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    It was for the best... The divorce is final and I'm moving forward.
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    One nice thing about Dunlop rains is they hold up better than the other manufacturers rains when used on marginal tracks. They are all great in the rain, but; when it starts to dry out or the track is wet some places and dry others or the track is too damp for slicks but still not wet you can let er buck with the Dunlops. I've done a ton of dry laps on these that would (and did) shag my old Michelins and these are still going. We ran a 20 lap trophy dash that was bone dry by lap 10 and I figured I was out $500 but the bastards are still rolling.
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    I bought these 2 1/2 years ago for MotoAmerica and flipped my 6 year old Pirelli's since we needed Dunlops as spec tires. Guy I sold the P's to flipped his 13 year old set of Michelins to get my old P's, you get the idea. Sell em in the rain for $250 years from now at the track when you mount your next set.
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    Won't make you feel much better but that's not uncommon with wets. They can be tough to move for vendors if it doesn't rain often at the track. Racers tend buy them when they need them, keep em a few years and sell em. Then do it over since you rarely wear them out. Mine are 5 & 8 years old respectively and worn out physically but still grip like a whore to your wallet. I'll get new ones some day. Keep them outta the sun and stored in your basement and don't worry, they'll be fine.
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    ERV3 is an X ring chain. Not sure if stock was Xring or Oring. I ran standard chains for a long time. First time I used a sealed chain I though I had a dragging brake. Forget about coasting! The amount of friction added by a sealed chain is very noticeable. Especially if you are on a small cc/ low powered bike. A top quality X ring like ERV3 is gonna be noticeably less friction compared to your average sealed chain.
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    TB's came in and these showed up, Custom valved K Tech DDS lite shock and 20IDS cartridges in re-built stock forks to stay with the budget(ish) build, This is gonna be bad ass fast n fun
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    For years (decades) I have had problems with tingling/numbness in my hands whether it was on motorcycle or bicycle (I use to ride bicycles a lot). I would usually get it early in the ride, and eventually it would subside although sometimes a lot of arm/hand shaking was needed. I never thought of that as being from carpal tunnel. It has only been the last couple years that I thought I seriously might have a problem with carpal tunnel. So I got the operation on both hands, and the last two days was the most riding I have done since the operation. I had absolutely ZERO tingling/numbness in my hands. It was awesome to say the least. Previously I had it EVERY time I rode. So let me do a plug for the carpal tunnel surgery. If you think you might have a problem, get it checked out. There are a couple of simple tests to determine if, and how bad you may have it. If it were just for the riding aspect, I don't know if I would have had surgery, but it caused me other problems too. The surgery fixing the tingling/numbness from bikes was just an unexpected perk!
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    It's the side wall of the tire where the date code is. And the tread is shown and must look like a metal because of the lighting in my bike shop. My bike shop is actually a sunroom with a hot tub. My wife left, so the bike came into the house. lol
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    Race wets came in today! But it looks like the front was made five years ago? Personally, I find this unacceptable. Any thoughts? Is this normal? Thanks. The rear was made in 2019. These were purchased direct from Dunlop's website, shipped from Florida.
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    Bah, ain't much frame left to damage w/o subframe on there. These aren't show bikes, if you ding the powder, just touch it up with paint that is close. If you powder over bare metal that Vin will be visable. After thinking about this a bit more, I think I'd just do whatever is cheapest and handiest in your situation. It's a race bike, it's beauty is its character.
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    Thanks guys! I'll stick it right next to the header pipe! Lol
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