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    The ordering has begun. Before I do anything I'll get some photos but we should all know what the stock bike looks like. Today we ordered probably the most important items this bike needs. Suspension. We will be putting Andreani cartridges in the front and a Penske shock in the rear. Also on the order list are Woodcraft rearsets, frame sliders, and axle sliders. I was a bit extra lucky today since there was another MT07 in the shop today with the Akrapovic exhaust on it with the db killer installed. It seemed quiet enough. So now I'm a bit torn because I thought I settled on the Graves but now I'm unsure.
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    I think you are referring to the blinkers acting as daytime running lights to make you more visible. It's a feature, not a bug.
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    AIM Solo 2 hands down. Why? Predictive lap feature. Single most useful feature that'll make you actually get faster and learn a track quick. You can experiment with lines, gear selection, etc DURING a lap an know right them and there if it made you faster. Example: get to the point where you have consistent lap times. Say you run a 2 minute lap. Do something drastically different on turn 1. Glance down when in predictive mode and see if it's negative or positive. If it's negative, you went faster and whatever you did (different line, different gear, etc) worked. After you discover what works, move on to the next corner and do the same thing. The goal is to see a negative time after the corner you are working on. Works like a champ!
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    FYI: North American FZ-07s did not have ABS until the 2017 model year and then only as an option with the Rapid Red color. When the FZ-07 was rebadged as the MT-07 in 2018 it also made ABS standard equipment. The rest of the world has had ABS since the first model year as I understand it.
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    Also don't fill up at Costco. Their new fuel nozzles are sensitive. You have to put the whole nozzle to touch the ring on the handle, if not, it does not work. To fill up my bike I put the nozzle in as designed then when it shuts off, I pull it out a little bit and use my other hand to hold the ring back to fill the rest of the way. Pain in the butt but doable. All of this after you type and swipe your launch code to get gas. LOL
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    i have the akra ti with the db killer, i absolutely ADORE it. the sound and feel (along with a ecu flash) are awesome. the ti is quieter than the carbon from what ive heard, but mine is the perfect volume for me - audible but no ear plugs needed when riding at any speed. im also a big fan of it being completely contained under the bike. makes me feel like if i lay it down i dont have to worry about the exhaust. whether thats placebo effect or not, who knows, placebo is a hell of a drug
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    Oh ok, cool that seems so odd. never heard of a motorcycle doing that before...cool nothing is broken.
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    As a consumer? What's that got to do with anything? We're all consumers. Nobody owes us anything, which is why we pay for it. That's not how fuel nozzles work, or why the auto cutoff was even invented. For a fuel nozzle to do what you want it would have to be built specifically to interface with your machine and contain a fuel level sensing device. It would have to lock solidly to a fixed point. As it is, you can tilt the nozzle slightly in any direction to make it auto cutoff. How on earth do you expect that to give you precise, repeatable results? Auto cutoff nozzles exist to keep inattentive people from dumping fuel in the ground, it's not there so you don't have to actually pay attention to what you're doing. Drivers licenses and vehicles are privileges we earn. We're not entitled to them, and there's an inherent amount of personal responsibility that goes along with being granted privilege to use the roadways. If monitoring the rising fuel level while filling your bike to ensure that you safely fill up without spilling fuel everywhere is too taxing ( or simply beneath you) then I reckon you need to either park the bike, find someone to hold your hand while performing this incredibly simple daily tasks or just realize that, in reality, we have to take care of ourselves. Better yet, get an e bike. Plug in the cord and walk away. It'll fill itself without imparting any physical or mental strain on you. Hopefully you won't have to be bothered to check back to see if it's finished charging. Surely you can have it ping your phone so that you, as a consumer, never have to do anything beyond the absolute minimum to exist. I know I'm being harsh. I don't mean any disrespect towards you, honestly, but I won't apologize. All this entitlement attitude bs has got to stop. Seriously, buddy...if you're this bent out of shape because fueling your bike is too hard...I don't know what to tell you other than you've got a hard row to hoe ahead of you. Ride safe. I wish you all the best.
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    I didn't know that ^^^ @pgeldz about predictive lap feature 1 Hmm... Interesting.
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    you can also buy the toolkit from yamaha parts or partzilla, etc. heres a link to the kit from one of the 2020 mt's, it's $9 plus shipping Attention Required! | Cloudflare https://www.partzilla.com/product/yamaha/B4C-28100-00-00?ref=9aa7e93c80e0671718f032d9c23877b7fce40f7d idk why it comes up as attention required, here's the link unembedded
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    You can try an adjustable wrench, such as: https://www.amazon.com/BikeMaster-Adjustable-Steering-Stem-Wrench/dp/B00M9IG69U/ref=asc_df_B00M9IG69U/
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    My 2020 came with the wrench. Are you sure you don't have one in a plastic envelope under your passenger seat? The kit has the wrench and a tubular extension for it. Here's a photo off the web of what mine looks like:
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    Ed, I have an AIM Solo 2 but haven't used it much. I bought it late last winter and it didn't work. It wouldn't find a gps signal and sometimes the screen was all messed up (odd pattern). I contacted Aim in Virginia (US HQ) and arranged to send it in. After about a week, they informed me that the gps module was defective and that the unit would have to be sent to Italy for repair. Fortunately, they had one remaining unit available for loan, so they sent it to me. I used the loaned unit for a few track days and a few race weekends; it worked fine. Eventually, late this summer (so, 4-5 months later), I received my unit back from Aim and I returned my loaned unit. Mine now seems to work as it should. I was told by Aim that they received a bunch of bad gps modules from their supplier. I paid to ship my unit to Aim and to send their unit back. So, I bought a new unit that never worked right, and it took several months to get it fixed but at least I had one to use. I've had other Aim products and never had a any issues with them. I never looked at the Speed Angle unit so I have no basis to compare it to the Solo 2.
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    Hey Johnmt, I`ve bought a non abs wiring loom for the MT-07, this loom has the stock speedsensor connector. Then it`s just a matter of plugging the speedsensor into the connector. My Raptor runs on the ABS ECU ( I removed the ABS Light in the dash) but everything works as it should . I would recommend buying a Healtech Speedohealer SH-V4 + SH-YO4 otherwise your dash is going to display the wrong speed. If you are using an engine and wiring loom from an ABS Equiped bike then you also need to buy a Speedsensor, you can find the Yamaha part number on the first page of this thread. Hope this helps. If there is anything I can help you with then let me know.
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    I have mine disconnected. I had occasional “surging” and disconnecting it cured that. I have a flashed ECU which I love. I do not know if the flashing was responsible for the surging or not but I would not go back to the stock ECU program.
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    The 3 wire variant is from 2018-2020 model, the 2 wire variant should be from 2014-2016 (or something like this?). I have wiring diagrams which show this. I don't know what I did wrong, I can't upload pictures of wiring diagram because of 0.02 MB upload limit, sry The SD-19 error code is related to the issue with the now not connected black/red wire of the three wire connector. This black/red wire supplies the starting circuit cut of relay, which is the one the sidestand switch is connected to. The ECU can't read the state of the sidestand switch now.
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    I got it out, MORE WD-40, A LOT MORE, and hammering on Vise Grips seemed to do the trick. Put in the 09 baffle and that is stuck now But i'm okay with that, sounds great!
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    I've never had any trouble bleeding a motorcycle master cylinder by just pulling the lever a whole bunch of times while keeping the reservoir full. In fact, one of my motorcycles has the front brake line and caliper arranged so air can get all the way from the caliper, back up to the master cylinder. I can bleed that system from empty by just squeezing the lever a couple hundred times and keeping the reservoir full.
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    It's a balance between being using authority on the shifter and just banging on the bike. Luckily, bike transmissions are notoriously durable, so an oops here and there isn't the end of the world. Every bike is different, every pair of boots is different. If you find yourself often having trouble lifting the lever up past neutral to find second gear you might want to consider adjusting your shift lever to sit lower. Mine was really high when new and I had to adjust it down.
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