get 10% off your order. This code is exclusive to the FZ-07 forum. The code lasts for a week long from the time of this posting. Let us know if you have any questions about our products.
  9. motomachines

    Tank bag suggestions?

    I see that you already made a decision on a tank bag. But just in case, here are options from Hepco & Becker that work really well. They use a tank ring and the bag is elevated slightly off the tank. It attaches to a magnetic lock. https://www.motomachines.com/Tank-Bags_c_633.html
  10. We are back on the forums, so we wanted the FZ-07 forum users to see what accessories are available for their bike. We are the importer for Ermax and Hepco & Becker, which are brands that have a wide array of accessories available for the FZ-07 and MT-07. We have Ermax windscreens, undertails, rear huggers, air scoops, and seat covers. These products can really make your bike stand out! The screens are available in different colors and heights, while the other parts are all available in factory colors to match your bike. Hepco & Becker has products available to greatly increase your carrying capacity! Sometimes, it can be a hassle to carry anything more than a backpack on a bike, but with Hepco & Becker rear racks and side carriers. Those paired with the side cases of your choice will give you unmatched practicality. Tank bags and tail bags are also available and are an easily detachable luggage that gives you enough storage for the everyday necessities. Attached are pictures of some of the accessories we provide for your bikes. Check us out and ask questions if you have them!
  11. motomachines

    Flash Sale!

    Come check out MotoMachines.com this weekend, 3/17/17-3/19/17 and automatically receive 5% off your order! All U.S. orders over $149 eligible for free shipping!
  12. motomachines

    Ermax Belly Pan

    Sorry for the late response, we've been working on switching over to new hardware (computers) and have been out of the loop! We may be having a "Spring Sale" coming up, though nothing official yet. Once we get something in the works, we'll have an announcement!

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