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    Friday practice in the books. Beautiful weather, great track and Oh, look what showed up. That's right folks, Dave Crussell with some ridiculous vintage iron! That's one of his TZ750's, a lovely old KZ1000 and there's a nice little 125 hiding in back his wife was running. Glorious sounds, smells and memories of my wasted childhood. What a time turning laps with this stuff. Having my visor hazed in 2 stroke oil smoke from 4 carbon cans exiting the back of the inline 4 cylinder beast going up the 5000 foot front straight, ahh, excuse me a moment. As I type this Saturday morning with the paddock sounds and the smell of fresh, perked coffee and bacon while mounting up some fresh tires for today's combat sessions I can only pity those who aren't here someplace. Blue Line Racing.
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    Thanks man. This was the 4 maneuver test the DDS requires. I've been riding motorcycles off and on all my life. Dad bought me my 1st one at 7. I do want to take a safety course. You can always learn something.
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    I finally scheduled a road test to get my MC license. I passed so now I can ride at night and carry passengers and not have to renew the learner permit every 6 months. Also the bike did not want to start when I got on it to leave. I think my throttle lock was holding a tad of throttle. It would fire and die. I was like great of course this would happen right now.
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    No, THIS would be going pretty far down the rabbit hole, haha. Thinking of adopting these body panels to the FZ-07...hmm.
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    Doing head work, cams, TB's, new bearings and rings, and minimal tranny work (shimming, etc), along with my new intake solution. This gentleman got 94 reliable hp out of another motor he build for MotoAmerica with just headowrk and cams, but I believe it may have been on different gas. I'll be running Chevron 91 in mine, so I'm hoping to get around 85-95hp. Honestly, not really concerned with the number, more concerned with the GAINS from where it dyno'd right now. All dyno's read different, but the gains on the same dyno mean more to me, as the dyno is just a tool. Currently, my bike made 76 hp and I believe 50 or 51 flt lbs of torque on his dyno. I have an MWR Air Filter/Air box lid cover, Akra Ti full exhaust without baffle, tuned previously with a PCV. But even that doesn't tell the whole story. Those were peak numbers, but area under the curve? Much more important. I believe when I first did all this a while back, it made like 12 hp over stock right in the midrange, which for the street, was awesome! For racing though, I'd think I'd want to move the power further in the rev range. We'll see how she does when it's all said and done.
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    Hello everyone! New owner of a '18 MT-07. Looking forward to a new chapter of my motorcycle experience.
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    One tool I keep in my shed is a quality ramp. After much research and deliberation I chose this one. 9' Long Black Widow 4-Beam Aluminum Folding Arched Motorcycle Ramp | Discount Ramps 9' Long Black Widow Aluminum 4-Beam Folding Arched 3-Piece Motorcycle Ramp Yes, It's over kill for an FZ-07 with it's center ramp which supports up to 1500lbs and each of the two side ramps will support up to 600lbs each. But I bought the ramp as a once in a lifetime purchase that I will use for more than just loading my FZ-07 into the bed of my pickup truck. With this ramp there won't be much I can't roll up into my vehicle. I won't cover what's already covered on the website's listing but I will cover some things not mentioned in the listing. Ordering/shipping: The ordering process was simple enough. Discountramps is always having some sort of sale/discount going on and I waited until I could order one with a decent discount as well as free shipping. It was ordered over a weekend and shipped the following Monday via Fed-Ex. It arrived in good condition in less than a week. It was nicely packed in heavy-duty cardboard and each of the six ramp sections individually wrapped to protect the finish. Also in the box was the required hardware and as a nice touch it included three cambuckle tiedowns to be used to anchor your ramp(s) to the vehicle. Assembly: Assembly was straightforward with no surprises. The only choice to make is whether you want to build it as a single large ramp, using longer bolts on the pivot, or as three separate ramps. I initially built it as a single ramp thinking it would be easier to wrangle and deploy. I've since decided that the 90lb ramp is easier to deal with as three individual ramps and have changed to the included shorter bolts accordingly. Quality: After multiple uses I'm still impressed with the quality of the ramp. There was no flex in the ramp in use and the paint finish is holding up nicely. The included U shaped couplers (used to keep the ends of the ramps from sliding apart) are basic but stout. The cambuckle straps are generic but are adequate for the task intended. I find no fault with the quality of this ramp so far. Design: Overall I like the design but there are a few minor things I would like changed. The lower section of ramps are straight and have a beveled base and the upper section is nicely arched to help prevent bottoming out. Even at high deployment angles I didn't come close to scraping anything. The serrated rungs are spaced close enough, 3.75"/9.5cm on center, to make walking on the ramp easy. When folded the ramps are just over 6.5"/17cm tall. The center ramp is just over 17"/44cm wide and the two outer ramps are just over 11"/28cm wide. Combined the ramps are close to 40"/101cm wide. The deployed width never feels narrow and inspires confidence in it's use. It allows loading and unloading via ramp to be a confident solo affair. There are no rods to worry about getting bent or lost as the pivot points of the ramp is via proper large bolts through the main spars of the ramp sections. Each individual ramp is solid. When built as a one piece ramp however the sections feel a bit wobbly while handling since they're not bolted together on the ends and rely on the couplers to connect them. If I was going to keep it as a one piece ramp I'd replace the couplers with proper bolts to make them a more solid unit. Though while deployed, either as a single or multiple ramps, they are very stable. The 3"/7.6cm lip that fits over the end of your tailgate is plenty strong but I'd be like it to be maybe half an inch or so longer just to give it a bit more purchase incase of deployment on more rounded edges. I load my truck by riding my bike up the ramp and unload by straddling the bike and using the front brake to control the decent. The rungs of the ramp are serrated for traction but at steeper deployment angles (flat ground with 3'/100cm high tailgate) the serrations aren't enough to keep the light front wheel from slipping when unloading the bike. I noticed no slippage when loading even when I stopped while fully on the ramp and then continuing up the ramp. I put grip tape on the serrated rungs of the center ramp to better control the slippage but I need better tape since the first time I used the ramp after wrapping the rungs the tape started to tear. I will be looking for better grip tape to correct this. I don't blame the ramp for this issue. I blame the high deployment angle I use and the light front end of the bike. It's nice to know that it can be utilized successfully at high angles but I'll be looking to use curbs etc to lessen the angle when possible going forward. The included couplers rattle more than I'd like when the ramp is stowed for travel. but That's just me being nit-picky. I may look for some thin closed cell foam to line the inside of the couples to solve that issue. Bottom Line: Would I buy it again? Yes I would. I fully expect this ramp to last a lifetime.
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    A louder exhaust won't make EVERY car driver hear you, but the one time it does might be the time it saves your life. Obviously you shouldn't rely on the sound of your exhaust, and you should still ride defensively.
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    After many hours of analysis paralysis researching exhaust systems I finally bought and installed a Akra Ti. So far I'm very happy with my choice. Nice quality piece and I'm really liking the much improved exhaust note. Just the sound I was looking for, so the baffles are staying put for the time being.
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    You should send me both bikes and then just start over with all new ones.
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    I don't know if pumping is a great strategy on a bike, at least the way you would in a car. Every change in braking shifts weight around which destabilizes the bike. Advice I have been given from better riders than myself is to apply pressure smoothly and evenly. If traction starts to go, back off (but don't drop it altogether) then start smoothly applying again. In reality doing all of this within the space of a second or two during an emergency is a tough call, which is the appeal of ABS.
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    The ABS hydraulic unit is almost $500, and that does not include wiring, sensors and maybe an ECU (I suspect you need a new one but I am not certain about that). I do not think it is worth the cost or time, and if you mess it up you may end up with malfunctioning brakes.
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    @brickson98, I just checked and the 2018 exhaust is the same part number as a 2015, so that will fit. Just FYI, the M4 is probably the loudest exhaust you can get, so if you have neighbors close by you may not be very popular .
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    You're Goin' Pretty Far Down that Rabbit Hole Ed
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    Welcome to the FZ/MT-07 fan club. You'll need to let us know if you personally find a "Thumbs up" an offensive gesture or not so we are not inadvertently rude to you by using this western gesture that has only a positive connotation in the USA. From what I've read of Saudi culture it's not considered to be as rude as it used to be. But I'd still rather be polite where possible.
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    I find my rear brake very squishy. It's enough to get around town where I also use a lot of engine braking, and is useful for stabilizing, but I really don't put much stock in it for stopping power. I try to remind myself to brake with the front even when I don't need to because I don't like getting into the habit of relying on the rear, then being slow to jump on the front during an emergency.
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    Mossrider: "Road racing, top notch" My son, a resident, took his bike-mad 6yr old son to see the road racing there. After watching a dozen or so riders go by, he turned to his father and said: "Can we go home now?".....!
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    This is a good video showing the advantages of ABS.
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    ABS allows you to stop basically as fast as a very good rider in controlled circumstances. As soon as you lock the rear, you lose braking power. If you're under the point of locking the rear, then you're leaving braking power on the table. It's worse on the front, of course: lock the front and you almost certainly go down, don't lock the front and you're probably again leaving braking power on the table. Yes, an extremely skilled rider will be able to outperform ABS (in the right situation) but ABS allows even us not-Rossi sorts to brake to the limits of the available tractions capabilities. This is why all cars (and now all street bikes) have ABS. It allows you to maximize braking without risking loss of control, and it allows that independent of driver skill. If he had ABS, he *would* have got more braking out of the rear (as he locked up the rear). He would have been able to safely get more braking out of the front too, and likely would have freed of the fear of losing control.
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    thanks! having ridden it much yet, but for the time i have, feels like it's going to be a fun bike. came from a grom, duke 390, to mt07. guess you can say i'm taking baby steps, but i'd like to feel like a pushed a bike to it's potential before i make a jump up.
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    Like I said in my build thread, I never thought that the stock suspension was that bad. I’m 175 lbs, 195 with all my gear. My first 2 seasons on the track, the suspension was adequate. The Dunlop Q3s made a big difference. Seat time and classes made the biggest improvements. I did the Yamaha Champions Riding School in September, it was on the second day that I started to notice the front end felt slightly unstable when pushed hard and my rear tire was showing signs of poor rebound. Then I went and rode a new R6, one of YCRS’s bikes for a few laps. Without any adjustments, I could not believe how stable and firm that bike felt. Made me wanna run out and buy one choosing suspension was hard, I read so many posts on this board about suspension choices and opinions. I had decided on the Ohlins fork cartridges, one because I believe that Ohlins makes good products and two because it was reversible, I did not have to modify my fork tubes. I was going to get the Ohlins rear shock but found out when ordering it that it did not offer compression adjustment, only preload and rebound. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, I just wanted more adjustability for track use. I then decided to go with then K-Tech Razor RR and Andy’s Dog Bone, if Andy says that’s the combo, I believe him So that’s how I got to where I’m at. So with all that said my first impressions were that the bike is completely transformed. I started with the base (recommended) settings and thought that the feel reminded me of the R6 I rode. With the AP dog bone and longer RR shock, 319 mm, the bike steers quickly. Straight line high speed stability feels the same as before, I was afraid it might have been twitchy with the raised rear, but it wasn’t. The bike feels planted and stable in turns, it is confidence inspiring. I had the local suspension specialist at the track dial in the settings for me and it felt even better. I’m using about 3/4 of the travel on the forks and shock. I was concerned that I would want to believe everything felt better to justify the costs, but I can honestly say that this was a good investment, I really couldn’t be happier. What is your intended use for your FZ? Street? Track? Combination? i think that there are probably many good choices for suspension components for our FZs. I think if you go with popular companies like I did, Ohlins or K-Tech you really can’t go wrong. I think having suspension that is adjustable is the biggest improvement since it allows you to set it up for your weight and riding style. don't know if this helps you or not, but I have no regrets with my combo. Ed
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    MT-15 - 140km/h - 87mph MT-25 - 185km/h - 115mph MT-03 - 192km/h - 119mph MT-07 - 222km/h - 138mph MT-09 - 259km/h - 161mph MT-10 - 299km/h - 186mph
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    thanks all for comradery, and we don't find it offensive, you wouldn't believe how westernized our country is (from the 90's), i myself have had US teachers in college and university (mainly from Texas, guess they don't mind the wheater). best of luck to you all
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    I did my first track day with my winter modifications at NJMP on Monday 06/03/19 The new suspension, Ohlin’s cartridges, KTech Razor RR stock and AP dog bone linkage have transformed my FZ. I also have a more aggressive riding position with the woodcraft clip ons and rearsets. i started with the manufacturers settings which were pretty close. After a warm up session I had the local suspension tuner dial it in for me. I really couldn’t be happier with the feel and performance. I had a good day and rode well, also got to use my GoPro that my boys got me for Christmas. Here are a couple of clips. On the rear camera video, you can here my modified stock exhaust, I think it sounds good. Second clip will only imbed link https://youtu.be/xPZuBmj5v5w Ed
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    My bike was a glacial blue but dealer swaped blue parts for white one, i just love my bike cause its kinda unique
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    I think were OK with giving it. They are part of the modern world and should be aware of what we mean by it, usually cool, alright or good job! Trump Made A "Rude" Thumbs Up Sign In Saudi Arabia — But Really Everyone Needs To Calm Down It's not really considered a rude gesture.
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    ive been a long time user of Graves. On a motor with this configuration(inline twin) there is not going to be much difference in performance between systems but my goals with this bike include making it as light as possible so the titanium system fits this goal. I am also a huge fan of Graves quality and feel good about supporting a true American made system The easiest full system I have ever installed on a bike and the sounds is pure eargasmic! one of the best sounding bikes ive ever owned.
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    careful, lots of food safety recalls on "chicken strips" in the news lately...
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    I use the Grip Puppies. They're thick, soft and comfortable. they aren't cheap compared to other foam grips so why did I buy them? The puppy on the package looked cute and made me feel safe. https://www.amazon.com/Grip-Puppy-Comfort-Grips-Original/dp/B00CP9ADD8/ref=sr_1_1?crid=18I8G6HRN43LJ&keywords=grip+puppies+comfort+grips+for+motorcycle&qid=1560262880&s=gateway&sprefix=grip+puppie%2Caps%2C168&sr=8-1
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    scat2me "I don't see how ABS would have helped. Glad your OK." I think what he meant was it was 'too late' for them to help, not that they don't help. The point is if you don't apply the brakes (ABS or not) in time they don't help one bit. Be safe!
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    A lighter grip on the bars/grips lets the bike handle more responsively. It'll steer better, the suspension functions better and you'll be able to control it more accurately with less fatigue on top of the grips not spinning loose. Try it, you'll like it. Use a light yet secure grip, as if you're twisting in a light bulb or playing with er never mind.
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    I'll be honest With all the tech in today's cars, doesn't matter if you had loudspeakers telling people you were there They will still merge over Hell, there was a fire truck that tboned a truck the other day here in Phoenix because it pulled out in front of em If people don't merge/stop for a siren with flashing lights, what makes you think the extra 10-20 db from a silenced aftermarket exhaust will make the last bit of difference
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    Yup, that's my approach now. My first couple blocks are done at zero/virtually zero throttle, then very gentle throttle till I'm off side streets. It's probably best for me to hooligan less on the local streets anyways I'm a 300lb guy, and even there it'll pull me along with practically no throttle. This is a surprisingly great bike for a big guy, despite being pretty small. My XJ would have stalled/struggled to pull me along at idle. Like I said elsewhere though, the lawnmower argument doesn't work as well when you come and go around 2-4am.
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    Oh, by "volume played no part" I meant more "I didn't want excessively loud"; usually people look at volume in a "more is better" sense. I actually liked how quiet the stock exhaust was, though I didn't mind (reasonably) louder. All the videos of this exhaust, though, suffer the same problem (and that includes ones I've made) - you can't really capture exhaust volume in a video. More people need to rate/review exhausts with a dB meter. I honestly expected it to be quieter than it is. I hear yeah for the situation, though. I do rotating shift work myself, so I come and go at all hours, and also have a couple young kids (6 and 8 - I'm of a similar age, so thumbs up for surviving young children in your 40's; it's rough!) who I really must not wake when leaving/arriving home at 3am. I'm getting used to it, and to be fair it's no louder than the Harley's about. It sure sounds damn loud to me after a year with the stock exhaust. It's growing on me quickly, though, so I figure I'm gonna hold on to it. I like the look a great deal more than the other options, and changing would cost me a lot too. Just flashed the bike with a 2WDW tune as well, and... well, it's fun And sure, it's your wrist that gets you the speeding tickets, but like I said I'm a dumbass and tend to speed way too much. With the quiet exhaust, nobody *noticed* me speeding - I've lost that protection. Now I'm as loud as the Harley bros, but way faster. I definitely notice a difference in other people's awareness of me though. Far fewer people changing lanes into me and whatnot, so there's that. With regards to the baffle: I've noticed it's a bit narrower than the exhaust opening and this seems to allow a bit of twisting - that may be causing the rattle for you. I've been contemplating putting a small bead of copper RTV around the outside of the baffle/inside of the muffler to prevent that myself.
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    Base fuel tables are the same per gear, however there is a per-gear acceleration enrichment table, and also the ECO mode varies per gear. Ignition tables are different per gear including N. It seems to be driven by the gear sensor and not the clutch switch, but I don't know exactly. This is why you make the N tables the same as 6th gear or whatever, "just in case" the clutch switch does something.
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    After analyzing the video, given the circumstances of me not paying full attention, I don't know if I could have done it much differently. I saw the car stopping much, much too late. I noticed it at just over 7 seconds in (you can hear the engine RPMs lower as I pull the clutch) and then I hit the car at about 8.5 seconds. That gives me ~1.5 seconds total between visual indicator and crash. Average human reaction time is about 0.25 seconds for visual stimulus. That means in 1.25 seconds I would have had to process all 3 big areas of visual information (how far the car was in front of me, how big the non-existent shoulder was to the left of me, if there was a car in the lane to the right of me) in addition to thinking about braking technique (ABS would have helped), pulling in the clutch and also steering left or right. Even if I was in a simulation or something where I was expecting it (think a black screen that suddenly flashes with video and I'm presented with a similar 1.5 second situation), I think 4/5 times I would still end up rear-ending the car. Like I said, I have practiced heavy braking a lot. But those are all controlled situations where you are expecting it. I think ABS would have been key to helping me slow down faster (giving me more reaction time). But really, the #1 solution to this would have been me paying closer attention
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    The "short answer" is yes.... I bought the Hordpower intake system. He gives you the PCV map via email with purchase of his intake. It requires you to tap into the gear sensor, and re-maps the fuel delivery depending on what gear you're in. If you go the PCV route, it lets you retain the "ECO mode", and cruises really nice @ highway speeds, and I still get about 60 mpg. That intake/map was the BEST $300 I've spent on my bike. I spoke to "Hord", and he said it will make about +1HP without the baffle in. I didn't notice a difference with my "Butt-dyno" . The thing pulls harder than ever! I forgot I was wearing my bluetooth helmet, and my wife (riding her bike) heard me laughing inside my helmet on the first ride! -
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    Just remembered that a few years ago, there were several fatal accidents in Germany due to some morons deliberately pouring oil or diesel on the road, clearly targeting motorcyclists
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    I haven't seen this configuration on here yet. I thought I'd share. Tail light is CustomLED Side lights are HighTechSpeed X-arc I know it seems silly to have an integrated tail light and turn signals, but it's about safety for me. Side lights are markers, brake lights, and turn signals. The effect is amazing. Can't miss this bike from behind.
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    Rant thread! The hand controls on this bike are kinda horrible. Buttons are small, have poor tactile feedback and are on weird locations. The worst by far is the horn button. Why is not at the thumb, below the controls, like on most other bikes? It's in the worst possible spot and I can't even hit it without taking my palm off the handlebars. It's completely worthless in an emergency situation if you actually want to hit it quickly because you'll never find it. I have half a mind to remove that entire control block and replace it with one off another bike... </rant>
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