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    Started stripping the bike down for some more custom parts. I'll try machining a new top triple with it's main purpose to allow standard clipons to mount a half inch higher than with the stock triple. I plan to revisit my ram-air intake which will most likely require a custom fuel tank. The bike is going full track, so lights will be removed and the upper fairing lowered to accomidate the lower clipon position. As usual, this thread will be updated as I go so you guys can witness any fails, but hopefully more success.
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    UPDATE: Washing the bike was simply a coincidence. The battery took a good charge, it was just not putting out enough to do anything except power everything up. I bought a new battery and all is god.
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    Suzuki SV650 nut works, same thread size and pitch. Here’s the one that I used. Suzuki 08314-40187 - NUT | Partzilla.com Buy Suzuki 08314-40187 - NUT. This OEM part is guaranteed by Suzuki's limited part warranty ✓ FREE Shipping on qualified orders - Partzilla.com Ed
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    Getting ready for 2020 Modifications. I just received the captive spacer kits from TWF for the front and rear. Nice stuff!
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    I picked up the HF lift today. Got an “open box” special for a smokin deal. Seems really sturdy and should serve my needs.
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    Rode it, and put alot more dead bugs across the front.
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    Same thing on my bike. Dirt or sand or something got under the chain guard and wore through the paint. booo! If you're going to prep the paint, you may as well apply some POR 15 to it to neutralize the rust chemically before painting over top.
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    Several of my race buddies use this stuff and it is very durable and hard enough to slide things around on. Stands are no problem. If you dropped a Duramax block on it it might dent but it would survive. It's very durable.
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    You have some sort of parasitic electrical draw. Any aftermarket accessories? You're turning the key to fully off position I assume when parking it? Any service, maintenance or other work done to the bike? Check cable ends and terminals for scale and corrosion. Check electrical grounds. Curious.
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    I will be installing a quick shifter next week so I will post a review. Looking forward to doing it while standing!
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    ~ ~ ~ " EPIPHANY " ~ ~ ~ in my post above you might have noticed I said I have Renthal Ultra-Lows coming today.... I was out in the garage musing about how I was gonna mount them, cut off the ends, angle back, etc., and got to looking at the rubber-mount brackets...and it suddenly hit me that mayhap I could turn them around... so I did....moves the bars, (ANY bars), forward approximately 1.25 " (rough measurement)....and because they are mounted at a slight angle, they also go UP slightly....didn't measure that, but with the Ultralows it should be damn near perfect for me, as I wanted them farther ahead AND lower...... cannardly wait til the bars get here now....LOL thinkin' on it , somebody else has probably already done this.....
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    Check out handy industries https://www.handyindustries.com/
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    You and beemer have fun Don't run yourself into a swap
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    Count me in for an axle nut. I've got all the other things already Many of them from you. Always a good experience dealing with Bellissimoto.
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    I feel that unless you're of the target weight of the OEM shock, either new or old model, You'll not be happy with the shock without a spring swap also. Good luck finding a suspension option that works for you.
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    Welcome to the forum.
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    I ended up with a tool tray full over the years but get yaself an assortment of these, Sportbike Track Gear Sportbike Track Gear offers one of the best selections of motorcycle gear in the industry. Buy helmets, jackets, parts, tires & more online for a great price! Or you can measure and get just what you need, but it will still be wrong, anyway get some, Then, arrange your shift gear to end up something like this, (makes no diff what kind/style of rearset you have) With approximate 90° angles everywhere there is a force direction change. Your pressure pot can go on either end of said rod, whichever gives the best clearance. Route your sensor wire where it won't get pulled apart or pinched by boots or bodywork, remember it has to move with the apparatus. Then zip tie it securely out of the way.
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    Only issue should be the sensor Make sure they're all hooked and clean the GPS sensor Also, definitely need to see this thing on a go-kart track
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    I voted for all just like 90+% of respondents. I assume I can still customize my browsing settings to show only the custom streams I want to follow?
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    I’ll answer questions tomorrow, as it’s become more apparent to what happened. it was the right spacer, rear disc, that vanished into the hub. The bearing blew. Leaving the left side to fight ( sprocket side) spacer and bearing to do the work. The left side spacer can’t stop the wheel on the axle running to the right and the spacer had travelled into the hub with the bearing. The only winner here was ME. I got lucky it was only an inconvenience, rather than a wreck.
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    PCV maps are made to run on OEM fueling... I know the bike really doesn't run well with a flashed ECU and PCV map ... PCV is not smart enough to know if deceleration injection is turned on/off...
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    I wanted to thank everyone for their input and suggestions. It was greatly appreciated. I'll admit to drooling over numerous more expensive models before I ended up picking up a Harbor Freight lift today while it was on sale with coupon (only good through tomorrow) for $340. I suggest calling ahead to make sure they have it in stock. I was lucky enough to pick up the last one they had. The crate is in perfect condition. I also pickup up the Harbor Freight Condor clone wheel chock with a 20% off coupon for $48. I chose that chock over the cheaper one since I can easily remove the stop and the flip to allow using a triple tree stand if needed If the tropical storm Nestor rains stop long enough I'll get it unloaded from the pickup, hopefully tomorrow. I figure worst case I can sell it for close to what I got it for if I don't like it and get one of the fancy ones I was drooling over. I expect to have it up and running by Monday since I'll be pulling both rims for new rubber then. Again Thanks everyone for their input. It's been 30 years since I've used a lift in the shop so I was way out of touch on what was available today.
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    why is there nobody building a decent gas tank for these things ? get rid of the plastic fairing crap and build a plastic-nylon tank like they do for off road ? we need one...
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    Give it a shot. They usually let me stack on the 20% as well as I am a frequent flyer I put it on a stand so no help with the chaulk
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    It’s more comfortable than my outgoing 2017 SV650 with an upgraded seat. The flared section at the back of the seat does wonders and I don’t slide forward like I do on most other bikes.
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    Hey all, I’d just like to say hello as I just purchased a used 2018 red/white MT-07. I hail from Canada so I’m hoping to log some mileage before it gets too cold. My bike is currently all stock except LED turn signals and headlight.
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    I agree it would be nice to have at least 5 gallons although I don’t do any real non stop long distance rides.
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    Mine had the some rust and I just sanded it down a bit and hit it with some Rust-Oleum and good enough. I doubt it will ever rust through before I am done with it. Should it happen? No, but not a huge deal to me.
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    I hope a Coupon comes out soon or I'll probably spend way more money on a more expensive Pneumatic lift.
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    Thanks Moss, I sent a message to Andy on his FZ07R Facebook page. Hopefully he replies. I love the looks of the tank and tail on this bike.
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    R6 tail, that's Cooper McDonald's bike w/an AP tail on it. I believe he made some hybrid street/R6 tails that some guys like, same for the tank, a modified street version from AP.
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    Vice gripped off the silly touch down pegs...longest ones I have ever seen on a bike.
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    Looks almost like someone made a one piece from the stock rear plastics and seat cover.
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    Dewman, there's 2 guys here that have the HF lift and it's working fine, and one of these said guys is a bike refurbisher, and he does the big Honda Aspencade Gold wings, he's had it a while and had nothing but good to say of it..... I'm getting one .... that's the best I can say about anything.....
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    I ordered a MT-03 within 24 hours of it being released in the USA!!! Hoping for delivery sometime in February. I was a little concerned about the weight too.... Then, I remembered it is going to be my primary "STREET" bike. I've got my FZ-07 for track duty, and that's probably all it's gonna get used for from here on out. I don't commute on a bike, and live in the suburbs (not far from twistes). This bike should be a REALLY fun little hooligan machine!!!!
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    It sounds like you've done a good amount of work customizing the FZ to what you like already - so might as well just keep going! I agree with the sentiment to hold off and get the bike you do want. I remember doing a 100 mile commute/day. The gas stations do become your friends LOL
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    Just to throw a wrench in the pot... I had one of these ridiculous things for a couple years. Hated it so much I put 35,000 miles on it in 2 summers through 30 states. (and I owned several other bikes that got riden as well) So happens it's one of the few bikes I wish I'd have never got rid of, cept the fella in the pic offered me what I paid for it after 2 years riding. Damn. Seriously tho it had good power, came with decent suspension, was SO comfortable, was a dream for solo sport touring, loved running 50-90 mph all day yet would pull 120 when needed. Meh. Oh and a +250 mile range, yeah, sniff...
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    Harbor Freight has a big sale this weekend and I think I am going to pick one up. I have had pretty good luck with their stuff for the most part. Thanks for posting up some reviews.
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    This winter I get to work on the bike in the house.
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    Replaced a leaking stator cover gasket and changed oil while at it. Also installed some Puig radiator side covers and took some slack out of chain. Last week installed Hordpower airbox, Graves exhaust and ECU for the 3rd time. Too bad riding season is coming to an abrupt halt around here.
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    I installed Driven TT Rearsets. I purchased them second hand from @pgeldz in a moment of weakness. They arrived with all the right hardware and in good condition. Thanks Paul! They fit just fine with the Akra-Ti exhaust but..... One Note when installing these rearsets with the SW-Motech Centerstand : You'll need to shim out the brake side ~5mm to clear the Centerstand bolts. I used wide flat washers as spacers and replaced the provided 30mm-8x1.25 button head bolts with Stainless 35mm-8x1.25 Button head bolts to maintain thread depth. I know some of you may be thinking "Why do you need a centertand if you're running rearsets? Aren't you going to go play Ricky Racer since you installed rearsets?" . I didn't install them to go racing. I installed the rearsets to adjust the footpeg location to a hopefully more ergo (for me) location and to take advantage of the shortened shifter/brake throw.
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    Some more Swing Arm Modifications. So if you haven't seen the FZ-07R build that Zoran did on the TWF forum, you should. Zoran does some cool stuff. I thought his ideas were so cool that I borrowed a few. First I attached the chain adjuster blocks to the swing arm. This keeps them in place when the rear wheel is removed. I used 4mm cap screws on these. Next I pinned the axle to the R/S adjuster plate. This holds the assembly together during wheel removal. Third I added a standard castle nut (SV 650) to the rear axle. This will help with frequent wheel removal and eliminate the possibility of a frozen or stripped stock lock nut. I drilled a hole for a latch pin (instead of cotter pin) and then milled a notch on top and bottom of L/S adjuster plate. Now I just need to purchase TWF's captive wheel super kits. Finished product.
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    Banned from driving or dead is ok with me.
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    Ok been through this before but here goes. Numb arms are not likely to be from vibration on this bike. , ESPECIALLY if you ride a vibrator and it doesn't cause the problem. Arm numbness is more likely caused from uneven pressure on the palm of your hand/hunching your shoulders, tight arms or ( as in my case) damaged cartilages in you neck. I have no bars weights and pretty close to no unpleasant vibration. I do have Renthal ultralow bars that have an anti- vibration core. First check that you are not hunching your shoulders. That will pinch the nerves where they come out of your neck and can cause numbness in your arms. Consciously pull your elbows downwards and relax your trapezius muscles ( google it). If you are a computer gamer it could be caused by mouse arms. You might want to address that as it can cause permanant problems. Next is the bar angle. Most people do nothing about the bar angle where you grip. If it is at a largish wrong angle it will cause arm and shoulder problems. If I had video equipment I would make a video as it is easier to show than explain. if the angle is wrong it can cause the following...arm pump, shoulder tightness and accompaning bike handling problems, headaches, arm numbness or tingling, hand numbness or tingling, and can cause PERMANANT damage to nerves and/or blood supply to your hand ( procyclists have the problem a lot). You tend not to notice on an offroad motorcycle as you move around a lot more and change position. SO: Getting the correct bar hand angle. It is easy to see what natural angle your hand wants by gripping the correct size and shaped object you want to use with ONE hand. To this end I have used a set of Renthal ultra lows for the demo. First I am standing upright with straight arms. This is NOT how you find the correct angle but to demonstrate that body position will change the angle your hand grasps. To find the correct angle you need to be on the bike sitting in the psotiion you will spend the most riding time. However , we continue I used the lines on the table to help show the angle changes. The first is the angle of the bars with both hands. Your hands are forced to confrom to the bars angle. Next I let go of one hand and the bars can now move to the natural angle IN THAT BODY POSITION! As you can see it has considerably more angle than the bar angle. That means that there is uneven pressure on you hand which can press on nerve or blood supply depending on which way the bars now slope. You will notice that the bars are not flat any longer as the hand has a natural vertical angle as well. Everybody's angle will be different. width of bars also changes the angle. Last one is what happens when you rotate your body and arms down. The angle is now different ( in this case almost right for me). This is why setting you bar angle while sitting on the bike in you riding position is so important, and in my case why these bars are a nice fit. Getting the right bars, at the right orientation will make a huge difference to bike comfort and control. It also helps show, to some extent, why clip ons slope downwards and dirt bars slope upwards.
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    I first had the Givi, and it is IMHO the best looking for for the FZ, but..... it doesn't work worth a crap on anything resembling a long trip. My #2 choice when I bought the Givi was the Dart Manta. It sorta looked cool, and it appeared that it would block wind better. I was right as I rode 702 miles in 1.5 days with the Dart, and all was good!
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    So here's the start (end) of my 2020 season, New well, pump, pressure tanks, water heater, plumbing, heating and filtration system. Sigh.
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