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    Thanks! Out of 20, LoL. Actually, it was out of 28 I think tbh. I'm pretty happy. I improved every session on a track I've only been to twice before. I didn't finish last, and I didn't finish lower than where I started - and I beat a rival of mine from the club racing days haha.
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    If something goes wrong and you find yourself in a high speed wobble, immediately put your chest on the gas tank. If all goes well you'll stop the wobble and can slow down safely. Then find out what caused it before you ride again!
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    When I first bought my 07, I took her on the interstate and let her rip. She got up to 113 mph. That was the only time I've done it. I ride 80-85 on the freeway and have no issues with her. Check your head bearing for proper torque value, air in your tires, and your wheel bearings.
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    If you're getting front end wobble over 90, you should correct that before trying to go fast on a track. I've had mine over 100 and it's steady as a rock.
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    I raced cars for many, many years. I never was the fastest guy on the track, but I had a helluva lot of fun. If you want to do it because you think you will enjoy it, just go run. If you're doing it to be the baddest guy out there, save your time, money and health. It's not worth it just to be a hero to someone that doesn't even know who you are.
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    Was there a diagnostic code that came on with the check engine light? Something on the dash that said "5D- xx" , the xx being another pair of numbers. Was the air filter stock or an aftermarket one? Many people don't properly maintain aftermarket gauze type air filters, and that makes them famous for ingesting dust which leads to low compression. Knowing what the spark plugs looked like when you had them out should give you clues if the rings were hurt or not. Also, do you 100% trust the reading of your compression tester gauge?
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    Well done for giving it a go, and learning lots. Don't be too hard on yourself - your riding and self-analysis is 100% typical of a novice track rider at their first track day. We were all there once. Through experience you'll gain extra skill and speed, there's no other way or shortcuts to get there. You have a great attitude of wanting to learn more from your track experience.
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    @Fz07Tyler yup went to Gimli Had a great first ever track day on my motorcycle and I hit all my goals. The bike and I made it home in perfect working order (about 375km including 125km each way to toget to/from the track), I think I learned a bit and I had fun. I was by far the slowest person on the track (novice group of course) and it upset some of the other riders as there was a rule that you only pass on the front straight so a number of them would have a lap ruined having to follow me. I always made sure to start at the back of the pack. I ended up having people passing my at other points on the track though. At one point one of the other riders came to have a chat with me because I would keep looking behind. He told me to stop doing that and just pay attention to the track ahead as it is the rider behind who has to pass when safe that the rider ahead has the line. Where that caught me out though was if I got off line a couple riders would take the opportunity to pass (again not on the front straight) so I became hesitant to get back on line without a shoulder check as I didn't want to collide with someone. It is tough to trust that the other rider will do the right thing but in my final session I really tried to put that advice to use. I did have a couple little offs into the grass. For those that do not know the track, it is built on an old runway in a field so all the run off areas are just grass fields. Both times I know I had under committed to the corner so I just straightened up the bike to exit the track as gracefully as I coule, got slowed enough to eventually rejoin the track safely. Sadly my GoPro mounting wasn't the best and of the 6 sessions it is only the last one where I got the camera locked in so that it didn't either flip forward or flip backward. I mounted to the front fender which was a neat perspective. I now understand the desire for a quicker ratio throttle. In particular on this track coming out of turn 9 (final turn heading to the front straight), I have to wait until on the front straight to adjust my grip so that I can properly go full throttle. So of that is my comfort level adjusting my hand position, and or poor technique. Here is the video of my final session. Please keep in mind that this is the first time I have ever been to a track and I have only had a motorcycle license for a year...I know my lines are terrible, that I am not getting on the throttle early enough and that I am on the brakes too early, but I rode just outside of my comfort level, trying to push myself in a controlled manner. But I am open to any suggestions on how to progress. Sorry I did not trim the video so you need to skip in a bit to get to the actual riding part...at about 2:30 is when I get out to start my lapping. You will also see that parts of the track are really bumpy.
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