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    From the album: FZ-07 with Givi Hard Cases

    Returning from Tour around Michigan. Inside the Dry Bag is a sleeping bag and a Lone Rider Moto Tent .. at 14# pounds that Tent is a bit large but it does have a garage for your Motorcyle .. The Stop tail/brake light is hidden under the Top Case. The photo does not show it very well but I have an Ardmore LED tail brake light that is very bright .. It activates the breake light under decelleration even though I didn't apply the breakes.. It flashes rapidly at first then goes into a solid red.. Turn signals flash like arrows.. It's really a must have on all bikes.. It mounts to the License Plate bracket.. Sadly I got the Pro for $200.00 .. You can program it from a lap top or smart phone.. which i have never done. Looks like I should have used the $139.00 Model .. but REv-Zilla was not offering it. My bad for not doing more research .. AdMore LED Mini Light Bar - 8 Inches - AdMore Lighting
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