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    Just about finished getting the bike all ready for the new season. This will be the 4th season on this bike since getting it back in 2020. This years changes are a new R7 front end with Robem adjustable triples, Ktech DDS cartridges. Also had the motor refreshed by Matt Spicer at Robem Engineering since it had 2 seasons on it. Really looking forward to the season starting and warmer weather. If there are any other racers left in here lets see those bikes!!
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    As much as I truly appreciate all the full-blown conversions folks are doing to the FZ/MT-07's, I can't ride/race them any more... I'm 54 years old, and I have a fused neck, and titanium hardware near my spinal cord (NOT from a crash). I race with a "Leatte'" road-race specific neck brace to prevent further damage. My range of motion in my neck is VERY limited. As such, I could never reap any benefits from racing a bike with full bodywork... Most the folks here probably remember @mossrider..... I helped him "pit" at Road America for a MotoAmerica event. He encouraged me to get my race license, and even offered to let me race his FZ-07 to do so!!! I threw a leg over his FZ-07, and I could literally only lift my head enough to see about 20 feet in front of the bike.... All I could think was "nope", not gonna work out- Last year I decided to get my race license, and used my "naked" FZ-07 to do so. I had the time of my life!!!! I was kind of inspired the "Super-Hooligan" class in MotoAmerica. It was soooo cool to see naked bikes racing, I went for it!!!! Granted, I know I'm at a disadvantage, but it is very satisfying to pass another FZ-07 with full bodywork.... I race in the CRA (club-racing)... Truth is @mossrider, raced in that same club, and he has been a great mentor to me. He even found another "old-guy" they call "Wild Bill", to race my bike in the 5-hour endurance race with me in September!!! We still need another rider, but I think by September we can find a third rider!!! Most folks that look at my "naked" FZ-07 are impressed- or maybe those that don't just keep their "pie-hole-shut"???? Either way, I'm looking forward to a great season!!! I'm attaching pics (because its fun)-
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    Oh gosh, as an ex-attorney with over 35 years' experience, I am familiar with "cease and desist"letters. I think I've even sent a few at one time or another. Typically, they are used to ask someone to stop using a trademark or other intellectual property owned by someone else, creating confusion in the marketplace as to the origin of goods or services, or to stop defaming someone. A cease and desist letter is not binding and it doesn't require anyone to do anything, although as a potential precursor to being sued, the merits of the threat to sue need to be understood. I suppose if your business is small enough, even the mere threat of litigation could be enough to persuade the potential defendant from continuing the challenged behavior, but many such cease and desist letters are bullsh*t on their merits. So ok, I guess I've answered my own question. Yamaha could write a letter and the owner(s) of this site could decide to shut it down rather than dare Yamaha to do something about it.
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    The OP did delete the thread and he will post an update once the problem is resolved.
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    It was deleted without comments. I restored the thread. I don't know how & why it got wacked - I will be searching in background with other moderators to find out
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    Looks like its gone again. Perhaps the OP may not want it posted any longer? That was my assumption when it first disappeared.
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    I'm convinced Yamaha is rating torque specs strictly by looking up the physical dimension of the fastener itself and comparing it to whatever chart they found on Google, with no regard to the actual job of the fastener. Oil drain bolt is a perfect example IMO. I saw them wanting 180ft lbs on top yoke nut for a WR450. Tiny little fine threads on an aluminum stem! What? Similar nonsense on axle. Zero faith in their number. Park the torque wrench and just snug em up. Beyond critical engine internals ( rod caps and head bolts) it doesn't really even matter.
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    Practical, valuable applied advice M.H.
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    I need one of those letters please, to get my wife to stop saying "don't forget to take the garbage out"
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    Pardon my ignorance but how could Yamaha shut the site down? It isn't used for commercial purposes.
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    If it is your thread, that you created, you will have this option
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    I started my racing season with AHRMA, on my Kramer, at Roebling Road in February and at Carolina Motorsport Park in March. Turn out at both events was great. Its nearly 1300 miles for me one way to Topeka but I plan on running both events. Come play! But yeah, 3 weekends in a row can be tough.
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    Looking good Mat. Good luck this season. Ed
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    I've also become a fan of underbelly exhaust. Like @cornerslider said, they're pretty crash proof. They also stay out of the way of burning legs, luggage and straps. Plus, weight down low. But a nice upswept system does have a bit of a hotrod look that I love. I really like the styling on the muffler in the picture.
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    I just ordered as well. I will post my thoughts when it arrives-
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    I had the Factory Racing Shift Arm w/ Ceramic bearing and it was in fact better and more crisp. The Shift holder support would be the next step before splitting the cases and working the transmission. Let us know what you think when you install it.
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    Would rather see a bushing vs a bearing, but a squirt of chain lube in there while servicing the chain should be more than enough to keep it happy.
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    How are you doing with the tire warmer on the rear with the Akrapovic Ti pipe? Are you doing 180/55/17 or 180/60/17? Good Luck this season @cornerslider
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    I've been following this since the beginning. I think the OP was smart to remove the thread that he started. As someone else pointed out, it's a good "cover-your-a$$" move..... I do however, find it truly sad that the general public can't openly discuss a product that we purchased. I would think that as consumers- we paid the price of admission to do so??? If big "Y" can silence a group of people on a forum, then they have done a great disservice to ALL of their customers!!! I truly feel bad for the OP... If big "Y' doesn't "step-up-to-the-plate" on this, shame on them. We all know the excitement of having that *NEW* bike!!!! I'm certain this was a very isolated incident. I've never heard of anything like this before? The OP definitely lost his smile on this one....
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    @Cruizin (who "owns" this forum) had a post about a situation a few years back. He asked members to not provoke big Y, but I don't remember specifics, except "one letter from Y" and he would have to close. Maybe he will jump in here to answer your question...
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    Yea, I was like WOW! Never had thought to do so or felt the need too LOL.
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    We will have to see how it all shakes out. I will be instructing at the new racers school for the MRA in 2 weeks and it just snowed here this morning... Winter is just hanging on at the moment. LOL
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    Thanks!! Im in Colorado and race with the MRA. Maybe will do a couple rounds with AHRMA when they are at Hastings and Topeka but not sure on those yet. They are back to back weekends and back up to one of my regular race weekends so 3 weekends in a row might be tough.
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    Nice bike. Where and with whom are you going to race this season?
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    I did a bit of research on this system.... I'm all about all things Akrapovic. They build high quality/premium exhaust systems. This system looks to be street legal, as it has a "catalytic-converter" incorporated into it. The $1900+ price tag seems a bit high, for what it is.... I feel that Akrapovic is the only manufacturer to be attempting the roll with the changes in the aftermarket exhaust market. I know in the "end-game" they will be successful. While I don't own a R7, it appears that Akrapovic moved the location of the O2 sensor port to be much closer the exhaust ports compared to the engine the FZ/MT-07 variant off the CP2 platform... I can't say if the O2 sensor wires would reach it in that location???? I doubt anyone that buys this system will be disappointed, but if you don't care about the "legal" aspects of it, I think there are better options available... I personally run the Akrapovic Ti "under-belly" exhaust system on my dedicated race-only 07. I bought my Akra for one reason- EVERYTHING that can get wrecked in a track/racing incident, is under the bike/NOT hanging off the side of the bike looking to be wrecked... If my personal Akrapovic exhaust gets wrecked in a crash, I obviously have MUCH bigger issues than my exhaust system that is 100% protected by the motor & wheels.... If the wheels get destroyed in a crash, the exhaust system is the last thing I'm concerned with-
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    Welcome to the forum, lmfao159
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    I don’t believe a quick shifter would necessarily cause miss shifts. the only issue that I have had with and without the quick shifter is my transmission popping out of 5th gear back to 4th under load. This is common on the FZ07. The best fix is to have the gears undercut and shimmed, but that requires splitting the cases. I just installed the Factory Racing shift arm with ceramic bearing and stiffer spring. That seems to provide sharper shifter feel, more like a snap into the next gear. I haven’t tried it at wide open throttle yet so I can’t confirm if it’s better or not. I figure adding a support to the end of the shift rod and reducing any flex could also help improve shifter action. We’ll see. Ed
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    I'll give it a try. Order placed. Ed
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    Was a very nice day today. Changed oil, washed, and took her out for a spin.
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    Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you all know that ALL IN STOCK Helmets are 20% off! Use coupon code HEADCASE at checkout. www.bellissimoto.com
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    You have to get the small fabric loops out from under the passenger seat or you can attach the hooks of your cargo net to the passenger footpegs but you seem to have removed them.
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    Oil drain plug torque figure is insane. Steel into aluminum? I just snug it up by feel rather than use a torque wrench but torque probably doesn't exceed 20 ft-lbs. Rear axle nut torque is also unnecessarily high, in my opinion. I've found 60 ft-lbs to be more than enough to keep the axle in place, even with slicks and 90+ RWHP.
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    Welcome to the forum, ericgregoryhughes
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    Left fork inner bushing at 4,235 km. Below is the only visible wear of the right fork inner bushing. The common area close to the gap edge showed no wear. These bushings have been replaced with the narrow gap Yamaha OEM bushing (V-Star 650) as I upgraded the front suspension.
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    Yes, I still believe the shock is the big offender. Us heavier guys really need fork springs though( new shock will come with a proper spring) There's a lot of comfort when the springs are right. Overloaded springs bottom out easier and you feel that more than you realize. I'm pushing 240 all geared up. Respringing bikes is just a reality I've come to accept.
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    I'm going to try to be brief , but don't take this as being condescending or rude. Everybody has a different budget, and sometimes you ain't got the budget you used to have last year. I build tons of my own stuff because I'm cheap, and also because I'm not rich. That's aside, I've tried all sorts of bandaids on suspension stuff. The guy on the internet who spent $28 on fork oil and eBay preload caps and "completely transformed!!!!" his bike is lying to you. Perhaps not out of malice, maybe he really thinks it's better. IMO Dave Moss's "fix" for our "DANGEROUS" forks lands firmly in that category. Look at your own post. #2 Add preload. #3 Remove preload. Which is right? They can't both be right. There's no harm in tinkering. Go for it and have fun. 99% of the time the improvement you were looking for will cost you something on the other side of the coin. If you want it right, you know what you've got to do. It doesn't have to costs thousands to be real good, but it's not gonna be free. And when it's right, you'll kick yourself for not doing it sooner. I spent ages band-aid'ing bikes. I bit the bullet and did it right a while back. It's eye opening. Now, I just bought a new bike recently and immediately went out and ordered proper suspension for it. When you know the difference, you'll not have the patience for fiddling with internet fixes anymore. Good luck on your journey
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