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    TB's came in and these showed up, Custom valved K Tech DDS lite shock and 20IDS cartridges in re-built stock forks to stay with the budget(ish) build, This is gonna be bad ass fast n fun
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    I fabricated a new reservoir mount from 3/16" thick 6061 aluminum. The one from Nitron was 3/32" steel. Being thin, the reservoir vibrated a good amount to the point where the paint on the bracket was cracking. Mine is no heavier if not lighter than stock. Never bothered to weigh, but you could feel a slight difference.
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    For years (decades) I have had problems with tingling/numbness in my hands whether it was on motorcycle or bicycle (I use to ride bicycles a lot). I would usually get it early in the ride, and eventually it would subside although sometimes a lot of arm/hand shaking was needed. I never thought of that as being from carpal tunnel. It has only been the last couple years that I thought I seriously might have a problem with carpal tunnel. So I got the operation on both hands, and the last two days was the most riding I have done since the operation. I had absolutely ZERO tingling/numbness in my hands. It was awesome to say the least. Previously I had it EVERY time I rode. So let me do a plug for the carpal tunnel surgery. If you think you might have a problem, get it checked out. There are a couple of simple tests to determine if, and how bad you may have it. If it were just for the riding aspect, I don't know if I would have had surgery, but it caused me other problems too. The surgery fixing the tingling/numbness from bikes was just an unexpected perk!
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    I just ordered an exhaust from China off Ebay on March 24 and it arrived today March 31!! I've ordered a shitload of parts over the years and never had something arrive so fast. It looks great quality too. I'll be taking it apart to do a repack since that looks easy to do.
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    Hello all - noob here with my first post. Any riders in the Seattle area interested in some good weather riding once the apocalypse runs its course? I just picked up a '19 MT-07 and looking to enjoy some good rides. Stay safe out there!
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    Anyone know how long the virus stays alive on metal? I just learned that some people at the local amazon were infected with the virus and they're saying it can stay alive for up to 24 hrs on cardboard and 72 hours on plastic. Anyone see Paul Joseph Watson's latest video on the virus? It's very entertaining and enlightening.
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    There's a bunch of boats that sit off the coast of New York. Registered to Chinese companies, parked in international waters, but minutes offshore. Basically floating warehouses, though some actually house small factories. That's how a lot of stuff gets "from China" to us so quickly. I'll let you figure out the rest. Man, New York sure did get hit hard with the Corona, eh?
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    You should be close. There is no right or wrong or cookie cutter set up. Every one is different; different sets of variables like shock length & valving, spring length, various links/no links, fork set ups, tire sizes, rider skill, size, riding style, preferences, etc, just like you elluded to. Next there is no substitute for testing/fiddling/experimentation. I would start with forks flush then go a couple-3mm at a time after riding a 20 mile test loop to see what you like and how she responds. It's easy enough to fiddle with moving the forks up and down and then you'll know, not have to guess or wonder if the grass is greener someplace else. Same in the back with preload after you set rider sag at both ends somewhere in the 3/4" to 1 1/2" range. You want the ends to play nice together. Remember one ends problems can make the other end seem wonky. Too much sag in front can feel like too much squat in back under acceleration, too little rebound in back can make the front seem to dive too much on the brakes as the rear pitches up and so on. Get it right and it's pure sweetness. She'll feel like a cat squatting to pounce as both ends sit down when hard on the brakes. And it wont do the rocking horse on/off throttle as it'll feel like being pushed hard and level by heavenly forces when coming out of corners under full throttle. If you're using it primarily as a commuter I'd tend toward the long end of sag and let the suspension work through as much travel as you can safely use based on your 'test route'. With Andrianis up front and the RR out back it'll naturally feel more sporty as it should be far more capable than stock but it's going to take a fair amount af fiddling to get it there. Get it right and commuting will never be the same.
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    Just installed my Corbin seat and it's awesome! I realize there are several other Corbin posts out there but I figured I'd add my input and pics as well. Install was simple. It hooks underneath the metal fuel tank (not the factory seat hook) at the front and attaches using the factory rear seat latch. When I first installed it, I had to push down pretty hard on the rear to get it to latch. I added 2 small washers under the hook at the rear to make it latch a little easier and now it's perfect. The fit and finish is impressive and I like the looks of the seat much more than I was expecting to. I'm 6/2 and 215lbs and I have about 350ish miles on the seat now and the first thing I noticed is that it adds a noticeable amount of height over the factory seat (and even the Seat Concepts seat this is replacing). I'm now leaned a little more forward now. I wasn't expecting that but luckily I happen to have taller replacement handlebars laying around that I'll install to help get myself more upright again. The height seems to come from the added shape to the front of the seat where it meets the tank. Much more material here than stock. The seat has a nice curve at the rear of the front seat that, as others have mentioned, works nice to hold you in place during hard acceleration. The seat still allows easy maneuvering from side to side for spirited riding although that will likely be different with other seat coverings. I can say though that the seat shape doesn't impede side-to-side movement. I have the Gunfighter model which has a smaller profile at the rear as compared to their more pillion-friendly Gunfighter and Lady version. I don't take passengers but I'm willing to bet that my seat is much more comfy than the stock rear seat. Another thing to note about the rear is that it is nice and flat making it easy to strap a tailbag to it which I like. Ballparking the amount of time before I started feeling some discomfort on each seat goes something like this: stock seat = 1hr or so, Seat Concepts foam and cover replacement = 1.5-2hrs, Corbin = 3+hrs so far. Of course these are my findings and everybody will have different results but I can comfortably go a full tank of gas now without squirming around in the seat. I should mention that even once I start to feel some discomfort, it stays manageable now and I'm finding that I really don't need to move around like I did with the previous seats. Things may change as the seat breaks in and I'll keep this post updated on any new info. I ordered the seat here as they had the best prices I could find: https://biohazardcycles.com/corbin-y-fz7-14-g-gunfighter-saddle-seat-fz07-fz-07/ Seat showed up about 3 weeks later. The options I went with are: Black Carbon Fiber for the seat, tail, and welt. Asphalt Vinyl for the sides. Black stitching and logo. On to the pics,
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