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    I might get slammed for this, but I'm not feeling bad for you - NOT AT ALL! Dude, you were riding like a f.ucking idiot, and you are lucky you are alive. What we don't know is if you caused anyone else to get into a wreck/get hurt/get dead from how you were riding. nuf said...
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    Wasn't exactly today, but this past weekend. Did a fender delete (Vagabond Motorsports), replaced the taillight with an integrated LED unit (Motodynamic), replaced the front turn signals with LEDs (Proton 500), and the headlight & running lights with LEDs (Beamtech, Yorkim). Cleans up the look quite nicely, and the brightness of the LEDs is great. LED headlight was a pain in the ass to install though.
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    What is affiliate software? Almost every single website that you visit has affiliate partners that pay the website owners a really small finder's fee for sending them customers that click thru and buy from them. This is how websites pay the bills, as who in their right mind would spend 25 hours a week working on a website for others, for totally free? Some of the links on this website are affiliated with viglink, and they get me back a very small finder's fee when one of you click a link and buy something.We are talking pennies per , here. This does not raise your price at all, it just is a way that retailers earn more business, and also allows me and other small website owners justify owning a website and dumping late night hours when we would rather be in bed sleeping. This is not my day job, and most months I pay more for this forum than what it brings in. Affiliate marketing also helps pay for all the software updates, security updates and hosting, plus a large software license monthly fee. Pm me with any questions and yes, clicking on those RevZilla links is a great way to support the forum. And this month we are giving back what we usually make in a gift card contest. Thanks for being members of the FZ07 forum. Rob aka Cruizin
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    You should definitely go do a track day..... Leave your preconcieved ideas about what you THINK you know, at the gate. I thought I new how to ride once.... I had 30+ years of dirt & street experience- "What could anyone possibly teach me, that I don't already know???" I learned more on my first track day, than I did in my previous thirty years of riding. I had a rider coach that I didn't like (on a personal level), yet I still managed to learn so much from him. My first track day was 10 years ago. I am now a rider coach as well. Just, PLEASE don't ride like that on the street.... EVER again-
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    If you need basic stainless steel brake cables no frills oem or two line. Here you go. 2016 Yamaha FZ-07 Galfer Front with FREE Rear Brake Line Kit | MotoSport WWW.MOTOSPORT.COM Fast, Free Shipping on Orders Over $79 on 2016 Yamaha FZ-07 Galfer Front with FREE Rear Brake Line Kit & Galfer and gear at MotoSport.com. Shop with the guys that ride!
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    Picked up some stainless / rubber straps from the Marine Supply and got that 30oz fuel bottle installed. I'm happy with the way it turned out. Should be easy enough to get at when needed.
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    I won't reprimand your riding since I don't wanna be a hypocrite! Love me some wheelies and hooning around, but I hope you find a desolate place to goof off in the future and ride more responsible while in traffic. We don't know what happened or what your injuries are. Actually, we don't know if this accident was your fault or not. Whatever happened, I hope you heal up straight and fast...and ride safe!
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    I agree. You are lucky you are alive. Riding like that gives all riders a bad name. You could have hurt someone else. If your riding caused someone to get hurt or if they killed you they would be burdened by that the rest of their life. If you want to ride like that go to a track.
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    You guys looked great. Best looking bike/pit/operation of the weekend. Had a great back and forth battle with Draik too in race 2, nice. It's great to see the class take off, biggest grid of the weekend! It's also nice to see innovation and diversity in the class. There's some solid talent out there, especially in the top 10 spots. I look forward to meeting and talking to you at Road America if you're gonna be there. I'd love to talk shop, intakes, testing, data or just nonsense. We've just concluded some extensive intake testing and come up with very interesting data.
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    We finallized our Cold Air intake system for the R6 bodywork on the MT07/FZ07 and got a nice little write up from MotoAmerica about it and some of the other parts we are using on our Twins Cup bike. Ariticle is below: Ingenuity: The Brilliance Of The MotoAmerica Twins Cup Series – MotoAmerica MOTOAMERICA.COM
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    Certainly, you will have to remove some of the bodywork around the fuel tank. The voltage regulator is toward the front of the bike on the left side (as you straddle it) under the fuel tank. Having said that I would leave that till last as you may not have to go that far, hopefully. The easiest way to empty the fuel tank is to get a cheap siphon (walmart) and suck it out. Burn it in your car, diluted with a full tank, to get rid of it. Put some strong injector/fuel system cleaner in the tank, from Napa or dealer or where ever. Try this first, the codes should go away. If it still runs poorly after a tank of fuel then you can go deeper and check the sensors and codes. It's highly unlikely that just sitting would cause mechanical problems. It's more likely you have crappy fuel and it just wouldn't run.
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    Hello, You should be ok here. The motorcycle has an unattended bike shut down feature that stops the motor after a few minutes when it's left idling for a protracted time. On top of that, if it has chugged to stop due to bad fuel or some other reason, it will make all kinds of electronic assumptions as to why. As the ignition is still in the run position you can get a dashfull of warning lights and codes, should be no big deal. First get the old fuel out of it, modern fuel stores horribly. While doing that charge the battery, electronics like good power. On the left side of the bike near the voltage regulator (finned metal wallet sized doohicky with big wire bundles clipped to it) are 2 smaller electrical connectors, one white the other black. See attached pic. Then follow the instructions bellow to test it but I suspect when you get fresh fuel in the system, fully charge the battery, run some Kawasaki injector cleaner (best/strongest there is) through it and restart it you'll be just fine. Good luck!
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    The time has come for me to sell my beloved KTM. It has been maintained by me since new, in in perfect condition. Has upgraded Lectron carb, which creates more hp AND more MPG! No more jetting changes, when you reach a high elevation just turn the power valve a quarter turn! Sale also includes the stock carb, that only has 4 hours of use on it. Bike has the six days Skid plate, sale also includes the factory binder with owners manual/svc manual and extra power valve springs. This bike will go ANYWHERE. Places that ATV's and side by sides can only dream of. Good low end TQ for a 2 stroke because I have the power valve tuned to hit at the low range. Throttle response is crisp, no fade at all and with only 58 well cared for hours, this bike is better than new! Also has forest service approved muffler. I am open to shipping this bike to fellow forum members, but of course it will cost your around $400-600 extra. Motorcycle Shipping Prices, Motorcycle Transport Service MOTORCYCLESHIPPERS.COM Motorcycle Shipping Prices for motorcycle transport services. Our moving service allows you to ship a motorcycle anywhere. Here are some pics from today. IF you live by mountains or desert and only ride street, you are totally missing out on a whole other kind of riding with no cops, speed limits or cars. This bike will climb any hill or trail that you can find. Wheelie all day long, jump logs, blast by ATV's with a big grin on your face. Forum Member price: $5800 plus shipping, if needed.
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    FWIW I have Shinko 705s on a 200cc chinese dual sport. To me the tread pattern is more road suited than off road. They are very squirrelly in sand and not great in mud. The treads cake up in mud. In the sand they seen to want to dig in and throw you off the bike. On the street, hard pack and gravel they do fine. I would not ride my FZ off pavement. It would get damaged. The air filter is not the best of the dusty conditions either.
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    I agree that you were taking risks while riding which wouldn't be acceptable here in the US. I have seen numerous videos of riders in Eastern Europe and Middle East that would make this video seem mild in comparison. What is unacceptable for the US may be acceptable and normal behavior in other countries, so I cannot chastise you for that. It is, however, not a level of risk that I would take personally nor would I condone. Good on you for at least wearing quality gear head to toe - Probably saved your life. Glad to know that you're on the road to recovery and that you have not lost your passion for motorcycling. Recover well, understand your limits and risks, and stay safe!
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    Mine are still going strong since Nov 2017. I use them 5 days a week twice a day for 6 months out of the year. No degradation in performance for me.
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    not sure if its the same one linked, but i ordered it. tired of my lens getting scratched by keys
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    Got an Evotech radiator guard for the FZ. Purchased from Motovation Accessories USA. They promptly answered all my questions before purchase, part was in stock, shipped fast & free. Excellent source for Evotech & other overseas brands that are not as common in the USA. Radiator Guard by Evotech Performance (PRN011714) WWW.MOTOVATIONUSA.COM PRN011714 Radiator Guard by Evotech Performance Evotech’s savvy design means this radiator guard can be easily installed... The radiator guard is consistent with my past experience with Evotech products...top of the line. No it does not have the "EP" stamped in it anymore. Install note....if you look real close you can see that not all the holes are a hex honeycomb pattern. Some are round. The rubber stand-offs go in the round holes....perfect placement.
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    Akrapovic Racing Exhaust System Yamaha FZ-07 / MT-07 2015-2019 | 10% ($84.29) Off! WWW.REVZILLA.COM Born from racing, this stainless steel exhaust system represents the most advanced and high-performance exhaust to ever come out of Europe. Time to pull the trigger on an exhaust this summer.
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    Those are round discs of 3M Duallock. Very nice stuff that works outdoors better than typical velcro.
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    Ixil L3XB full exhaust and TST MECH-GTR signals installed
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    Thank you so much man. To be honest with you broken femur does not hurt too bad. Top of my leg was burnt due to heat generated by friction and it hurt much more. Lost some of my muscle on my leg, there is a dent basically. I am not planning to buy a street bike now. 07 was fun but slow after 4th gear. If i get a bike for street I think it will be a superbike because i really get the financials ready for track days. Other than track days I am only planning to ride with a dirtbike on mountain roads. I dont wanna die in traffic because of drivers who are not paying attention. I love riding motorcycle, traffic is not fun.
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    I've done the same thing. I used a spoon and compressed the tight areas just a bit. The headache from a tight spot gets worse the longer you wear the helmet and your concentration goes from where you need it to stay alive to the pain. I know, I know, "don't mess with it or it won't work right in a crash", but when you can't find a helmet that fits right, it's either ride in pain, ride without a helmet, reshape it so it fits or dont ride.
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    Rear stand arrived. Really happy with the purchase. Feels very solid and stable. Looking forward to the next chain clean. For anybody in NZ, get in touch with House of Custom for something similar.
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    LS2 is the longest helmet I've ever seen, so I don't know who else to suggest. I can tell you that HJC, Scorpion, AGV , SHOEI and FLY will be brands to avoid since LS2 is not long enough. Good luck, man. I might get flamed for this, but in the interest of offering help from one rider to another, here's some advice you can follow according to your own comfort level. My forehead used to get sore in my AGV K5. I had to SLIGHTLY massage the EPS foam in that area to relieve a pressure point. You can't go crazy on EPS hitting it with hammers or generally being rough with it, but it's not unheard of to massage SMALL areas to create a better fit. I just had to depress a crease about 1/8" in my case. Just something to consider if you are struggling to find a proper fit. Use common sense and your own judgement while considering this, of course.
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    Neither is the 18" of snow falling as I type, just never ends. They cancelled today's state wide tornado drill due to this blizzard occurring during our annual spring flood. (for real) My gas this year costs $15.73/gal. delivered or $12/gal trackside. Stay true to yer course, just remember to pull on both oars. First call to grid...
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    We had a good weekend, finished 7th in R1 and 5th in R2. We will be more prepared for VIR as we should have our A motor and new electronics to play with. Our B motor wouldn't shift from 2-3rd coming out of T7 so our drive down the back straight was compromised most laps. We still ended up with the 2nd fastest trap speed of the weekend of 142 mph.
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    Finally! The Ducati I've always wanted! New Ray Toys Ducati Multistrada 1200 1:12 Model | 10% ($1.70) Off! WWW.REVZILLA.COM Man, just look at all the participation! Amazing!
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    I'm not too awfully surprised knowing that our bike is as fast , if not faster 0-60, than a number of so called "super cars". Also, Adamo is right so we have to remain somewhat humble with cars like that. I'm not proud to say this but …… I beat up a woman once. That's right, when I first got my bike I pulled up behind a gnarly looking woman on a H.D. (you know the kind, leathery skin, bad redneck attitude) She looked in her mirror and over her shoulder at me and started revving her engine. When the light turned she took off making all kinds of racket. To hear it you would've thought she had some bad-ass bike it was so loud but in reality it was a sad-ass. I sat there and watched her try to pull away as fast as she could and I burst out laughing inside my helmet because it appeared comical to me. She was trying so hard and getting nowhere fast! Did she really think her bike was quicker than mine, that she "Had Me", the thought cracked me up it was so ludicrous! I had no intentions of racing her so, a little after I pulled away from the light at normal speed just watching her. She got about four car lengths out in from of me with her still hard on the throttle before I said, "Oh, f.uck this! She's not riding away with a story about how she beat a Yamaha" and I nailed it in 2nd, revving it out to around 8k and banged into 3rd and blew past her like she was standing still. Like I said, I'm not proud but at least she isn't telling no tales and laughing about me and my FZ-07 at some campfire surrounded by mullets and Budweiser.
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    Anything race related goes, on track, off track, stoplight shennanigans, whatever. As long as you were on your 07 I want to hear the story. I'll kick it off. Yesterday I pulled up to a stoplight near my house and a guy in an M3 BMW was revving his engine at me. I ignored it at first, but as we pulled up to the next stop light we both realized there were no cars behind us, or in front. I looked over to the BMW, revved my engine a couple times while I wiggled my ass, and as soon as that light turned green it was on. Off the line i had him in 1st 2nd 3rd and made it to the red light about half a second before he did. This time I decided to give him a rolling start and when the light turned green I stayed with him until about 20mph in 2nd, pinned it, front wheel came up a tad, and he was gone. It was a good battle and now we wave everytime we see one another. His M3 was far from stock so I'm proud of myself for holding it down long as I did. Anyway let's hear some war stories. If you dont race people at stoplights this probably isnt the thread for you, as we will never agree Rdy, set, GO
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    Told the wife I was going out for gas :D. Just some of the local roads I tool around on.
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    It seems like this has been addressed already, but just for my two cents- I haven't had any issues with grip in anything from tornado weather outside Florida, to coldAF rain in New England, to a snowstorm in Colorado, to the torrential downpours of Central America rain forests in monsoon season, to up to my knee stream crossings- so they get my stamp of approval on wet roads. The only time I've ever had issues with traction is deep sand (Because FML), slick mud, and impressively bad, "how did that ever make sense to me" user error. I've turned down free sets of tires to buy these instead. They're still my favorite adventure mod I did. But my dirt skills are comical, so I need all the help I can get, haha! That said- I'm pretty safe and sane when I'm riding on the street, so I can't speak for super aggressive "knee dragging on a rainy day" kind of riding.
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    Ok, we do this couple times a year. Time for the 2019 contest. BE SURE TO CLICK "FOLLOW" to follow this thread and get notifications so ya dont miss out on anything! Post a link to something you want on Revzilla below. We will use a randomizer app to pick one lucky winner on Sunday, April 28th. Then, I will email the winner the E gift card that they can use right away. Only one entry is allowed. Again, just post a link below to something you want from Revzilla. Motorcycle Gear, Free Shipping & HD Video Reviews Online - RevZilla WWW.REVZILLA.COM Motorcycle jackets, helmets & gear with fast free shipping, HD video reviews, cash back and no-hassle returns. RevZilla offers the best service in the industry on motorcycle gear.
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    I updated original post and included pics of my nit picking, plus added a vid link . Who knows, maybe over time the visor will loosen up and get easier. Most of the issues are nit picking, and my main issue is the shape of the helmet which hurts my ears. I don't think that is something I'll bother with trying to replace other than getting a size up, but I don't think one size up is a good idea. Also I am not going to waste my time for them to correct the paint issue. Its their first motorcycle helmet, so I'll just chalk it up to inexperience. Sure, they've been making ski helmets for some time but I think after the year + delays it probably is very apparent to them it wasn't an easy transition to make. I know taking to social media and blasting people is what all the kids are doing these days, but I come from a time of decorum and manners, I won't be doing that. Ok, I'm not that old, in some measurements I might even just barely be a millennial but maybe its my Japanese blood, we don't do that kind of thing. Now, if I were to make a shoddy product, I'll eviscerate my bowels open for sure, but if someone else makes a shoddy product, I'll just never support them with my money ever again- which is the only course of action I'll be taking... well, besides, I already informed some of you here on the social media avenue (is this considered social media??) so that's as far as I'll take it.
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    Don't really know how to properly link, but would like to get my wife a matching helmet for her bike! https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/arai-signet-x-sense-helmet
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    I cut the nubs of a set of controls one time and seriously regretted it. It was a constant battle from there on to keep them in place. You can wrap a piece of masking tape around the bars where the controls go to locate the hole you need to drill. Lay the switch where you want it and adjust it til comfy. Once in position you can press and wiggle the switch in to the tape and the nub will leave a little depression for you. Hard to say if your additional holes would weaken the bar to a dangerous level without seeing what you are working with. I have drilled extra holes to move controls in the past with no issues. Handlebars aren't as stressed as some people seem to think. They aren't frame rails!lol If you can't grab the bars in your hands and fold them up then they will be strong enough. We only put light pressure on the bars when we ride. We never haveto push or pull them with all our might. Just food for thought, but of course, use your own judgement.
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    Rode dual sports and motocross mostly. This is my first street bike! I wanted something that would feel like a dirt bike and wasnt crazy heavy. I think I made the right decision! Already ordered an akra carbon exhaust, the stock reminds me of a moped. I love working on bikes and cant wait ride all summer! Glad to be apart of this forum. Thanks for reading!
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    If I were to buy another cable luber, I would try a different brand. I had a cable luber back in the late 70s that worked great, unfortunately I don't remember who made it.
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    Hey guys, This is my first bike and I'm super excited. I got in february so the weather around here has been crappy up until recently. Have about 400 on it so far. Can't wait for more sunny days. My FZ-07 IMGUR.COM Post with 0 views. My FZ-07
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    The 2wheeldynoworks board on this forum is full of Dyno sheets
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    Blasphemy! Sell it, sell it? Betcha won't. Welcome!
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    I just pop in here for some entertainment & to kill time while recuperating from a f@#ked up hand & because Cruizin is a solid guy & wanted (deserves) more interaction on the forum. But whatever. I've never bullshitted anyone & I only offer advice on topics I'm well experienced with. Otherwise I just lurk & learn. But yeah, the easy answer is to send everyone to YouTube & ultimately pay a shop vs. learning for yourself. Whatever suits your comfort level. Suspension tuning/revalving is mindnumbingly simple after you spend timing learning the ropes. Ride safe, y'all.
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    Yep. WD-40 takes it right off
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    Final weight on our new airbox with air filter is 522.4g.
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    I thought it was going to be a video of them just taking hundred dollar bills and stuffing them into the leather.
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