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    MotoAmerica TwinsCup Road America Round 2 Race Report Round number 2 seemed promising having already turned laps with the previous two-race weekend last month and set up notes still fresh in our minds. Darren James once again was incapacitated for travel with the border travel restrictions we would have to make due once again with a full Suzuki effort. The bikes had recently spent some time on the dyno and were looking healthy for round #2 in the land of cheese and brats. Velocity Calibrations had freshly serviced the forks for both Jackson and Toby after the first round with Toby wanting to make some adjustments we couldn’t accommodate during round one. First Practice saw pace much slower than previous race pace as to be expected with the cooler weather at 09:10 around the 4-mile course but in line with the pace of other riders on course, time for lunch. With looming rain and weather looking clear the rest of the weekend we mounted rain tires while debating the merit of Q1 being able to provide any transferable data to Q2 or the race. The consensus was to put the warmers on the slicks and come in partway through Q1 if rain approached vs burning tire stickers and leaving us to run a scrub in either Q2 or the race with only 3 tire stickers left for the weekend. Q1 saw the riders increasing lap times versus the morning practice, with few riders improving much if at all. With environmental conditions deteriorating we retired to Parc fermé hoping drier conditions would allow the riders to push times in tomorrow’s Q2. Q2 was hotter with the pace being pushed quicker and quicker with Kaleb and Rocco leading a charge during the session. When the dust had settled the riders had put in a respectable effort qualifying with Jackson Blackmon on the front row in #3 position, Toby Khamsouk on row three in #7 position and the Doctor himself Carl Price on row five in the #14 position for the 10:20 race on Sunday. Race time on Sunday for the twins was the first race of the day. Prepared for a scorching pace based on the flier put in by Rocco in qualifying the riders took to the grid with eight laps to contest in the Wisconsin sun. All riders got away with a clean start with Jackson slotting into 3rd and Toby in 5th going into turn 1 at the start of the race. Jackson had a misstep halfway through the race that left him on the sideline and eventually in the pits with the rest of the team to watch the remainder of the race with the team to cheer on Toby and Carl. Toby in the mix with 5 riders vying for the final position on the podium with 4 riders driving to the finish out of the last turn with Toby crossing in 6th position. Carl not to be outdone by his younger teammates bested his personal best by almost 2 seconds completed the race in the 12th position. Congratulations to all the twinscup competitors and we will be back on the bikes in the Georgia heat at the end of July before you know it.
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    Team's new look, Maybe it'll help us get into the top 10? We've all had to up our game to stay afloat in this class.
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    Small update, cylinder head just about finished, intake cam back from being reground, hope to be able to be able to check valve to piston clearance soon and then get the head skimmed to increase compression a little. Adapted a car engine stand to take the MT07 engine to make working on it a little easier.
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    So we're in the game with both bikes at Road America. After P1 and Q1 today Shawn sits in 9th, Tony in 12th, not bad. Tomorrow is Q2 and we'll have to dig deep to defend or move up on the grid. We're right in the middle of @Spatt 's crew of 3 filthy fast Suzuki's. Best racing story ever happens near the end of Q1. Shawn is working hard to gain a spot or two on an iffy track and low sides outta T3 in front of a big cheering crowd. He pops up but the controls are damaged so can't continue and takes a bow for the appreciative fans. While Shawn is waiting for the crash truck to pick him up a guy and his wife ask for a photo to which he dutifully obliges. Helmet off, best pro pose, big smile, arm around the gentleman's wife and while her husband snaps the pic she says to him, "Why not grab the titties, you earned it". The whole crowd roars as the husband throws Shawn an ice cold PBR for his effort. Gotta luv racing.
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    I picked up a new 2019 Yamaha R3 late last fall. This is my street bike. My FZ-07 is now a dedicated track bike. I'm keeping the R3 motor, and intake all stock. I added an Akrapovic GP slip-on. Adding a slip on, while leaving the stock CAT on does nothing for performance. Essentially, my R3 is stock for all practical purposes. I'm pretty active on the R3 forum as well. I kept seeing posts about the excessive engine braking on the R3. I didn't think it was all that bad? I mean, it's a little 321cc parallel twin... How much engine baking could it really produce??? I thought: "Maybe I don't know, what I don't know"??? I was right- I didn't.... I went to the 2WDW website, and they where having a COVID-19 discount on ECU flashing for $249. That was the cheapest I've ever seen it. They did a great job on my FZ-07 flash, so I thought I'd pull the trigger. I gave them all the details of my bike, and was clear that I obviously wasn't chasing HP, but wanted it to do everything "better". They turned it around in a week door-to-door, which is amazing to me. I reinstalled the ECU, and everything worked as it should. I just took it for a ride this morning for the first time since the flash. I knew within the first block, that I had a different bike! It did everything better, just as I had hoped!!!! The lack of engine braking was a drastic change. I had no idea how much engine braking a little 321cc motor could produce!!! It was instantly an easier bike to ride. Granted, it wasn't a difficult bike to ride to begin with, but the flash helped dramatically. I roll off the throttle now, and it just glides effortlessly into gradually slowing down. Very seamless, effortless, and just plain FUN!!! I know people are always gonna ask "is it faster now?"- Honestly, I don't think so. That wasn't my end goal at all. When I got on the throttle hard this morning, it felt the same as it did before the flash- no better, no worse.... What I gained was a bike that runs smoother, and easier to ride. I'm happy with my choice, and it was definitely worth the money. I posted this on this site because the R3 has the EXACT same motor as the MT-03. I know a lot of people are looking at the MT-03. It's a very fun, smooth, high-reving little package. You can really wined it up on the street, and be pretty darn close to being "legal" -
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    Fwiw the lap record for class is 1:26.382 by Jackson Blackmon on a SV650 last year. You say you are in the intermediate group. This is generally the biggest group and rolls at a lickety split pace and usually requires a track review by instructor to get into. Point being your pace is good, swimming with like speed fish. What's more important is that you measure your success or pace from within and not against any published standard. If you are unhappy with your current pace despite making diligent efforts to improve, then perhaps you've plateaued and it's time to shake things up. Most trackday providers offer some sort of track riding instruction. It may simply be free video analysis by a trailing control rider or paid one on one instruction with a local hot shoe. Perhaps reading a track book by someone like Keith Code or similar, or an all day track school that includes both on track sessions coupled with classroom discussion and analysis. I've done all of these at one time or another and found them all to have value. Some of the most fun I've had was hooking up with a similar paced rider and enlisting the help of an professional for small group instruction. It was great to learn close quarter riding at speed, use of the draft, relaxing in traffic, spacial awareness and probably most important; just being able to ask the miriad of questions I had. Of course there is always the big schools like California Superbike School and Yamaha Championship Riders School among others offered at tracks across the country. You're a novice in the intermediate group. Have fun, learn, pick up the pace, or don't, you're doing fine. I've noticed that basic Intermediate Group riding pace at various tracks is roughly 10-20 seconds over race pace, and somewhere 0-10 seconds over race pace for Advanced Group.
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    Nice start. I always say when it comes to parts that could make the difference between life and death, like signals, buy quality once. Youve gotta be seen by the innumerable dummies out there by any and all means. Ive been very impressed with Rizoma overall. Enjoy that new ride!
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    As an aside, the first thing I did upon moving here was to buy a 2019 Kawasaki Z400 ABS. I later bought a house on the island of Bohol and am currently finishing up a garage renewal for my shop. No more damn winters hehe. Oh yeah, today July 4th is my birthday....76 years young and still ride like the wind.
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    It's not quite that simple. These split, timing and scoring data sheets take a while to decipher. As far as pure top speed goes, there are many variables that effect it. Weather, temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, placement of the radar gun, time of day varies. Keep in mind it's seldom placed at the fastest point of the track, usually near the middle/end of hot pit lane and the bike's are still accelerating beyond the gun. The other thing is that as a class you're looking at finite or slowly climbing horse power numbers as a function of the rules and motor size limitations. The real changes come in the ability to get the machine/rider around the track faster through other means. Corner speed, rider aides, improvements in technology, electronics, suspension, handling, braking and hardware help us lower the lap times even tho trap speeds appear stagnant. If you look at the overall race time, then lap times you see trends more clearly. For instance; In 2018 the overall winning Twins Cup time was roughly 20:50 with a best lap of 2:34. In 2019 it was 20:19 with a best lap of 2:30. In 2020 it's now 19:50 with a 2:27! That's finishing the entire race in a full minute less time and running 7 seconds per lap faster. Holy crap. The developement of these bikes in this class has been incredible. We've set a new class lap record every year. It also helps that the rules have remained somewhat unchanged. Having said all this I think at some point we'll see diminishing returns as time moves forward. Since this was a new class with a liberal rules package we were able to make great strides in a short time. These begin as entry level street bikes remember so they are never going to threaten other classes too much, lol. Giddy up.
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    I did the Matris cartridge system. It was about $600, but you can get decent results for a lot less money with the right springs and oil. I replaced the rear shock first (with a Nitron R1) and was amazed how much better it made the front end feel. The stock shock is the weakest part of the suspension, which is not what I thought before I upgraded. I was certain the forks were the main problem. If I was doing it again and being sensible with the spending I would replace the shock and do new springs and oil in the forks. You would get 90% of what I have for half the money. Hopefully you can find someone that is making a race bike who will sell you their old forks. I know there are some guys on the forum that have done the R1 or R6 swap so there must be some stock forks around that someone would be willing to part with.
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    A gentleman never tells...
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    Father's Day at New York Safety Track.
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    This bike is a ton of fun. Suspension is good, just gotta respring and revalve it for my weight.
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    What about investing in a Aim Solo2? You can check speeds and times at different parts of the track to see where you might be lacking compared to others.
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    Shorter pipes usually produce more torque, apposed to longer pipes producing more HP. I have a Akra -Ti . It's short and has a lot of torque with the flash. I ride street and some trackdays on a tight course.Perfect for me. If you racing then the motor already makes enough torque, so your looking for that little bit more HP. All comes down to- Yeah you guessed it.......... so many variants., depending on what you need/want/scenario. I ordering a Hordpower air box tomorrow.
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    I also tried the cheap LED turn signals first. I changed them for Traf-X ones which I love. The place I bought them from has gone out of business so I cannot post a link. I do not want to link to a retailer I have not dealt with.
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    I have already ordered and received: K&N air filter Two Brothers Typhoon full exhaust Vortex levers Tail tidy with some inexpensive LED turn signals Frame sliders Front axle sliders Rear axle sliders (I may exchange these for axle spools for a stand) Dobek fuel controller should be in this week. This is the first bike I'ver ever added aftermarket goodies to, so I'm kind of excited.
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    I believe the R1/R6 swap requires different triples as well. It is definitely overkill unless you are racing or have a fat wallet. Upgrading the stock forks is the way to go for most of us, it is what I did.
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    Well today sucked. We had temperature issues with both bikes. To be fair so did several of the other bikes. We dropped spots like stones. I think Shawn is P11 for the race and Tony is P16. Robems guys are P3/7/13 and Hayden Shultz from this forum is P5. Congrats to those folks and we'll see you on track tomorrow . We think we have the heat under control for now, but we're simply gonna have to upgrade the stock radiators at this level. Tony got a $150 speeding ticket on pit lane now he thinks he's fast. Dipstick.
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    We all want to know.... Did he?
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    We've been busier than a one legged man in an ass kicking contest but wanted to respond to Matt's post. I can't say enough about using these great forum vendors as resources instead of the cut rate cheesey hacks on eBay or Amazon to help with your projects. The level of support is second to none. I got daily texts and phone calls checking on progress, help problem solving, trouble shooting and technical advice that is simply non existent with the chinese/online/sell it cheaper crap dealers. These folks spend countless hours and dollars to develop and test their products, technique's and knowledge to give the rest of us what we seek. We, in turn, need to support them and not the peddlers of cheap knock offs and copies who forsake you as soon as your creditcard clears. I guarantee you'll never receive a phone call from China to trouble shoot your issue at 0530 trackside on a Sunday like from these guys! Blue Line Racing
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    I can't speak for all markets, but in the midwest that bike is worth around $5K. I'm not a "troll", I'm a friend.... My best advise is pull the aftermarket stuff, list it on eBay, or even this forum. I've always made out much better on bikes by removing aftermarket "goodies" and sell them separate. List that bike "stock" for just under $5K, and I think it would sell. Unfortunately, all your aftermarket stuff (nice as it is), doesn't mean much to most buyers. I'm not trying to be an a$$, I'm trying to be a friend. I've been buying/selling bikes for over 30 years. Good luck with the new chapter in your life! Sounds REALLY fun!
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    I have much more faith in sonic..... I'm not a fan of Dave Moss. I put .90nm springs in mine with racetech emulators. I have about 10mm of preload (like sonic). I'm completely happy with my front end. I use my bike mostly for track days, and push it hard. I'm a shorter rider as well. I raised the fork tubes in the triple clamps by 10mm. This lowers the bike slightly, as well as helps it tip into a corner better. Hope that helps-
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    I didn't personally buy the TST Hyper pack but the previous owner did. Let me just say I'm grateful he did because it makes everything look so much nicer. Honestly if I didn't get the bike with it all installed I would've bought it myself.
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    I got this yesterday, which was the last thing I need to install the exhaust and filter. I was excited to get up this morning and get to work on it, but I felt like poo when I woke up. I was supposed to leave for vacation in New Hampshire tomorrow, and now I'm self quarantining until I get my COVID test results back. Something seems to always come up around the time I've set aside to go on vacation. I also moved this past weekend, so I guess it's a blessing in disguise so I can get my crap together. I'm going to rest today, and plan on installing everything tomorrow. I'll update this thread accordingly once work has commenced.
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    Started stripping the bike down for some more custom parts. I'll try machining a new top triple with it's main purpose to allow standard clipons to mount a half inch higher than with the stock triple. I plan to revisit my ram-air intake which will most likely require a custom fuel tank. The bike is going full track, so lights will be removed and the upper fairing lowered to accomidate the lower clipon position. As usual, this thread will be updated as I go so you guys can witness any fails, but hopefully more success.
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    It's not diesel !!! WTF Nice setup.
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    We are required to run the VP MGP for the twinscup. Depends how much it will take, look at by blog and it explains how I tune ignition.
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    Congrats on your new ride and welcome to the forum.
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    June 2019, May 2020, June 2020,
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    My apologies...didn't see this until just now. In very general terms, usually a longer exhaust will move your power farther up the RPM range, which is where you usually are when racing.
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    Watched the latest Twins Cup race today--some great competition there. It was a treat to see that some of our beloved forum members were there and riding hard. Good luck to you all.
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    Looks like a really nice start!!!! I would advise agains the "inexpensive" LED signals though. I went that route once. They work fine for night ridding, but are barely visible in sunlight. I ended up switching them out for the TST Industries integrated tail light, and some R&G LEDs' for the front. It's a much better option, "lesson learned".... Too bad about the dash.... I've never heard of anyone having problems with that. I hope it's an easy fix. Welcome to the forum-
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    Turn signals mounted along with a close up of all the 3D printed parts:
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    For the first iteration of this scrambler build I removed the entire OEM headlight unit and replaced it with about $100 worth of parts from amazon (headlight, housing, brackets). I also went ahead and blacked out anything I could find around the engine and removed the stock radiator guards.
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    Haha, flex tape is so sticky if it ever flops back on itself you can never get it apart, holy fk does it stick. We got the 12" white fix anything the homeowner can screw up size. Only thing the wind can peel off now is at the chassis level. Stay tuned for next week's catastrophe post, lol. Not bad looking on the outside but the inside is all torn open as well. Problem is when the weight is on the hitch the goose neck flexes. Tears everything loose. It's fine when on the jacks. That's why this company went out of business, they built junk. This one was allegedly fixed after product liability suit but is still junk. Oh well shower and air works. ☺
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    Wife and I getting after it on our new track car, By Ingersoll Rand performance...
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    Been having fun. this bike is very trail capable. Beat this thru the muddy trails at 6000 ft above Boise in the rain and it took everything I gave it and keep wanting to go faster. This was up in Stanley, Idaho at the trailhead
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    People wonder why I take meds, Look closely at that pic... They go in the back of my spare sprocket carrier and are sold separately. How much was the carrier you ask? Twice+ the cost of the cush buttons. Oh, and by the way you need sprockets too. Normally I don't whine about what everyone knows is an expensive sport but dayum.
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    Welcome to the forum, TechRider
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    Ok, so this has gotten kinda outta hand what with the other bike build and all this research nonsense and experimentation and all. To keep fresh and competitive I've decided to respring my JRi rear shock and add the extra Robem linkage I 'accidentally' ended up with to the ass end of my bike. Then to compliment that I've horse traded/flipped/traded some parts to end up with another set of Ktech 20ids forks sprung for Tony. The Andriani's are now retired and relegated to spares duty. They've been awesome but the time has come. A little tweaking under the hood and we'll see what happens. And to update the Leo Vince moto gp can, the packing is already blown outta it but it continues to hang together. It's no louder at full power yet hides away neatly. It doesn't hurt fueling or throttle response and makes the same power as the Yosh can. We'll call this a win as it's less than half the price plus it looks wicked cool!
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    Replace it, it's cheap and the factory stuff is automatic transmission grade waste oil they buy from McDonald's after they make french fries.
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    So I was stumbling thru some old dead seas scrolls from the 60's and found my Log of Life. My mother made 3 entries then mysteriously quit under 'Accidents'. I think she had discovered something and it was kept a secret from me for all these years, lol. They're all still there although somewhat hidden among the dozens more. Thanks Mom, I miss you.
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    Well looky here! I asked a friend a while back if his filter company cataloged a filter for the FZ/MT07 yet and was told "Not yet". Then this shows up today. They are constructed to meet or exceed all factory specifications and will beat any aftermarket filter in performance. I'm gonna see if we can get a 'special buy' on these for forum members. Woot!
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    Just installed my Corbin seat and it's awesome! I realize there are several other Corbin posts out there but I figured I'd add my input and pics as well. Install was simple. It hooks underneath the metal fuel tank (not the factory seat hook) at the front and attaches using the factory rear seat latch. When I first installed it, I had to push down pretty hard on the rear to get it to latch. I added 2 small washers under the hook at the rear to make it latch a little easier and now it's perfect. The fit and finish is impressive and I like the looks of the seat much more than I was expecting to. I'm 6/2 and 215lbs and I have about 350ish miles on the seat now and the first thing I noticed is that it adds a noticeable amount of height over the factory seat (and even the Seat Concepts seat this is replacing). I'm now leaned a little more forward now. I wasn't expecting that but luckily I happen to have taller replacement handlebars laying around that I'll install to help get myself more upright again. The height seems to come from the added shape to the front of the seat where it meets the tank. Much more material here than stock. The seat has a nice curve at the rear of the front seat that, as others have mentioned, works nice to hold you in place during hard acceleration. The seat still allows easy maneuvering from side to side for spirited riding although that will likely be different with other seat coverings. I can say though that the seat shape doesn't impede side-to-side movement. I have the Gunfighter model which has a smaller profile at the rear as compared to their more pillion-friendly Gunfighter and Lady version. I don't take passengers but I'm willing to bet that my seat is much more comfy than the stock rear seat. Another thing to note about the rear is that it is nice and flat making it easy to strap a tailbag to it which I like. Ballparking the amount of time before I started feeling some discomfort on each seat goes something like this: stock seat = 1hr or so, Seat Concepts foam and cover replacement = 1.5-2hrs, Corbin = 3+hrs so far. Of course these are my findings and everybody will have different results but I can comfortably go a full tank of gas now without squirming around in the seat. I should mention that even once I start to feel some discomfort, it stays manageable now and I'm finding that I really don't need to move around like I did with the previous seats. Things may change as the seat breaks in and I'll keep this post updated on any new info. I ordered the seat here as they had the best prices I could find: https://biohazardcycles.com/corbin-y-fz7-14-g-gunfighter-saddle-seat-fz07-fz-07/ Seat showed up about 3 weeks later. The options I went with are: Black Carbon Fiber for the seat, tail, and welt. Asphalt Vinyl for the sides. Black stitching and logo. On to the pics,
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    Goes over Niagara in the oposite direction, love it!
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    Another vote for the Seat Concepts seat. The gripper top surface actually holds me in the seat so I don't slide forward every time I brake. I've done a couple 200+ mile trips on it and it never got TOO uncomfortable. I ran into the same issue when I looked to install it, no proper hand staplers. I didn't want to go out and buy a compressor, so I found a local guy who did motorcycle upholstery and he did it for about $50. Plus I like the way it looks on the bike!
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