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    Stock here, with aluminum stem. They'll eventually get some wear, years from now, and then I'll replace if I still have the bike and care.
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    Sure, Stock forks w Ktech internals raised 8mm (measured to top of fork tube, not cap) above Robem triples w 26mm offset insert. KTech Razor RR out back w roaring toyz rear link. Cheers, Tim Padden
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    I hope this is helpful. Fork offset is the biggest determinant of trail, which is the most significant factor in how the bike steers (does it tend to fall into corners versus does it need constant light pressure on the bars to retain lean angle, or right in between) and the feel you get through the bars when cornering. Generally, 24-28mm fork offset is the accepted range, with personal preference often dictating where in that range you're most comfortable. More offset yields less trail, and less offset yields more trail. Front and rear ride heights, raising and lowering, and tire diameter, also impact front trail but to a much lesser degree. Rear ride height is the primary determinant of anti-squat for a bike with a fixed-position swing arm pivot, like the 07, so that usually leaves front ride height changes (forks up or down several millimeters) for fine tuning trail. My shock length is about 315mm. The end of my fork tubes is 25mm above the upper edge of the upper triple clamp. I run no more than a inch of static sag front and rear. I started with the fork ends at 20mm above the triple but I prefer the feel at 25mm (less trail and a smidgen more front end weight bias). I use Pirelli slicks, 120/70 front and 180/60 rear. I'm comfortable with the feel I have in the bars, notwithstanding that the front feels kinda numb. I attribute the latter primarily to flex in the forks and frame filtering out some of what could otherwise be felt in the bars, pegs, and seat. I've used Dunlop slicks as well, but prefer Pirelli; they are lighter in weight and seem to provide more warning than the Dunlops before they let go.
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    I've got the Robem triples, with 26mmm offset, for my 41mm forks. Also using the AP MotoArts Gen 2 linkage and a KTech DDS Pro shock. I haven't tried a different fork offset but if I were so inclined, I'd try the 28mm offset (same as I've got on my Kramer). The bike handles well enough, and has no bad habits, but the "feel" of what the tires are doing is inferior to what I experience with the Kramer (not surprising that GP quality frame and components provide better feel). If you want measurements of anything, let me know.
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