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    I was googling looking for some replacement seat options for the FZ and this site came in one of the searches. Glad I found it.
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    Google search for FZ07 Forums so I could do some research before buying.
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    I was searching for OTD cost for FZ 07 and found this great resource. I just bought mine a week ago and this forum has been a great source of information.
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    I found you guys via google, after searching for mods and picture threads.
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    Google. Typed in fz07 forums and 2 popped up. One was dead. This forum was great with all the tech tips and tricks. lurked for a while until I actually picked up the bike.
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    We actually have our own Facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/groups/FZ07.orgForums/?ref=group_cover Facebook is fun for pics and "how do I wheelie" posts, but here we have organized catagories so helpful tech tips and topics are easy to find. Plus, unlike Facebook, we don't sell your friend lists, browsing history, ip address and pics to corporations for profit.
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    It was the first result in my Google search for "FZ 07 forum"
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    Was Googling for something FZ-07 related while researching prior to my purchase and ended up here. Nice place you have here.
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    was looking for rear seat cowl, and saw that here I can find many useful informations, so I registered and we'll see from there
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    I used to be active on a car forum for my car a while back so I already knew there would be a forum for the FZ-07, so I searched "fz-07 forum".
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    Searching for ways to tune my Bike!
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    While investigating the FZ-07 last year, I found some good information here that was very helpful. Once I decided that I will pick up an FZ-07 before spring, I went and registered to learn more about the bike and the community. I have a DRZ-SM and the DRZ forum was a huge help with that bike, I hope to find the same here.
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    found a few but none seem to be active ..weeks pass by before anyone made a post. yes I know its not a social network but its interesting never the less reading others post on what they bought etc. and I find this one the liveliest of them all coz I ask the mirror on the wall.lol yeah I know silly old bugger......
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    After I bought my FZ07 I knew that the motorcycle had a pretty big following. I figured there would be at least one forum dedicated exclusively to this motorcycle, so I did a google search for FZ07 forum and this site was the first result.
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    Found this forum while looking for reviews on the FZ-07 before I bought it and continued to use it for reviews on accessories and upgrades after I purchased the bike. The info I found here was and continues to be very useful so I decided to register.
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    THIS site is most definitely NOT that other site. Everyone here has been nothing but respectful and helpful at every turn. I cant say Ive ever seen a question go unanswered. Feathers might get ruffled a little bit once in a while but no one has ever been an outright mouthy flobber dobbin knob end; we had one of those once, he didnt stick around for long. The Admins are great, all site functions have been silky smooth, and all these guys/gals have helped me out with every issue I've ever had (vendors as well) and because of this fact its been the only forum Ive ever been happy to contribute $$ to. A really cool crowd. Worth your time.
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    Google search lol. Was hanging around in another fz07 forum but was trash hardly anyone ever responded. This one seems better (hopefully) =P
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    Google searching "best bikes" and FZ07 kept coming to the top of the list. Then I started finding various resources here, so joined up. Looking to purchase FZ07 before the end of the year if finances line up next month. My first preference would be for the XSR700, but since there have been no dates selected for the release, then the FZ07 it is. Using the forum to compile a list of mods & research.
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