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    Good for you! Just be careful, I'd hate to hear you'd gone blind from playing with it. It certainly is satisfying to learn and accomplish things with your own hands.
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    Went for a joyride. I was giggling in my helmet like a little girl. This thing roars when you give it a little gas and the bassy note of the decel noise is just absurd. absolutely **no popping** and everhthing feels and sounds so much smoother with that 2 @2wheeldynoworkstune. I thought I was in love with my mt07 before, but that was like middle school level crush. NOW I’m in love. All I can say is wow.
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    Nope, I just did it on mine. You need to lift the tab on the bottom and then unplug. I made a video clip Ed
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    Access cover done. Now back to the fairing stay. And I need to order some .125" 5086 aluminum for the fuel tank. I'm curious how many gallons I can fit under the R3 tank cover since I'm giving up space for the intake filter.
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    The new office is coming together...
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    Regarding the price difference and the suspension differences.... I haven't ridden either, so I can't say if the KTM is vastly superior or not. But I will say that placebo effect is a real thing. The feel of luxury/quality can be subjective. One person can touch the switchgear of a Harley and comment on it's heft and it feels solid,well made and wonder why others cheap out with plastic switches. Another person can think the same switches feel overweight, bulky and wonder why they didn't spend more to design something slimmer. It's all in ones perspective sometimes. Is Yamaha's chassis really that inferior? Totally possible. Or does spending several thousand more on a bike that tackles the same terrain make you look for reasons to justify the difference? Who knows. Maybe the Yamaha needs the shock worked or replaced, but I bet the bike as a whole will be out getting the job done for a long time to come. People are still whining about how long it took the T7 to come to market, but that bike has been very well vetted. No blown rear shocks, leaking/broken engine cases, plugged fuel lines, locked transmissions, etc to worry about. And no host of electronics to fuss with ten years down the road, either. I value things like this more than I value the valving differences in stock suspensions.
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    MotoAmerica: Chris Parrish Racing Yamaha In 2020 Twins Cup Championship - RoadracingWorld.com // Roadracing World Magazine // Motorcycle Riding, Racing, Tech, Industry Daily News Barnes Brothers Yamaha to sponsor Chris Parrish in MotoAmerica Twins Cup for 2020 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania’s Barnes Brothers Yamaha is proud to announce that they will be joining forces with... Chris Parrish will be racing a Barnes Brothers Yamaha / AP MotoArts MT-07 in 2020. Ed
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    finally got the holy grail...
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    People can always treat it how they treat the bargain FZ/MT07 and just take their time with mods to make it better. Besides, when the snobs aren't around, which is almost never, you only have one person to please and that's you.
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    Ugg, of course after I bought everything from you already, haha. Honestly, and this goes to anyone reading this... Matt's customer service is totally worth FULL RETAIL PRICE. Seriously. - Paul
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    Is it just me or can a dropped item not accelerate to 5X escape velocity and travel beyond imagination, or just lay where it lands... Fricken magic
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    I didn't see a thread for this little Neo-Sports Café motorcycle, so here it is. I bought one of these, a blue 2020 model, on October 19th, and I have a little over 600 miles so far. My only gripe with the bike was the front brake felt very weak in stock spec., but switching to EBC HH pads took care of that, the result being a good front brake just with the pad swap. It's a good-looking, light-weight, sporty little motorcycle, and it feels very much like a smaller version of my FZ-07 - just what I was after. If you want to know anything specific about the CB300R, just ask as we're settling into winter-like weather over here.
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    Just the clutch cover gasket. And Bandaids, you gotta have bandaids. You're supposed to pinch your finger tips putting the cover back on. Don't laugh, you will. And post a pic of your blood blisters, lol.
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    Just the word (Suter) gets me excited, then add new in the box... Its over. But why? or is the question.. Why Not!! I'd say why not. I've never experienced a slipper clutch, but I'd like to try it out.
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    Man, Beemer, don' get me started on old tech XL/XR bikes. I'll drag this thread so far off topic it'll end up on another forum altogether!
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    I thought I'd do a quick budget build with some parts I have laying around my shop with my wife's street FZ07. Here's the donor in its current state. Pretty stock with the only addition being a Akropovic Titanium exhaust to give her some noise when riding to the office. Might also give me some reason to make some more street oriented parts for the FZ/MT bike. It'll be a pretty basic build as she mostly just uses it to ride to her office and has only done one track day. First goal will be simple ergo's and basic suspension.
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    Here is an example of the oxidation you might find even on a low mileage bike. My wife's bike has ~3,400 miles on it and the link arm pivot and the bolt for the link arm needed a bit of clean up and I like to put a bit of grease on them not that the link arm bolt or the spacer is rotating but it will help with moisture oxidizing it so fast again. Just quickly clean them up with brass brush, glass bead, sandpaper, whatever. If you install the bolt in the link arm first you can the linkage rest on the swingarm while you install the front bolt in the shock that mounts to the motor, then the lower linkage bolt and finally use a jack to let the swingarm droop to connect the linkage to the shock. Tighten the fasteners and we're almost done..
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    Hey @rfmueller thanks for contributing to the forum by becoming a supporting member! Enjoy all your new forum perks
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    Well, I meant the engine, actually. I didn't want to say anything about the exhaust and come across as rude. I had a Super Trap on my XL500, it sounded pretty bad-ass, if you like raspy that is.
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    17 tooth front sprocket remove all stickers remove Red "Swoosh" on the front plastic Paint Front valance satin Black remove all reflectors ( don't ride at night ) 43 tooth rear sprocket ( stock was 45 ) ECU flashed by 2WDW (of course !) turn Bar mounts around...moves the bars forward about an inch cut 3/4 inch off the bar ends and thread them for the FZ-07 weights install radiator guard remove buddy pegs remove rear grab rails remove funky handguards install mirror extenders cut muffler-cat convertor off and throw in JUNK (11 pound weight savings from stock to the cheapie, overall ) install cheapie $140.00 exhaust from e-bay bike now weighs less than 450 gassed, ready to rock-n-roll and that's about all I'm going to do...the suspension is fine for me, no harder'n I ride.....
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    I swear 10/12mm sockets are intelligent...always disappearing at the right time... If I had a tool company, I would make the "metric" sets drop the very very rarely used 3/4mm and add an extra 10 and 12mm tool with a built in tracker chip
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    My problem is something ALWAYS falls into the drain pan. If there's fluid in the pan then either a wrench or bolt or something falls in there without fail. You could put pan that in the back corner of the shop even and it still won't matter.
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    Ain't that the truth. However, you forgot to include falling into floor grates that lead to the bowels of hell.
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    Do you have a first gen AP bell crank like shown in the above picture? If yes, then there is a clear design flaw and it needs to be upgraded. Andy shared the picture I posted on FB over the summer and said he will replace them with his new design. @fzar, send me a picture of what you have if you are uncertain. Below is a picture of the stock bell crank. The distance between the two lines is roughly 1.13 inches. Anything less on a newly designed part would be a compromise in strength. Especially since the aftermarket bell cranks seem to all have a longer arm where the shock attaches. This only increases forces at the main pivot area.
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    https://www.amazon.com/3341PK-Black-Precharger-Filter-Wrap/dp/B00062Z18I/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=K%26N+E-3341PK+Black+Precharger+Filter+Wrap+-+For+Your+K%26N+25-3340+Filter&qid=1576085062&sr=8-1 Is this what you're looking for? I don't personally have one, but it's the one I have bookmarked for when I do the upgrade (hopefully next year). It's been said to fit the Hordpower perfectly.
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    ....and don't forget this part from the lower end of the maintenance plan: "Every two years replace the internal components of the brake master cylinders and calipers, and change the brake fluid." I tell myself and my OCD that I had cars older than 10 years and I never changed brake lines or the seals inside brake calipers just for fun. Standing outside their whole life, driving through rain and salty winters. It's not even mentioned in the manuals. Will buy some fancy Spiegler braided lines and brake seals in two years if I'm still alive then
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    Motech saddle bags have been excellent on my bike. I also have a barrel back rest that provides some additional storage space, then behind that a simple water proof duffel held on by bungee cords. After several expensive comfortable seat attempts, the answer was building a seat using a pre-made liner, gel pad, and quilt batting to level the pad out. I also put a 1 1/2 inch riser on the handle bars to relieve a tad of wrist pressure. The National Cycle Tall Touring windscreen required very extensive additional bracing to the handle bars. The first time it was installed, it ripped and shook until it stripped out a large fork bolt. I don't recommend it unless you're prepared to add the bracing. Check the packing in your exhaust. If it's all blown out, it'll be abnormally loud. The pic attached doesn't show the custom seat pad: only foam that helped a small bit.
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    Got the shipping notice by email today. Thank you.
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    I'm sure someone will chime in on here. it's been a while since I've looked at it. I did my R3 myself, and it was just the case gasket, but my FZ-07 was done when the motor was built so I can't recall 100% since I didn't build the motor
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    Welcome aboard! I can’t help with the questions regarding carrying gear because I don’t unless it fits in a backpack. I would contact 2 Brothers and see how they can help you lower the db’s although the rag stuffed in the pipe has to help some Taller windshields are available that will help more than what you have. I find my Puig Sport to be more cosmetic than anything. Puig makes a touring model I hear is decent.
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    Google what oil should I use for the Fz07. Now I’m here.
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    A little late to this thread, but yes, slipper is the way to go IMHO, because it's safer on the street, especially in wet weather, and allows you to keep your corner speed on the track and also helps prevent premature wear on the motor and tranny. I had the Yoyodyne for years (liked it, but felt it in the lever), and just switched to Suter. Suter was butter smooth in my short street test, but haven't used it on track yet. - Paul
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    When I first saw the words, "Orange Thunder" I thought this was going to be about Trump. Hey, but it's better to hear about a nice pipe, glad you're happy with it!
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    Sorry, 'obsessive compulsive disorder', or what we can personally live with w/o obsessing over it or doing it anyway. Some folks have higher, some lower levels of sensitivity.
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    I bet they know right where everything is!
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    No. But that's me. If your level of OCD is ok with them rock on.
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    Let’s hope 2021 is the year of @cornerslider’s slipper clutch!
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    @shinyribsthe akra systems do not come with fresh gaskets, surprisingly. I knew this ahead of time and ordered some, they’re just taking forever to arrive unfortunately. ive got a cleaning supplies for after the install. Can’t wait to get it done.
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    Huge thanks to @blackout for joining our supporting member program and for supporting our fine community! Enjoy the new forum perks!
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    Big thanks to @1tondriver for signing up to be a supporting member! Enjoy all the new perks!
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    Just added another new perk for supporting members. GIPHY! Supporting members and Moderators now have a "GIF" icon in the top of the tool bar when you are creating a or replying to a post. It is a little box with the word GIF in it. Click on that and this pops up Now, type in the search box on the bottom what kind of GIF you want. In this case, I am typing in "That was Easy", and then I simply click on the GIF that I like the most and it pops up in your post. Ok, lets try another search. Say, Chris Farley. Ok, so we can see that these gifs can get out of hand if we load too many in a post. So, please only load one per post. I will add more features later. You get a lot for $50 a year !
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    Thanks! I'm in much the same boat - I really prefer to have pictures I can reference while doing a job without worrying about scrobbling back and forth, and dealing with bad camera work/lighting/rambling guy/poor focus/etc. *Good* videos are ok, but very difficult to make requiring multiple people and expensive equipment. This is the magic of forums though. Much easier to archive this sort of stuff.
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    safety wiring can be satisfying...
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    Some tasty billet pieces from RobEm Engineering
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    @Wintersdark, thanks for the great "how-to". I made it sticky so it will stay on the front page and be easy for people to find.
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