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    Merry Christmas everyone! Or a merry what ever you celebrate! Thank you all for a fun year. I've certainly enjoyed the forum and hope you all have too. I wish you all health and happiness and a better future. May your wheelies be solid, your braking powerful and your travels safe. God bless.
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    Put the Akrapovic Ti on it with the baffle in. Most expensive exhaust ever purchased for a car or motorcycle. Have to hide the receipt.
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    The title says it all. Happy New year girls and boys. Do what you love, then say sorry to your signifcant other, or apoligise and do your significant other too!! Have fun, be safe, and Feck it buy parts.
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    Turbo kit, extensions, chain, powdercoating, was $3200- price goes up/down depending on exchange rate... probably will be around $3400 with the extra stuff I did such as longer fuel pressure line, fuel pressure guage mount, fuel line fire sleeves... Will cost more as I upgrade to stage 2 aka "e85" in the future with aftermarket rods, valves, valve springs, transmission upgrade, sending pistons out to be ceramic coated, ARP cylinder/head studs, bigger injectors, dyno time...
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    Furthermore the #fz07racingprototype gets it's own logo... Can't let the Yamaha YZR M1 MotoGP bike have all the fun, now can we?
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    Again, a sensor failure is still most likely, as I explained previously, and can absolutely cause different behavior in an ECU with different mapping than another. For a more in depth explanation, see our previous comments on this thread. The fact remains that you began to experience the issue weeks after the ECU was flashed. A mapping issue would present itself immediately. Mapping is STATIC, so it will NOT CHANGE unless it is modified with flashing software. The mapping used in your ECU has been used in literally HUNDREDS of others without issue, so there are only two possibilities that explain your issue. Possibility 1 is a failing/failed sensor. These ECUs have incredibly broad rationality checks for input sensors, so a sensor can begin to fail, or fail entirely, without causing a check engine light. Some of the sensors can be completely disconnected without causing a check engine light at all! It doesn't sound like you followed our advice and tested or troubleshot either sensor we recommend that you check due to their high failure rate. Possibility 2 is that a map in the ECU became corrupted during the flashing process. You are incorrect in thinking that this could cause a complete loss of acceleration under load and/or at freeway speeds. This would only be theoretically possible if a "0" value was inputted into a large section of the fuel mapping, in which case the issue would be constant, and that isn't the case from what you're describing. Either way, further argument is absolutely pointless. We are here to help, and we have offered to do so many times now. If you'd like to take us up on our offer to help diagnose the issue you are having, we are more than happy to do so! Simply send us back the ECU with your contact information, and we will happily share our findings publicly if that is what you wish. -2WDW
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    Thanks! Cash it is......anything else is too risky.
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    So I had some time after all the Christmas cheer today to get back in the garage and get some work done. I was really excited because a boat load of parts arrived just before Christmas, and I was eager to start putting them on the bike. One that I was really excited about was the damper rod holding tool from Motion Pro: Sadly this thing is a piece of junk, and failed miserably at holding the damper rod. You can see in this photo where it was making contact with the round edge, and the damper rod just spun and marred the tool. What a POS! I'm pissed. I ended up ordering the official tool from K&L Supply out of the Yamaha service manual. Hopefully it gets here quickly. Feeling defeated, I decided to spend some time cleaning the bike. Which led into a few other things. It ended up being a pretty productive day after all. I wanted to get the engine closed up again, so I installed the HordPower Airbox. And since I was closing up the engine, figured I might as well finish it off and get the new exhaust installed as well. I ordered the Graves Full System from 2WDW. And got him to flash my ECU at the same time. In the above photo I'm adding the extra wires for the bike side harness. Which I didn't really need, except I also purchased this from 2WDW: All in all, I got some decent work done. I'm really anxious to get the forks down though. So that I can get the controls mounted where I want them, and then start fitting the fairings. Also visible in these photos is the Ohlins STX46 shock. It's not top of the line, but it's a big upgrade over the stock shock, and it's good enough for my skill level. Hopefully I'll get better, and in a few years I'll spend the money for something nicer, but until that happens, I'm quite happy with this.
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    Found a dyno chart of the turbo bike vs a tuned MT-09... Green- turbo bike Red- MT-09
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    Here’s the unedited photo from my fb page.
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    Yes, that was it! Thank you! I totally missed it. Old one next to new one installed:
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    Good luck with your recovery and your 2020 season. We've run against Carl the past couple years, he's a great guy and an OFR (Old Fart Racer) like me. I checked out your videos. When you have a chance post up a ducu thread of the bikes, team pics, hauler, pit pics or what not to help winter pass. We're club racers that run a few select events to have some fun and keep you championship contenders on your toes. Welcome from Blue Line Racing! (pic so you know who you're behind on track, lol)
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    Artists create things from their minds. If that's not creativity then what is? If I would pay good money for that owl then I know others would, too. I'm dead serious, you could make money with your creations.
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    Kudos to you Paul in your life victory’s and those on the track and fabrication I wish you all the best following your aspirations, you are on the right track (no pun intended)
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    I get what you're saying about bikers wanting to lane split but people have to realize it doesn't just benefit the person doing it because it helps to relieve congestion for others. If people in cars were stuck in traffic and a lane suddenly opened up for them to jump into and go around everyone they would do it in a heartbeat. As a matter of fact, some people use the car pool lane or the shoulder to get around others when they aren't suppose to so cager's are not without fault themselves. You have to figure, they are people too. The point is if they could, many would. Some would still just sit there hating everyone for not taking a number and behaving accordingly. That's people! Lane splitting, I think it's OK to do if traffic is barely creeping along or at a dead stop and the person doing it is being safe about it. Next question, what is everyone's idea of being safe? lol! Back on that merry-go round, again!
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    Other than using lane-splitting to get to the front of the line at lights, I wouldn't do it in moving traffic even if it was legal. Way too much stupid on the streets to risk my safety in that manner IMO.
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    I leak tested the fuel tank. Found 7 pinholes using soapy water and air pressure in the tank. Not surprised. I filled them, but still need to do another leak test. I waisted some time trying to settle on the best way to mount the tank and then decided to move back to the fairing stay. Here I am cutting 1/8" slots in the dash plate with a hacksaw and jewelry files.
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    Yea I already had that nightmare last night Thanks for that reminder @DewMan lol
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    I ride to be me for a bit. Nobody can reach me and all the cares of the world, business, life, bills, family, etc is stuck outside my helmet until I decide to return. There's no stress on a bike for me. But panic? Yeah, that happens sometimes lol
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    There is advantage to piggyback. You can go anywhere on dyno to tune bike or change map. You actually tune your own bike not some other bike. If something goes wrong you just unplug it and run without it.
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    Awesome! No problem at all. You'll need to either have the tuner login with your FTECU credentials when tuning the bike OR transfer the license number to his FTECU account and then have him transfer it back to you. This can be done on the FTECU site under the Licenses tab. Simply click on the license number, and you'll see an option to transfer it to another FTECU account/user. Feel free to give us a shout directly if you have any questions about the tuning specifics when you get to that point! -2WDW
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    Not to horn in your question to 2WDW, but, leave it the hell alone, lol. Mine is flashed and I have a slipper. The payoff is in on-off throttle in and outta corners or in heavy traffic. It's butter smooth. No hicups, burbles, bobbles, nothing but instant stonk. Leave it alone. Over to 2WDW
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    Umm... never mind... there's no 'must have' reason
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    Lol! Thanks. Im gonna start using "orange thunder" whenever referring to the prez. I wish id thought of that LMFAO!
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    Corrects the swingarm angle (closer to 13 degs) and raises the rear of the bike (especially with a longer shock) which essentially sharpens the steering head angle and puts more weight on the front as well.
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    I can only see a need for a 2nd ECU if it's his daily driver and can't be without it for 3+ days. Though I'm sure if @Jay Z paid for overnight return, 2WDW would overnight it back to him as well. which would minimize the the down time to 2-3 days max. I see used ECUs on Ebay for as little as $119
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    LoL I make that link. Cornwell did the geometry and I did the mechanical design and analysis. My logo is where it’s smudged off. That was the first prototype. The revised version was first tested on Draiks bike and given to Darren James and Cornwell at NJMP.
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    Me too in a tall glass with ice. I am definitely a fair weather rider these days. Had too many close calls in the rain almost being hit by an idiot in a cage. Track might be a different animal however.
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    Easy-peazy. Measure the top frame rail before you cut it so you can retain your mount spacing for the seatpan. Next sawzall the loop off and clean up the cuts. The 2 lower mounts use small bolts through existing holes punched the rest of the way through the frame then threaded into bungs welded on the ends of the subframe lower arms. The 2 upper tubes slide into the cut frame rails and are bolted/pinned in place to set the mount spacing exactly as you want it. You can fab a new battery box or modify the original like I did.
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    For the few track days I do a year, I use my street alpinestars jacket (bought new), zipped to a pair of their pants (bought used). I use a cheap pair of Gaerne track boots, and you can find good gloves for cheap if you look around. I usually like to try the gear on (especially gloves) rather than chance it with sizing online. Good thing about this gear is I can wear each part on the street if needed. Bad tjing is one piece race suits are cool, and you don't care as much if you stack it on the track.
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    I squeak every time I get out of bed
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    I'm selling my Hordpower Airbox and Yoshi Works Finish Exhaust... Price: $400 plus shipping... everything is approx 9500 miles used...sold as is...no refunds...PayPal only...sorry for the frosty looking parts, they were sitting all night in my truck and brought them inside the warm garage to take pictures... exhaust has hanger strap and baffle included...
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    Wife and I went for a road trip today to Valhalla. Scored the rest of this seasons goodies from AP. Had a great lunch at The Bend in Manchester. Talked like middle school girls about everynothing. Got an aluminum subframe, slipper clutch, underslung brake carrier w/Brembo caliper, Dymag rear wheel with custom spacers, caliper and sprocket carrier. Also got another exhaust can and some more bodywork I can fix up, woot!
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    I hear on not wanting to get anything done. If there's a mess that's all I can see. I don't know about pegboard mounted per se, but there are holes in the back to hang it.
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    Over here, you can sometimes find your lane splitting ( we call it filtering, btw) blocked off at extremely(!) short notice by someone who hates the thought of you lane splitting and making progress, where he cannot. I will only do it extremely slowly in stationary traffic.
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    The rules here in Queensland, Australia, are that you can legally lane split between two traffic lanes going in the same direction at no more than 30km/h (around 20mph) and that you can't do this on a motorway/highway. It works really well. Any more than 30km/h and you're asking for trouble but as someone who commutes daily to/from the city, being able to lane split (or lane filter as the legal version is called) is a godsend. And sorry geophb, but lane splitting benefits everyone on the road. For every bike that lane splits past you, there are countless others ahead of you that aren't contributing to the traffic queues. So little do you realise but you're probably several car lengths further ahead that you would be if every bike between you and your destination was confined to the middle of the traffic lanes. For me there is a little sense of entitlement, because I know I'm contributing to the traffic and I'm using a far more appropriate form of transportation for getting a single person from A to B compared to old mate in his giant massive SUV who can't be bothered catching the bus.
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    So..........minority unemployment rate the lowest it's been ever isn't a positive thing? A president who doesn't take any sh^t from anyone in congress isn't positive? He can't be bought like pretty much every other politician in office. Anyways, he may not be the most well spoken or mannered, but he gets things done. If you wanna whine and complain about ANYONE in congress, how about Nancy Pelosi........that woman is a freaking nut and shouldn't be in office. Blows my mind how she says the things she does. Back to topic. resized the pics and here they are.
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    Thats a good point. If all goes well and i decide to purchase it, I will ask for warranty. You never know what might go wrong because the bike has been sitting for too long.
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    Earplugs are the best...especially when you have a loud exhaust as well. I still get excited to ride which already puts me in the "riding mode" which tends to alleviate any outside stress.
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    What's total cost so far in this build? Love it btw.
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    Probably thicker as well since it is also machined from aluminum.
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    FZ/MT in my opinion is the best “blank slate” bike out there. You can literally have it function as a race bike, tourer, adventure, commuter and so on with various mods. I find it in its stock form still a great all around bike. Unless you are putting countless highway miles on it every day I don’t think you can go wrong. Take a look at some members bikes in the gallery and see what some members have done to theirs. Best bike and most fun on 2 wheels I have had bar none.
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    Yea you are probably have to get a sheet and go custom
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    Don’t extend the swing arm, just go for it and shet yourself like a man every time you touch the gas
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    Did I suddenly become dyslexic?
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    @Grant31781, Higdonian is a supporting vendor of the forum. While I have no personal experience with them I have heard nothing but good things about them and @Cruizin is very selective about who he allows the forum to be associated with. Check them out in the supporting vendors area of the forum.
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    Anaerobic Iron eating bacteria I'm told. Similar to an algae bloom I guess. We shocked existing well twice, chem treated it, tried to kill it with chlorine, back flushed it, then pulled the well and replaced all well mechanicals, pump, screens etc. Plugs filters every couple days now. Somehow it's out of control and can't be stopped. Every professional we've had look at it says 'Holy Fk!' never seen anything like it. We live in the country so no gas/water/sewer. Can't wait to find out if the septic system is effed too. Meh. I would have just raced/drank away my $ anyway.
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    Just to make sure, did you check BOTH sides of the fuse with a meter? If a fuse is blown you will still get power to the incoming but not outgoing. A lot of people don't realize this and only check one side of the fuse. Also, I read somewhere (on this forum i think) that someone had a blown parking light fuse that was causing turn signal issues. Not sure if that was a hack wiring job or what, but may be worth a check. If all is still well on the fuses and you are confident on your diagnostics, obviously you need to be very detailed when checking wiring from the fuse to the switch. Check for resistance from the wiring after the fuse to the switch. Keep working your way from the switch back to the fuse until you find your suspect. And If I recall correctly, the only thing under the gas tank is the flasher / signal relay, which you said you replaced.
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