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    Good for you! Just be careful, I'd hate to hear you'd gone blind from playing with it. It certainly is satisfying to learn and accomplish things with your own hands.
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    Nope, I just did it on mine. You need to lift the tab on the bottom and then unplug. I made a video clip Ed
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    Access cover done. Now back to the fairing stay. And I need to order some .125" 5086 aluminum for the fuel tank. I'm curious how many gallons I can fit under the R3 tank cover since I'm giving up space for the intake filter.
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    Happy Thanks Giving folks from all of me here at Blue Line Racing. Spending some time with real people and enjoying their fellowship today. Then it's off to the shop. Putting a motor together this afternoon. Got the suspension back from the tuner too. Got the rear end cleaned up and fresh grease in everything. It all looks good so no new parts here.
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    Ugg, of course after I bought everything from you already, haha. Honestly, and this goes to anyone reading this... Matt's customer service is totally worth FULL RETAIL PRICE. Seriously. - Paul
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    I didn't see a thread for this little Neo-Sports Café motorcycle, so here it is. I bought one of these, a blue 2020 model, on October 19th, and I have a little over 600 miles so far. My only gripe with the bike was the front brake felt very weak in stock spec., but switching to EBC HH pads took care of that, the result being a good front brake just with the pad swap. It's a good-looking, light-weight, sporty little motorcycle, and it feels very much like a smaller version of my FZ-07 - just what I was after. If you want to know anything specific about the CB300R, just ask as we're settling into winter-like weather over here.
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    Just the clutch cover gasket. And Bandaids, you gotta have bandaids. You're supposed to pinch your finger tips putting the cover back on. Don't laugh, you will. And post a pic of your blood blisters, lol.
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    Just the word (Suter) gets me excited, then add new in the box... Its over. But why? or is the question.. Why Not!! I'd say why not. I've never experienced a slipper clutch, but I'd like to try it out.
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    Thanks! But honestly, I have no idea what I'm doing, which is why my buddy provided the donor for me to rework. I just used the method I thought best from my sheet metal days in the Air Force when I was fabricator. My local glass guy was like, "that's an interesting way to approach this...makes it easy for me to work with." Phew! Thank goodness! LoL!
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    While this forum has a TON of great information, it's worth your time to compare it to the manual for things as important as oil level. The manual is pretty straight forward as it tells you to "Make sure the vehicle is upright" "Start the engine, warm it up for several minutes, and then shut it off" "Before checking the engine oil level, wait a few minutes until the oil has settled" Just like any forum, there are people here who are great and have very good info, but sadly there are people who don't know what they are talking about which can cause some folks problems. When in doubt, do more research or post a question. Typically a number of people will respond, and usually the most consistent response is the correct one.
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    I think it's a great idea!!! Riding in the dirt is a HUGE benefit. Track riding as all about controlling traction to the track surface. What better way to "learn" to control a bike that is sliding than on the dirt!!! I'm 50 years old, and have serious neck issues. That is the ONLY reason I don't ride the dirt anymore.... Pull-the-trigger, and have some fun!!!
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    I'd have another pizza and a beer, your settings will be spot on, lol. Lost 10 lbs, sheesh.
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    I've done a couple FZ-07's, and a few other bikes as well...... I've always been successful either "cracking" it with a hex key, or enlisting a broom handle as a holdback . I'm putting Racetech Springs & Emulators in my wife's Yamaha R3 in a couple weeks. I may try the "upside down" method. This makes sense to me! I'll try to post the results -
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    x-mas is arriving a bit early , I guess Santa wanted to see how he could make his sled faster since he knows "someone" is building a fast track bike...
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    But I like videos Actually, once I get my house projects finished up I'll be spending time in the garage doing my 2020 mod$ singing “FZ07, I’m gonna turn a wrench, this makes me a customizer” Ed
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    Oh yes, there will be sales and deals!
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    Here is an example of the oxidation you might find even on a low mileage bike. My wife's bike has ~3,400 miles on it and the link arm pivot and the bolt for the link arm needed a bit of clean up and I like to put a bit of grease on them not that the link arm bolt or the spacer is rotating but it will help with moisture oxidizing it so fast again. Just quickly clean them up with brass brush, glass bead, sandpaper, whatever. If you install the bolt in the link arm first you can the linkage rest on the swingarm while you install the front bolt in the shock that mounts to the motor, then the lower linkage bolt and finally use a jack to let the swingarm droop to connect the linkage to the shock. Tighten the fasteners and we're almost done..
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    All I could think of what what the reaction would be if they put on a good shock and reworked forks for probably less than £800. Plus the older cat kept saying a hell of a value for money spent. I'd have no doubt suspension might put it right up there with the KTM and it seemed to deal with off road just fine when it came to engine power delivery. Either way, the video was really good, informative, classic, and funny. More should be done like that. Part of why I bought the XSR was the Motorcyclist commute that Zack Courts did. Clearly he liked the MT07 better for the price and style, but his reaction to the XSR told me a lot. I'm not an MT07 kind of person for the style, I've never quite warmed up to the headlight styles and angular body work. I liked the Triumph Speed Triple much more with the round headlights. Just personal tastes and preferences. My brother has an FJ09. I am definitely sold on the 700 drive line. After a few rides I could see how this engine would work aces in the Tenere package as well as the Tracer and MT.
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    Hey @rfmueller thanks for contributing to the forum by becoming a supporting member! Enjoy all your new forum perks
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    Google what oil should I use for the Fz07. Now I’m here.
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    When I first saw the words, "Orange Thunder" I thought this was going to be about Trump. Hey, but it's better to hear about a nice pipe, glad you're happy with it!
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    No. But that's me. If your level of OCD is ok with them rock on.
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    Let’s hope 2021 is the year of @cornerslider’s slipper clutch!
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    Check your odometer against a gps app. I used digihud. Ride the bike 50 or so miles and compare your bike odometer to your gps one. Most vehicles I have checked read 4% higher than actual(GPS). Some read spot on.
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    Oh man, posting that last picture, I need to spend some time cleaning. Ugh. What a sight
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    You read though this? This is how I fixed mine. Just some simple vertical interpolating and smoothing.
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    Sure do! Graphic Kit Street Bike Yamaha MT 07 - Kutvek Kit Graphik Kutvek Kit Graphik specializes in the sale and creation of personal decoration kit for Street Bike Yamaha MT 07 shipping was really fast, I had it within a week of ordering.
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    I emailed Nate and the team as specified in their sale post. I did mention the forum because of how well regarded they are here, lots of happy customers.... Otherwise I might be inclined to tune it myself to avoid the week of downtime but I know a shop of pros are gonna do a way better job than one clueless idiot. But the sale price of the tune is just too good to pass up
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    Fkkkkkk I’m excited to finally have my bike not sound like a lil sewing machine! 2wdw has announced their Black Friday codes, for flashing service and for performance packages. Insta handle is @2wdw with a note saying to reach out to ask about additional deals, exactly like @Cruizinsaid above - thanks dude, I dropped them a line to see what they can do. Never been big on Black Friday but I’m really hoping 2wdw can make this happen. Fingers crossed
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    Incorrect. If you want to get the official tool, your Yamaha dealer needs to contact the official Yamaha special tool supplier: K&L Supply. If the parts guy simply tries to order the part numbers shown in the Service Manual from the same Yamaha parts warehouse that Yamaha parts come from, it won't work. I know these are available because I just ordered the damper rod holder and the T-handle for it through my local Yamaha dealer.
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    So, I don't ride on the street any more. Will messing around on a dirt bike on the off season and between track days make me a better track rider? I have 86 acres of farm land and a 4 wheeler and a 3 wheeler, but never a dirt bike. Someone talk me out of buying a 2020 crf250f, please! lol
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    Winter blend of gas??? Here in Michigan winter blend gas kills mpg...
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    If possible post a pic of the removal tool used for others.
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    It's Yamaha being cheap bastards and reusing the switch from the 09. On the 09 that's where the traction control button is. I swapped mine for an MT03 switch because not only does it look like it's meant to be there, but it doesn't have stupidly placed indicator/horn buttons.
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    Welcome to the forum, BoJax34
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    I have the smoked version on my '18. It's plenty bright. I had a buddy follow me in broad daylight just to make sure they could be seen and I was told they were very bright. The brake light flash and turn signal flash really gets other motorists attention. Heres's a pic with the bike off, with just the running light, and with the running light with left signal (tried to capture the signal at the end of its flash).
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    RevZilla has the star mips lids for 250!
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    Ive been waiting on a good deal for a Yoshi/hord deal for a while. If you do plan on selling lmk!
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    I get all excited when someone starts hacking up perfectly good stuff to make perfectly better stuff.
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    Earthquake? That's just a spring day on any local road, lol.
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    I can’t agree more I have a small list of pieces I have made for the bike . (Same carbon pieces , a titanium bolt kit for the gas cap , topology optimized cnc bracket to remove the passenger pegs ..) and a longeeeerr list of pieces I have bought during the years Half the fun in building it ourselves ! you have a totally custom bike ( I’m waiting for the single side swing arm ) so you can relate more than me !
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    Do you guys watch 44 Teeth? Those two are nuts! I watch videos while I'm customizing. lol
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    This is more like it. Sitting in 85 degree weather in Belize. Just what the doctor ordered. Going to rent a bike Monday and head of into the mountains for a daylong ride.
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    You're gonna have a blast!
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    From the album: Rehl

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    @Wintersdark, thanks for the great "how-to". I made it sticky so it will stay on the front page and be easy for people to find.
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    Bus pass? Just kidding, at that price you're pretty much limited to ebay out of China.
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