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    Windscreens. It doesn't matter if it's made of polycarbonite, Lexan or acrylic any windscreen will scratch. The trick is to use a microfiber and good cleaner. Anything else is too abrasive. Always clean them by rubbing in only one direction and always in the same direction. Avoid rubbing in a circular pattern. A windscreen will never develope glare or cloud up, no matter how deep the scratches, if they are all the same direction. Once the scratches cross they will catch light and become noticeable at least, troublesome at worst. Never use a gas station squeegee or paper towel as they are guaranteed to scratch. These are designed to be used on auto glass, much harder and more durable than your windscreen. God only knows what some highschool kid washed off his dad's pickup before plunking that squeegee back in the hazmat bucket. Ride safe.
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    Rizoma Pro / B-Pro Bar End Mirror 7/8" Adapter No offense but get this serious safety issue fixed and fast. Either replace the defective ones you have with quality pieces or at least the bar end adapters with ones that work like these from Rizoma or another reputable source and get them from a forum vendor like BellissiMoto. You've already tried shimming them so move on, they're not worth fixing. I don't care how cool they look. If I ever looked down and my mirrors were anywhere but they should be they'd be gonzo. Mirrors made with aluminized acrylic instead of glass will scratch the first time you wash/wipe them and be useless anyway. My $.02 but it's your neck.
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    From the amazon pictures, it looks like it would benefit from some thin innertube rubber wrapped around the insert prior to inserting them into the bars to give it a a tighter fit that's less likely to slip out. Or getting better quality inserts.
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