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    That kind of thing is probably common with wives. When I started riding "for real" 7 years ago, my wife got tired of hearing about the MC so much that she began to refer to the bike as "Martha". I'd ask "Who is Martha"? She'd reply, "your other wife." I'd say "What other wife?", her: "YOUR MOTORCYCLE!" Ha. I'd ignore it, but she kept on with the whole second wife named Martha until it stuck. Her friends from college found out I'd made a home brew tiny garage for "Martha" to keep the bike out of the weather, so they called it "Martha's new digs." Polygamy isn't so uncommon here in Utah.
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    Most of these new scramblers are not dirt bikes, they are street bikes with the barest pretentions of some small amount of dirt capability. Like maybe up and down my gravel driveway. I do like the Ducati Scramblers, but with exception of the Desert Sled, I doublr would be happy much beyond my gravel driveway. My Street Triple can make it so I suppose they can. Get you a track bike or get you a cool scrambler or get you a big dual sport, leave the FZ alone unless you want it to be your track bike.
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    Most of the body work back from the painter...
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