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    With most states issues "Shelter In Place" or "Stay Home" orders, we know times are tough and that people are going to have a lot of free time on their hands. Because of that, we are officially announcing reduced pricing on ALL of our Mail-In ECU Flashing services starting NOW! Just like all of these new orders, we're leaving this sale pretty much open ended. Almost all of our ECU Flashing services will be only $249.99, with free return shipping anywhere in the USA, through April, BUT we will extend it if neccessary! That's $100 OFF our full retail price . USE THE COUPON CODE "covid19" during checkout at 2wheeldynoworks.com to take advantage of the largest discount we have EVER offered. We know that many riders are going to be doing a lot of their "isolating" on their bikes and taking advantage of the empty roads and a complete lack of traffic . We want to make sure that your bike is unrestricted, and as perfectly dialed in as possible, so you can maximize the enjoy of your throttle therapy during this crazy time! We are maintaining our commitment to flash and return ship ECUs the SAME DAY that we receive them. Our shop is STILL OPEN and fully operational, and we are always happy to help however we can. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us via email, phone or text if you have any questions!
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    Got the subframe welded on the bike today. Trying to see how I can offer these at a lower cost than fitting the coped smaller tubes and made some plates to dimple die. As well as modified the battery box/ undertray. Basically just clipping the sides off. The cross bar is located so it fits into a radius if the plastic. No drama or butchery needed. working on new brackets to mount the relays under the regulator and rectifier.
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    Good enough? Two zipties. Pointing more forward than up.
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    I'll tell ya where ya can stic...
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    Thanks guys! I'll stick it right next to the header pipe! Lol
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    Took some time to redesign the rearset risers for the FZ. Did some scans and oriented the scans to reference the top rail of the frame where I cut off the subframe to 2* referencing horizontal so I could make sure the adjustments were truly up and back in relation to the installed. Im sure you could do it with a bob or something else but I just used the tools I have available and scanned the mounts, the stock plates and used it to reference and rebuild the risers designs. 3d printed some of the plates and installed to confirm. The slots in the plates allow for much more variance in the frames. It also allows people to move the rearset where they would like.
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    Now I get to see where I am slow and not so slow on the track. Lol. And also the Woodcraft key switch eliminator is pictured. A little over 1 month to go before the first track day, assuming our governor opens the NY economy up again.
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    I'm 5'5" and 150 pounds. The bike fits me well, the seat is very comfortable, and the seat height is lower than some other bikes.
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    Hey, everyone. Thanks so much for all of your input. Just a quick update to let you all know how this went. I was ultimately able to find the issue and get the bike running again, and it turned out to be the simplest, stupidest issue (as I'm sure is often the case). I found that it definitely wasn't getting spark, so with the help of a professional motorcycle mechanic friend of mine we were tracking down the causes with his service manual. While I was waiting for him to take a look at some of the more technical stuff, I was checking (for what felt like the hundredth time) some of the wiring just to make sure I hadn't missed anything. Sure enough, I had. There was one semi-hidden wire running from my Power Commander's wiring harness that was supposed to be connected to the negative terminal of the battery. It appears that at some point under the previous owner's hands, the metal cable end snapped, and his decision was apparently to use electrical tape to stick it back in place, which came loose and caused spark to cut. This isn't the first time I've been irritated with the handiwork of the previous owner, and I'm sure it won't be the last. I'm just glad it was a free repair. Again, thanks for all of your input and suggestions.
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    Spent some time the couple of nights reworking the risers to give guys height and adjustment options with their rears sets. The adjustment was a bit difficult to work out since they differently shaped and make sure the adjustment moves back and not and an angle so you can use bike jacks on the pegs. First scanned the plates alone to overlay the adjustment slots of the stock units. In the process learned a couple of things in process like any project. 3D printing a couple to double check the fitment and will be able to toss them on a bike in the morning. Since we sold out of the non adjustable risers this was a good time to spend the time and finish the new design to get them out and on a couple bikes in the shops. I will post some pictures tomorrow when they are done printing.
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    OK, I've put 80 miles on the bike since the past two days had good weather. Here's what I think so far: Engine characteristics are just what I was looking for: Performance between my 2015 FZ-07 and the 2020 CB300R I traded back in to get the MT-03. Off-idle torque is surprisingly good and taking off from a stop is easy. From there to 7,000 RPM, there's enough oomph to leisurely ride to your heart's content in this range without fear of getting run over by other traffic. 7,000 RPM is where it gets into the powerband and power noticeably increases, revving strongly to 12,000 RPM. It's a fun little engine and surprisingly quick at times while being very friendly and easy to ride. Vibration is minimal (practically speaking, I don't notice any while riding), the clutch works well and the transmission shifts well. Transition from throttle off to throttle on is very good with no sudden application of power when opening the throttle, often called Throttle Snatch. This is something that I had heard was not so great, and I'm happy to report that it is very good, indeed. No complaints. The bike cuts up corners on back roads just fine, feeling light yet stable. The tires are Dunlop GPR300 radials (not bias ply IRCs as some of the initial reports from a few months ago stated, thank God) and they work very well even though the temperatures are not yet summer-like. I imagine they'll be great when it gets a bit warmer. Brakes are good. The front is actually satisfactory to me, a relief since some of the reviews that have recently come out say it's crap, so I can't agree there. The stock front brake on my 2020 CB300R? Now, that was crap, although EBC HH pads made that pretty good. I'll install EBC HH front pads on the MT-03, anyway, since I already brought some. The rear brake is just fine and dandy. Suspension is surprisingly good considering it's viewed as a budget bike or beginner bike. Both ends take the bumps well and maintain traction, and so far, I haven't found anything to gripe about. If you want to try suspension that will make you gripe, my 2007 Suzuki SV650 did that pretty well with forks that made you feel every square-edge bump and crack in the road, and the rear shock wasn't much better. Race Tech Emulators and an Ohlins did the trick for that bike. There's a chance I'll buy an aftermarket rear shock for the MT-03 at some point, just because I'm an adult and I can do things like that. The looks and styling of the bike is one area I feel is so-so. It's not bad, but the CB300R definitely had much better styling to it. To me, the MT-03 reminds me of something from 1995, especially in the all-black color that I chose (didn't care for the fluorescent orange wheels on the other color choice). One part of the MT03 styling I like is the LED headlight and two running lights. They look pretty sleek without being dumb, and I imagine at some point somebody will ask me where I bought the aftermarket headlight. I haven't ridden the bike at night yet, so I can't comment on how the headlight works on shedding light in the darkness. So, there you go so far. If you want to know more, just ask.
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    Welcome to the forum, phats22
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    None of the cool kids can do it, because it's not MotoAmerica legal for Twins Cup.
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    Sounds like a really cool idea. I’m sure your execution will be impressive
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    Been thinking about a thumb brake for a year or so. My foot is useless in controlling the rear brake on track. Street fine, get on track and rear locks up. So, I have been only using the front brake on track. I would build something custom using a Wilwood kart master cylinder. The off-the-shelf thumb brakes are too expensive for my track fun use.
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    Thumb Brake? You’re taking this to a whole nother level I'm definitely getting up to NYST this year to see your bike.
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    And just like that, I have room for a thumb brake.... The Woodcraft keyswitch eliminator installed (yellow harness) . Way easier than doing it myself.
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    Double E is kinda right. It's ambient air temp but we need it hooked up. Aside from the dash board temp display the ecu uses that info. You can move it but for best function I'd leave it upright somewhere near the front (cold air) of the bike.
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    Jerk, I don't even have one of those. Every time I get close to getting one I crash or break something or some other shiney thing rolls by... End whine.
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    I have encountered similar situations and I flat out tell them that I don’t want to be the guy scraping them off the pavement or watching them lay in more agony than they should. I can’t enjoy a ride with someone wearing flip flops and a T shirt. My .02
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    If you must reused the crush washers boil them in water. Otherwise run to the parts store and buy new ones. Not worth getting hurt over $2.
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    I Have galfer SS lines with copper crush washers, unfortunately the rear is oxidizing and (turning a lighter shade of pale, green) i rode today and it wiped clean with my index finger!!! Doesn't relate to anything really other than crush washers. I'm just happy the forum is up and running again. @Cruizin
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    Except paint, what the bike's bodywork will look like for the 2020 season.
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    Nothing exciting, but I finally have stainless lines on the front of my bike. These are Spiegler.
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