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    Like your other 'incremental' mods every little bit helps. It'll spin up and decelerate just a tad bit quicker than a stock 525 due to less weight & friction. Together with the rest of your dodads you're getting the most out of her. There's a reason near every bike in the MotoGP paddock runs a 520 ERV3. Enjoy your religious experience, plus it looks cool. BLR
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    Got the subframe welded on the bike today. Trying to see how I can offer these at a lower cost than fitting the coped smaller tubes and made some plates to dimple die. As well as modified the battery box/ undertray. Basically just clipping the sides off. The cross bar is located so it fits into a radius if the plastic. No drama or butchery needed. working on new brackets to mount the relays under the regulator and rectifier.
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    With most states issues "Shelter In Place" or "Stay Home" orders, we know times are tough and that people are going to have a lot of free time on their hands. Because of that, we are officially announcing reduced pricing on ALL of our Mail-In ECU Flashing services starting NOW! Just like all of these new orders, we're leaving this sale pretty much open ended. Almost all of our ECU Flashing services will be only $249.99, with free return shipping anywhere in the USA, through April, BUT we will extend it if neccessary! That's $100 OFF our full retail price . USE THE COUPON CODE "covid19" during checkout at 2wheeldynoworks.com to take advantage of the largest discount we have EVER offered. We know that many riders are going to be doing a lot of their "isolating" on their bikes and taking advantage of the empty roads and a complete lack of traffic . We want to make sure that your bike is unrestricted, and as perfectly dialed in as possible, so you can maximize the enjoy of your throttle therapy during this crazy time! We are maintaining our commitment to flash and return ship ECUs the SAME DAY that we receive them. Our shop is STILL OPEN and fully operational, and we are always happy to help however we can. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email, phone or text if you have any questions!
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    the only change done by 525 -> 520 conversion is some weight savings. and slightly cheaper parts.
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    So I went for a 50 mile ride today, and I still can't believe the difference +1 tooth on the rear has made which leads to this question: Is there a performance difference from switching from a 525 chain to the 520. I went from the stock and crappy 525 to a 520 set of Vortex steel spockets 16/44 and a DID ERV/3 chain. I can't imagine how the 525/520 conversion would make a performance difference, but who knows. I got a bit more interstate time today, and now 6th gear is not an anemic overdrive. Thoughts anyone? BTW, I'm surely not complaining, just curious. Update: I did about 120 miles yesterday, and while I didn't formally check, my mileage definitely is worse. Next time I top off the tank, I'll get the actually mileage and post it.
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    I can do it for you. If it works
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    Took some time to redesign the rearset risers for the FZ. Did some scans and oriented the scans to reference the top rail of the frame where I cut off the subframe to 2* referencing horizontal so I could make sure the adjustments were truly up and back in relation to the installed. Im sure you could do it with a bob or something else but I just used the tools I have available and scanned the mounts, the stock plates and used it to reference and rebuild the risers designs. 3d printed some of the plates and installed to confirm. The slots in the plates allow for much more variance in the frames. It also allows people to move the rearset where they would like.
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    I have encountered similar situations and I flat out tell them that I don’t want to be the guy scraping them off the pavement or watching them lay in more agony than they should. I can’t enjoy a ride with someone wearing flip flops and a T shirt. My .02
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    If you must reused the crush washers boil them in water. Otherwise run to the parts store and buy new ones. Not worth getting hurt over $2.
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    I Have galfer SS lines with copper crush washers, unfortunately the rear is oxidizing and (turning a lighter shade of pale, green) i rode today and it wiped clean with my index finger!!! Doesn't relate to anything really other than crush washers. I'm just happy the forum is up and running again. @Cruizin
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    I went for another good ride today, and I am now adding a new must-do to my list for a total of three absolutely mandatory changes to the FZ/MT-07 IMHO. # 1 is definitely a flash (2WDW) followed by a R6 throttle tube (OEM not Motion Pro), and the new one is adding one tooth to the rear sprocket. This combination is the shet - smooth and snappy, but not to the point that you are running high revs as you do if you seriously go for lower gearing. If you throw in a MWR air filter, you will get an overall sound way better than stock (snorkel removed), and it won't affect your tuning. I changed those three in the order of R6 throttle, flash and then gearing over the course of 10,000 miles. Each one made a noticable difference. In retrospect, I think I would have had a major religious experience if I did them all at once If you are a newbie FZ/MT-07 tweaker wannabe, those three are where to start. You will have a completely different riding experience to the point it seems like a new and much better bike. Enjoy!
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    Before you pushed the pistons in to make room for the new pads did you clean them? They get road dirt and even corrosion on them that needs cleaned off so it is not shoved passed the seals. I've owned many bikes, some with 80-100k miles and never rebuilt a caliper or MC. This is VERY unusual for such low mileage and age.
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    While not popular, I had 15T on front with stock chain for 6 month with no issues. Since it was only $20 sprocket, wanted try it before spending money on new 520 chain and sprockets. I like it and definitely feel the extra torque, but I ride mostly track and not worried about 1st gear or extra wear. But will inspect this weekend for unusual wear. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00MGKSMF2/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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    i would recommend not changing the gearing. fz's are already torquey enough as it is. No need to try and change it
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    Twist the throttle a little more. But seriously, I don't know what kind of city you're driving in or what kind of driving style you're using but considering the FZ's ability to power wheelie in 1st & 2nd gear, I don't know what you're expecting to gain with the proposed regearing.
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    The standard gearing is so low first gear is nearly useless. Save your buck$ - shift down a gear.
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