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    This is what I used: https://axiaalloys.com/product/shock-reservoir-mounting-bracket/
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    Fa getta boutit. Have a friend help you and run that rear wheel in the air with some load on it from the back brake. It'll take a little coordination but get get it up off idle, 2nd gear - maybe 15 mph. Now get down there and watch the business. Much of that chain noise and snatchety crap will disappear. I doubt you'd be able to notice that kind of run out but if you do and it bothers you, you can sure put a chain on it if you want but unless there's something else going on there you'd be hard pressed to convince me you needed a chain let alone sprockets. You wanna double your money? Fold it in half and put it back in your wallet. $.02
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    I agree with @cornerslider. I suggest pulling the rear sprocket and laying it on glass or some other known flat surface to check for runout with a feeler gauge as a first step. That'll cost you nothing. Good luck resolving your issue.
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    Hello from Blightly all, and although I know this is an old post, I thought I would chip in. In October 2018 I persuaded/nagged the very clever head honcho of the bike dept at Nitron into finishing their tvt cartridge kit and using my bike as the final development mule. They had previously dismantled another set of forks in 2014 but not progressed. Unfortunately the fork bottoms do require machining out to fit their 22mm cartridge kit. I ordered an R3 shock with HPA at the same time. When I collected the bike the shock wasn't fitted, and the first thing to say is that DON'T run them with a standard shock. The soggy stock rear and firm front meant no weight on front wheel and instant lock up even on a hot day. Once I'd fitted shock and set static sag (added preload rear,wound right off front) I took it out and found the front too stiff on compression and rear perfect from the box. I've wound all the front compression off and even pulling stoppies I still have unused travel. So on their advice I am removing 5ml fork oil at a time to soften off the last part of the stroke,but covid19 means we're all on lockdown . I've been riding for 20 years, did more trackdays than I can possibly remember and dabbled in club racing for a few years. I've run ktech and ohlins on race bikes and ohlins on road bikes. I'm no Rossi by any stretch but I have been around for a while. What I can say is that my suspension is almost perfect for fast road/track use, holds a line nicely and isn't bad over bumps. I'm sure the last 1% will come with the oil removal. They're just as well made as ktech and ohlins (possibly better) on the outside, and have superior bump absorption than either on road. My only criticism is possibly the shock is slightly underdamped for a racer with slicks, but that's not me anymore. Hope this helps someone and hope you guys are all safe and well! Oh and customer service is loads better than ktech, who werent bad, and ohlins who cant even need arsed to answer emails from a pleb like me!
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    All due respect.... I it would be highly unlikely that a wheel falling over on the sprocket would bend it. What most likely happened in the the "cushions" in the cush drive shifted slightly. Maybe remove the wheel and be sure the cush drive isn't shifted, or binding somehow. I also agree with @DewMan, 1mm of run-out is nothing-
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    Front sprocket should be fine. If the chain doesn't look worn, then it's probably OK.
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    I would look at the front sprocket for any crazy wear, if it was okay then I would just replace the rear sprocket.
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    Don’t know anything about them, but the caps look cool
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    Looks good! My K-Tech shock came with bracket I didn't like either. It didn't allow the reservoir to be at the same angle as the subframe and tail bodywork, so I used a mount from Axia Alloys to get rid of the long bracket all together.
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    Ditto . Rain tires look awesome though!
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    I fabricated a new reservoir mount from 3/16" thick 6061 aluminum. The one from Nitron was 3/32" steel. Being thin, the reservoir vibrated a good amount to the point where the paint on the bracket was cracking. Mine is no heavier if not lighter than stock. Never bothered to weigh, but you could feel a slight difference.
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    From the New York Safety Track this past Sunday. All went well. Got some rain experience in the afternoon. The windscreen did well directing much of the rain off of me.
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