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    A little more progress. Old school tank vent. Filler cap is a universal piece.
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    Building some killer fabrication skills. Making do with the tools you have is rock solid old school too. End result will something to be proud of. Nice!
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    Let's just see, using round numbers and my stock tank, not the endurance tank. I get between 24-28mpg. BIR is roughly 3 miles/lap, so ~8 laps/gal. I usually put 1 1/2 - 2 gal in for a sprint race (6 or 8 lap). So for a Trophy Dash (20 lapper), which is 22 laps counting out lap and cool down lap, you're looking at 3 gallons to be safe. I can go about 55 minutes per run in an endurance race, at 2 minutes/lap that's 27ish laps per stint which is pretty close to a tank. The fuel light is always on at that point so it makes it more exciting, lol.
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    Good stuff folks! My wife put you all up to this to get me to clean up the shop, lol? Did snipe this pic from AP's shop yesterday, Guardians of the toolbox...
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