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    In Yellowstone, headed for Beartooth Pass a few years back. End of May. 7 of 9 days in the rain, and snow . Finally got sick of it and burned from Billings to Bemidji in the rain, 770 miles on last day.
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    No one wants to ride in the rain but if the itch is that bad then do as Sorkyah said and get some good rain gear. (I personally like Frogg Toggs brand, they breath and have worked well so far. I can't comment on other brands) there's something to consider though, it's more danger riding in the rain with less traction combined with oil rising to the surface around traffic lights and other spots on a regular basis, people don't see you as well, your vision isn't as good, the rain itself can be distracting and can deminish your reaction time. Give it a try, maybe you'll like it but if you hate it enough it may help subdue your want to ride when it's raining. Be safe, stay frosty!
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    I was thinking of something I'd call them.
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    Yes, riding in the rain on track is fun. On the dangerous roads, no thanks.
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    As we get close to closing out 2019, we are offering DOUBLE REWARD POINTS for orders placed on our website thru the end of 2019!!!
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    There are some but alot of the trails close for atvs/dirtbike when the snow flies. We have a lot of lakes though maybe I need something like this.
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    Me too in a tall glass with ice. I am definitely a fair weather rider these days. Had too many close calls in the rain almost being hit by an idiot in a cage. Track might be a different animal however.
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    FYI: US model dash, with or without ABS, can be converted to either MPH or KPH.
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    The dash, I believe, is different on an ABS model since it does have an additional ABS light? Whether the difference is only the additional circuit for the ABS light, I couldn't say.
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    I also assumed that. I just noticed that yamaha shows 2RC-83500-20-00 as the dash part number for the abs bike, and that there isnt a speed sensor other than the abs wheel sensors. That has to be the problem, showing vehicle speed while cranking doesnt make sense, abs dash must be using random/incorrect data from the non-abs ecu. The dash is the only thing left thats abs related. Hopefully you can sell the abs parts and recoup some cost. Oh and from what calculated with 20 inch tires on that quad and 35t sprocket your speed would be within 1-2%, 36t only about 4%!!
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    My brother is up in Manitowoc, don't envy you guys. At least we get a bit of rain and such to wash the roads a bit to clean them about every few weeks. I guess you need to get a rat bike and stud up the tires with some sheet metal screws...
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    I don’t think the itch is bad enough to ride when it’s raining and freezing cold haha, I’m definitely a fair weather rider. Infact I think the only time I have rode on the street in the rain was when I done my test. That was an experience lol. For now I’m just a weather analyst looking for dry days lol. Cheers all
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    Looking good Paul! It’s coming along good. Can’t wait to see the finished product
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    Frosty. Hmm. Reminds me that's the other problem you don't have much over there, unlike here. Frogg Toggs are great at keeping off the rain but over here you will need something to keep you warm too/instead.
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    Or do what I'm doing again now after too many years not doing so... Go for a twenty to thirty minute run around on the bike whenever streets are clear, clean, and dry. Keeps your skills fresh and the bike running great. I know not everyone can do that, but definitely the best if it is possible. I figure if it's in the 40s F, I will get out after work or on the weekend. If I can hit at least once a month all should be good. Done a couple days each in November and December. I'll get January this week and hopefully again later in the month. I'll need to to try to get February in the first half, having knee surgery Feb 21. Hopefully I'll be good to go in March... we shall see. Acute tear in the right meniscus and a bit of arthritis to remove since they'll be in there. Otherwise do what they said.
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    1ton has you covered. I'd add a good wash and lube (cables, chain, pivots, throttle tube etc) to prevent rust and I like to cover em with an old sheet or linen table cloth, not plastic tarp, so it can breath and stay dry. I always park em with non-oxygenated gas in the tank or Sta-bil in there if it's gonna be more than a month. No worries. BLR
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    Just a couple of things and I am sure others smarter than me will chime in but an oil change wouldn’t hurt or you can just do in the spring before you take it out. Battery tender Jr is good or bring battery inside. Some fuel stabilizer is a good idea but not totally necessary if tank is topped off. Chain might need some adjustments but can also be done in spring. Here is what the manual recommends at 600.
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    A little more progress. Old school tank vent. Filler cap is a universal piece.
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    6 pounds is a good savings from a part that's not all that big. And light wheels are almost a requirement for a competitive bike!
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    Might have to change the team name to Dumpster Dave's or Goodwill Racing, lol. I enjoy refurbishing fiberglass to save a few bucks to help offset the cost of the cool go fast goodies. Frees up shop space for Andy too. Curious to see how much weight this shaves too. Last time I weighed was at pittrace 2019 on MotoAmerica's scales I was 156kg with 2 gals of fuel onboard. I just wish my weight loss program was as effective as the bikes.
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    Anaerobic Iron eating bacteria I'm told. Similar to an algae bloom I guess. We shocked existing well twice, chem treated it, tried to kill it with chlorine, back flushed it, then pulled the well and replaced all well mechanicals, pump, screens etc. Plugs filters every couple days now. Somehow it's out of control and can't be stopped. Every professional we've had look at it says 'Holy Fk!' never seen anything like it. We live in the country so no gas/water/sewer. Can't wait to find out if the septic system is effed too. Meh. I would have just raced/drank away my $ anyway.
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    Here's the grid for this race, Here's a pic of Brett alongside PR's lovely RC-51. (in case you didn't notice, PR is related to the Yeti)
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    I like this stand way better than anything that uses spools. I just ordered one again. $215 free shipping. https://abbastandsusa.com/product-detail.asp?item=superbike-stand&pid=1
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