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    The difference between FB groups and this Forum


    Are you a member of a busy Facebook Group? Do you find it overwhelming trying to sort through all the posts to find something posted the day before? Are you now missing new posts and only seeing them a few days later?


    Facebook Groups are tempting to use as they are free to set up but are they getting kind of generic for you?

    At the beginning with just a handful of members, things may fun fine. But fast forward to where your group becomes busy with thousands of members posting and reading.


    Your group becomes overwhelming. You find it hard to locate helpful tech posts made on previous days and Facebook search is of no use. 


    The Facebook Group format is great for sharing that "first wheelie" pic to a bunch of people right now. But, it's long gone and buried at the bottom by end of the day.  Even worse, the helpful tech posts all get lost as well and it is all due to the fact that Facebook groups are just one generic page full of everyones posts. 


    Facebook sells all of it's users info to Data companies. They sell who you are, where you are, where you go on your phone and the things that you post. Your privacy settings do nothing to stop what they sell about you . They sell who your friends are, the things they post.  And then these Data companies resell that info to advertising companies. 


    And then, there are privately owned motorcycle forums, like this one.  Here, every single subject has it's own place on the forum. The most helpful posts get pinned so they can always be found, easily. 


    Searching?  As far as searching goes, we use the very best search engine in the world, Google Search, all set up for this website. 


    Want to find out how to install that round XSR headlight on your MT-07? No probs! Just search "round headlight" in our search bar and then numerous posts will pop up from years ago thru the most recent.  Try that with Facebook Groups. 


    Mobile Ready
    This forum works great on your mobile device. It resizes the page perfectly to match whichever device you are using. You don't need to install special apps or mess with themes. It just works out of the box.





    Make use of embeds

    You can easily share content, tweets, facebook posts and videos on this forum. Copy the URL or share link and post it here on the forum and it will "Auto Embed" and if it doesn't, something will pop up asking if you want to switch to rich text and by clicking on it, the embed will occur instantly.  No buttons to push, either. 



    Find your content-Activity Streams
    Unlike a Facebook Group, this forum makes it easy to find older content. A powerful feature is activity streams. These are customizable "feeds" much like the Facebook News Feed but completely editable to your needs. 

    Just hover over "Browse" at the top of the website, and then click on "Activity Streams".


    Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 9.21.34 PM.png



    All Activity

    Did Facebook use drain your mind and you can only handle one page of content now? No problem, we thought of that too! Located at the top right of every page on this forum is an Icon titled "All Activity" .    Click on that and it transforms all of the forum activity/topics/posts into a one page news feed.  


    Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 9.29.22 PM.png


    And we could honestly go on and on about all the features and tricks that this forum has, that Facebook doesn't. (check out your profile and account settings, update your status once in a while) for starters. But that may be in future articles to come out at a later date. 


    Perhaps the biggest differences between a Facebook Group and this forum are the fact that the Police, the Feds, and Data and advertising companies have no access to your data, personal messages, location, friends, or activity on this forum. You see, we take privacy pretty darned serious here. 


    Have an idea for a forum tip article? Sound off in comment below and we will do our best on writing it up! 

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