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    The Tarmac Faction Yamaha FZ-07 Racing Prototype is for sale! . A unique opportunity to race another class awaits, and there isn’t room in the workshop (or our budget) to do both concurrently at the level we want. With our third streetbike project kicking off this winter and keeping us busy until the next road racing season starts, now is a good time to say goodbye to the FZ-07 RP. . The bike is in MINT condition, clean title, with only a half dozen race weekends on it, never finishing off the podium in a Twins race except once - on its first outing during its shakedown on a track I’ve never been to, with a 5th place finish at Fontana. . . Cliff’s Notes on the bike itself: . - Fully Legal, Certified and Tech’d for MotoAmerica w/ Frame sticker (safety wired, etc) - Motor Build by Gary Dean of Speed Demon Motorcycles (average 92hp on 4 different dynos) - Bored Throttle Bodies by TWF Racing - Web Cams - Liqui Moly 5W-40 Street/Race motor oil (same as used in Moto2 and Moto2) - Samco Custom Radiator Hose set w/clamps - Carbonsmith Custom Velocity Stacks (Short Version) w/ custom MWR race filters - Tarmac Faction Custom MotoAmerica legal Ram Airbox - Tarmac Faction Full Custom Titanium Exhaust by Competition Werkes - Suter Slipper Clutch - Factory Pro Shift Arm w/ceramic bearing - Full electronics suite by Rapid Bike (RapidBike Racing, My Tuning Bike, Shift Assist, and You Tune with Traction control, Launch control, Adjustable Engine Braking and real-time AFR adjustment and monitoring via onboard display/control unit) - Current tune by Eric Dorn of EDR Performance - K-Tech Fully Adjustable Fork Cartridges and Razor RR Rear Shock set up by Lenny Albin - Robem Engineering Adjustable Offset Triples, Rear Suspension Link, Rearset Risers, Chain Guide, Shark Fin with misc. Titanium hardware throughout. - Ohlins Steering Damper on custom mount - Gilles Tooling Rearsets w/ Carbon Heal Guards, GP-LIGHT clip-ons, Chain adjusters w/built in spools, Sprocket Cover, Titanium Axle Nut - EBC VEE Rotors all around, EPFA brake pads up front, HH out back, BF307+ brake fluid - Proti Forged Titanium Rotor Bolts, Sprocket nuts, and misc hardware throughout. - Spiegler custom Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines - Galespeed 17-17 VRC adjustable Master Cylinder and Clutch Perch with Reservoirs - Dymag UP7X Forged Aluminum wheels with Ceramic Bearings - R&G Racing Case covers, Radiator guard, Frame Sliders - Carbonsmith Lever guards - Domino XM2 quick throttle, A450 Road Race Grips - Apex Racing Development Custom Switchgear - Woodcraft keyswitch elimination harness - AIM Sports Solo 2 Lap timer - Custom bodywork: Altus Motorsports Tail and Tank Cover, and Tarmac Faction Upper w/ windscreen and Lower with side panels and custom fairing stay - TechSpec Xline Tank Grips, road race seat - Yamaha UK Radiator side guards . . I may have forgot some items, but that’s the majority of it. . . Bike will come with the following EXTRA items: . - Pit Bull Front and Rear Stands - Spare set of Bodywork – Upper w/Windscreen, Lower, Tail, and Tank Cover - Spare upper with short windscreen - Spare Tarmac Faction Full Custom Titanium Exhaust by Competition Werkes – Black Ceramic Coated - Second set of Dymag wheels ready to bolt on w/Ceramic Bearings, EBC Rotors and Proti Forged Titanium Rotor bolts/sprocket nuts, NEW - Two (2) sets of Capit MAXIMA VISION PRO (Variable temp) Tire Warmers - Capit Wind Stop Covers - Capit Bike Cover - Three (3) sets of Dunlop MotoAmerica Slick Tires with one session each on them - A number of Talon aluminum rear sprockets, 44T, 45T, and 46T, NEW - Second set of Gilles Rearsets , NEW - Spare MWR Race Filters - Carbonsmith custom Velocity stacks, Long Version, NEW - Spare Tarmac Faction Tarmac Faction Custom MotoAmerica legal Ram Airbox, NEW - Spare Gilles footpegs, NEW - Spare Gilles clip-on bars x 4, NEW - Spare Domino XM2 Quick Turn Throttle, NEW - Spare Domino XM2 Grips, NEW - Robem Engineering Underslung rear brake caliper mount w/ Brembo rear caliper, NEW (didn't have time to install it before my first Pro race at Laguna) . . $16,750 or best offer.
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    I complete agree with this diagnosis. When i first got my MT07, the shifter placement was rather low. I have some big shoes and it was difficult to fully release the shifter between shifts. If the shifter wasnt fully released between shifts, it would act exactly as you described. I have since adjust the shifter placement to a much high position and basically eliminated the issue. Exaggerated toe pointing does help to build that muscle memory of making sure the shifter is released.
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    Excellent condition Regular oil and filter changes Brakes bled this season Stored indoors No rain rides Asking $6,500 CAD or best offer Extras: 2WDW ECU Flash Akrapovic Ti w/ Carbon tip exhaust CRC RC2 adjustable shorty levers Yoshimura fender eliminator LED headlight LED Auxiliary lights Yamaha Fly Screen Yamaha heated grips Renthal Ultra Low Bar R6 throttle tube CNC mirrors w/ extenders Evotech radiator guard Spaced out instrument gauge by 20mm TST integrated tail light TST MECH-GTR LED front turn signals TST flasher relay Wheel stickers Chinese radiator coolant guard Located in Kemble, Ontario
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    I dunno. Rossi is retiring. There’s an open seat. Paul is secretive and selling his sweet FZ. You guys figure it out. I’ve drawn my own conclusions Paul, good luck with whatever you have going on. Ed
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    OK, Paul. Tell us the truth. You just like spending the $$$ on new kit/toys don't you? I've lost track of how many race bikes you've built in the 4 yrs I've been here. LOL Good luck with a quick sale. You always build quality race rigs .
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    DID was stock chain. Easy way to measure a chain is to understand the system. It's all based on 1/8 inch increments. A 500 series chain ( 520, 525, 530) will measure 5 eights of an inch (5/8") from pin to pin, measuring on center. The last two digits of the number ( 20, 25, 30) tells the width between the plates, or the width of the sprocket tooth. 20= two eighths, 2/8" or a 1/4" 25= is two and a half eighths, or 5/16" 30= is three eighths or 3/8" The pull test Lone Wolf mentioned earlier is the best and most foolproof method for measuring the length of your chain. If using a ruler, 5/8" is .625" in decimal form. So 10 links would be 6.25".
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    Went for a quick ride today and all is good so far. Bike tracked perfectly with hands off the bars at 70 mph. The bike feels just as nimble with 7 inches added to the swingarm. I deleted the rear ABS. It was just easier since I needed a longer line. The stock shock is on until the custom valved Penske comes in. Probably another week.
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    Thanks for everyone's input.
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    Probably help a lot if location was posted - the country. I kind of doubt they will want to ship international for $5.
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    I think he's just clarifying that he priced the items according to 1/2 their price new + $5 for shipping to come to his "shipped" price, not that he's adding $5 to the listed shipped price.
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    2016 FZ07 LWT Superbike Race Package - MotoAmerica Legal 4908 miles - Only ridden to church on Sundays by a slow old guy . Oil and filter changed every 50 - 200 miles (have log). Bike will Come with fresh oil and filter. (TWF) Mild Superbike Build for Reliability Ported Head, Web Cams, Wiseco Pistons, Bored Throttle Bodies, Velocity Stacks (Attack Performance Tuned) Comes with all maps 91 Pump= 82.59 HP - 48.91 TQ VP MGP= 83.73 HP - 49.54 TQ VP T4= 85.45 HP - 50.69 TQ VP MR12= 87.24 - 51.64 TQ Bazzaz Zfi-TC with Quickshifter, TC dial and Map switch (New Bazzaz unit with 2 races) Never used Traction control but its there. Traxxion AK20's Front .95 Penske 8983 Rear Robem Engineering Triple Tree setup with aluminum stem and 26mm offset spaces (2 races) Robem Engineering Rear Linkage (2 Races) - Matt helped tremendously with his time on this setup front and rear and its dialed. I have the geometry numbers. Graves Titanium Full Exhaust Woodcraft Key eliminator Woodcraft Frame sliders Woodcraft Rear Sets Woodcraft Clip Ons Woodcraft Case Savers Woodcraft Shark Fin Woodcraft Lever Protector AP Moto Bodywork AP Moto Fairing Stay AP Moto Adjustable Rear Set Plates MotoAmerica Approved Airbox Shroud (removable for club racing) CRG RC2 Levers Motion Pro Rev2 Throttle Tube Style Fork Mounted damper Galfer Front GP Lines Galfer Pads Cox Radiator Protector Shorai Battery (TWF) Captive wheel spacers Front and Rear (TWF) Regulator Relocate Bracket (TWF) ECU Relocate Bracket Driven Racing Halo Quick Release Fuel Cap Driven Racing 520 16T Front sprocket Driven Racing 520 44T Rear sprocket RK 520 Chain Dunlop Slick Front (1 Race) Ultra Soft 0516 Dunlop Slick Rear (1 Race) Ultra Soft 0197 1.8 Radiator Cap Uni-Filter Pod Filters NGK SILMAR 9B9 Plugs SPARES: Stock motor (ebay) Pair of Wheels OEM blue with Dunlop Extra Soft Rubber with 2 sessions, Straight Rotors, Cush Drive, Sprocket Carrier, Bearings and (TWF) Spacers New In Box Graves Exhaust Can New In Box R&G engine Case Covers (2) Fresh Cleaned and Flow Tested Injectors New In Package Woodcraft Rear Set kit, New Woodcraft Foot pegs (2) New In Box (4) NGK Laser Iridium Plugs SILMAR 9B9, (2) used SILMAR 9B9, (2) used LMAR 8A9 New In Package Woodcraft Frame Sliders New In Box (2) Pair Galfer 1375 pads New In Package HT Moto Seat Pad New In Box Driven Racing 520 Sprockets 44T, 46T, 17T - Used but in good working condition 43T and 45T Bazzaz QS FT-ECU QS Superlite Tek5 520 45T Sprocket Vortex 15T Sprocket OEM 43T sprocket and Sunstar 44T and 45T steel New in Box Oil Filter Windscreen Wire Mesh Velocity Stack Screens New Aftermarket 1.6 Radiator Cap and OEM radiator Cap Radiator in Good working condition (TWF) Crankcase Breather Aluminum Catch Can setup for club racing (TWF) Reg and ECU Relocate brackets Motion Pro Rev2 Throttle Cams New OEM clutch and brake levers Various OEM parts $10,000 Aaron - Located near Fresno, Ca 55 nine - two 0 three -497 six
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    Very tastefully done!!! GLWS-
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    Very motivated to sell the whole package. Shoot me an offer. $10,000 OBO OR $6500 Bike goes as is NO spares OR its gonna start getting parted out. Ill be racing it next weekend if it doesnt sell first. Still running strong. The mileage has gone up a 1000 miles as ive been racing it this year. Will consider trades for a well setup DTX with cash.
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    Luimoto Seat Cover & Gel Inserts! With the Luimoto Tank Leafs as well, on both rider and passenger! I had my wife do it for me, and as you can see they came out flawless!
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    After years of wondering if what they say about the Striple is true, I found one at a reasonable price: 2017 675R with 3200 miles on it and nearly new Michelin Road 5 2CT tires. My only complaint is the fork high speed compression damping is just as bad as the FZ's. And it spins about a thousand rpm higher than the FZ at 60. But that means it's pretty peppy boy! And Oh that exhaust note-a siren song if ever there was one. I can say it is a class above the FZ overall but then again the original price was about three grand more than the FZ. And it is chunkier than the FZ but...
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    I bought a 2021 Street Triple R this year to add to the collection, did 170 miles today through the Smokey mts. Below our my current bikes.
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    I traded the Striple for a 2021 CB300R with ABS. It was worth what Kelly Blue Book said-$5800. So I'm zipping around now using my left toe way more often than on the Fz or Striple. Honda did a great job matching the throttle with the engine because rev matching is so nice on this bike. It's like swapping the stock FZ throttle tube for an R6 tube but feels much better. I haven't seen this much RPM in high gear since 1975! The FZ is in the shop and I will greatly enjoy alternating the two when it gets returned to me.
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    Lone Wolf is shooting you straight. Your sprockets are fine, don't replace them. There's a myth pervading the internet that chains and sprockets MUST be changed together. It's people not understanding the mechanics of how a chain drive system works that keep pushing this myth. The short version, if you run a chain too long or too tight you will deform the sprockets, then a new chain on those deformed sprockets gets ruined. The caveat is, you first have to run the chain too tight or too long. Your sprockets show zero sign of either. I put 25k miles on my stock sprockets and wore out a chain. Replaced the chain, sprockets still look new. These factory sprockets are very good quality. It's not the first I've seen sprockets outlast chains. It happens a lot. One close friend has a '96 VFR that's well over 60,000 miles now. That bike has gone through three chains, but the original sprockets are still perfectly fine. Steel sprockets last incredibly long. Also, in the interest of saving money, making life easier on yourself and removing a variable...don't let the internet make your afraid of clip style master links. How the myth persists that they are dangerous on street bikes boggles my mind. Again, there are NO mechanical forces trying to pull that side plate off a chain. Anyone that says high horsepower can unclip a chain isn't paying attention. You HAVE to install the clip in the right direction, but that's easy. The reason bikes come stock with endless (riveted) chains is cost. Clips are an extra part that an employee has to assemble. Endless chains can be thrown on in a flash. They're not inherently stronger. IMO, as the internet stranger with nothing to gain, grab you a $60 Firepower chain with a clip and rock on. If can manage to spend a little more, D.I.D. , Regina, RK/EK are known to be quality, but can really drive the cost up. Also, buying a "pre-cut" 108 link chain can cost more than a universal chain that comes in 120 link length ( usually 120, sometimes it varies). You don't need an expensive chain tool to cut a chain. An and grinder ( hand file works just as well) a hammer and a punch are all you need. I'm a stranger on the internet with nothing to gain. I get annoyed seeing people talked in to throwing money at things. If your bike is your baby and you enjoy showering it with gifts, that's perfectly fine. Just don't justify it as a safety concern and urge others to do the same. After decades of wearing out chains on motorcycles, and being a lifelong mechanic, I'll take a clip style master link any day. Or scrub your chain good with Grunge brush and kerosene and see if it loosens up for you. Once they go stuff you often can reverse it. Dried/hardened orings are gonna happen over time, regardless of miles or maintenance. Good luck, and be safe out there
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    At 10k miles, and your photos, it is not "unsafe". I can see the wear "starting" but it's not to the point it would damage a new chain. The front definitely has more of a wear mark and slight indent from chain roller (where it looks polished and shiny), and that is typical to show more wear on the front. You said money is tight - so that is a factor. If the chain is serviceable, I would probably get some more miles out of the existing set and replace all of it when you can afford it. Then again that back sprocket looks great. if you want to try and save it you could change the front sprocket and chain. Part of my focus, again is if the chain is stretched. As a chain wears (internally, rollers are bearings) it gets longer. The lengthened chain doesn't sit as well on the sprockets, and causes more wear on the sprockets. The Dave Moss thing of pushing the chain sideways will tell you if the chain is totally shot, but you really need to check the other ways too like if you can pull it away from the rear sprocket (shouldn't pull away much at all) and you can measure length as it says in that Canyon Chasers video and this article. How to Install a New Motorcycle Chain - CanyonChasers How do you know when your chain needs to be replaced? Go to your rear sprocket and pull straight back on the chain. If your chain pulls away from the sprockets by much, it is probably stretched out. If...
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    The rear looks good IMO. I'll have to take the cover off in the front to check the smaller one. I'll snap pics of both. Thank you
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    What a joke, the R7 wasn't designed as a true sport bike; they repurposed the MT-07 and added the R6 frontend parts with new plastics. The only thing new they engineered was the side covers that are supposed to stiffen up the frame. Other than that, all they did was take what the typical MT-07 racer was already doing. So, don't kid yourself.
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    See if it is stretched. Lot's of good info on youtube about that. If it is not stretched, lube the heck out of it. OEM chains are generally regarded as much shorter lived than aftermarket, even by the same mfgr. OEM chains are part of the cost cutting on new bikes, across the boards. So your original chain with 10k may be near end of life, especially if it wasn't maintained by Prior Owner. No you don't have to cut links for the new chain - reputable suppliers will allow you to specify the length you need. You get what you pay for with chains, cheap ones are cheap for a reason. Get the best you can afford. These people are reputable https://sprocketcenter.com/ They have a page devoted to the MT-07 FZ-07 https://sprocketcenter.com/street-sprocket-applications/yamaha/fz-07-2015-2019.html This video helped me quite a bit with my chain replacements
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    Painted the swingarm with bright red Klass Kote epoxy paint. Came out good for being an amateur painter. The stock caliper bracket is modified for a lower torque rod.
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    I finished the bellcrank bracket. I have a Penske double adjustable on order. It will be valved for street/strip use. Penske and M2 shocks are the two big names in drag racing. M2 is mostly drag racing and while assembled in the U.S., uses Nitron parts. So they are "Nitron" drag shocks, pretty cool. I went with Penske simply because they are familiar with XSR700 packaging. M2 mostly does the popular drag bikes.
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    I picked the MT because I wanted a great “all-around” bike since my wife won’t sign off on me owning more than one right now, and I’ve got a few more years before I’m ready to move to a “dad” bike like an ADV or something. I love the character of the CP2 and the MT’s malleability/ customizability. But if I were allowed to have 3 bikes, it would probably be a KTM 1290 GT for touring, a Victory Octane for cruising and a Street Triple for more spirited rides/canyon carving. IMHO the Street Triple is king of the mid weight nakeds.
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    Never been, but found out about it last year when a NYST buddy attended an event held there by EvolveGT. It's only 1.1 miles and top speeds seem to be no more than 75 mph from videos I have seen. But it seems like fun and priced a bit cheaper than some tracks. NYST is $190. Pittrace is $230. And this track is $150. A video I found of Pineview...
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