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    I'm not interested in buying your bag, but I wanted to leave a message for anyone who is. The Kriega US-20 Drybag is a GREAT piece of luggage. I own a US-20, and am very happy with it. I would highly recommend it to anyone especially at that price which is a great deal.
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    It was similar to that just at a slower speed I was just in a loading dock area and just tried to power wheelie in a second and the front end came up quick. My mind went blank and took my foot off the rear break. Tried to hop off the back of the bike and land on my feet. I was able to land one foot down and one of my shins dragged getting a slight road rash. Nothing serious. The bike just took a hard slam and skid. All in all I'm alright and the bike is repairable for not that much money. It was a good learning lesson that I think I needed to go through. My buddy was telling me to do something along the lines of that video just with the front suspension. He told me to just loosen the triple clamps and axle bolts then work the suspension through its travel and hopefully it'll straighten out. He rides dirt bikes and said it happens every time he crashes. Haven't tried it yet but hopefully, it works. If not I'll try what that guy did in the video.
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    I was just talking with the dealer owner where I do my parts and bought my bike. One thing you are missing out on would be to go to a local preferred dealer or shop once you know your cheap online price and ask if they can get you that helmet for similar money. Why a dealer/shop? If there is something wrong with the helmet or you find it isn't the proper fit you can usually return it without waiting for an RO number. You take it back to them and get the right thing. This is something that can be done mainly at smaller dealerships and shops, not the big ones. I just did that with dual sport tires and bought them for the price I wanted. I've done the same with some of my helmets. It can't hurt to ask, worst case they won't do it, best case you just spent your money in your area supporting local people. Not a bad thing to do when one can. I don't do all my purchases at the dealer, but I will when I can.
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    I did a couple of track days with it starting to pop out so I caught it fairly early. The first track day I popped out maybe 4-5x through out the day using the quick shifter. The second time was like 1-2x per session using the clutch and banging hard in to 5th to ensure engagement . I was sweating bullets looking at the prices of having to get the transmission gears back cut. After I installed everything I think I got 1 pop out the whole day and that was probably from a lazy shift.
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    Thanks, one of our members sent me some that he replaced.
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