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    Thought I'd share this upgrade I did recently on my MT07. It came about from owning both an R3 and MT07 at the same time, and absolutely hating the way the MT07 switch gear worked, as well as the "parts bin" look of the switch with it's missing component on the right-hand side. Anyway, I decided to install an MT03 switch instead primarily because it's so much easier to operate while riding with far more tactile switches that are also positioned better. A bonus is that it looks a lot better too and like it was actually designed for the bike. It's not quite plug and play and took some testing with a multimeter and perusing the wiring diagrams to sort out but in the end is very simple to do, especially now that I've deciphered it. So here you go, for anyone who hates the stock switch, grab one from a MT03 and follow the steps below. IMPORTANT: The R3 switch will not work. Although the switch is identical, the R3 has separate low beam and high beam circuits for each bulb and so the green wire at Pin 10 does not exist on the R3 switch. The correct part number is B04-H3972-00 from a 2016 onwards MT03. The incorrect part number is 1WD-H3972-00 from a 2016 onwards R3.
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    Hi! Traded in my Ninja 300 a couple weeks ago after clocking over 33,000 miles (commuter) on it in just over 3.5 years! I'm now the proud owner of a new 2018 MT-07 and am loving it. Excited about all of the great info, resources, guides, etc. available here (thanks to all who have contributed). I've already swapped out the exhaust for the Yamaha Yoshimura Y-Series full system, Yamaha heated grips, Motodynamic Fender Eliminator and TST Industries LED turns signals. I've also added a Givi Tanklock tank bag. I've got a windscreen on order and some adjustable rearsets that should be here today.
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    New to this forum and have been reading non stop for a day, lots of good info. I am not new to bikes but have not owned one for 10 years so getting back into riding. 53 years old and in Michigan. Picking up a 2017 with 3800 miles on it for a great deal imho. Needs a little work but just gives me an excuse to do some mods. Thanks
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    It'd be a hoot. I tracked my old RD's. I race against them once in a while depending on what class I'm playing in. They can go to beat hell if the owner/rider let's them due to their age. They can make an easy 60-70hp tuned, weigh 250#, 6 speeds, and that sound, yeehaw! Metzler has modern rubber for vintage stiuff now too, Metzeler Brings Out 18" Tires for Classic Racers - Asphalt & Rubber Vintage racers know all to well the difficulty there can be when it comes to finding appropriate tires for the race track, as the odd rim sizes of classic motorcycles are often outside the sizing parameters of good modern sticky... Kinda miss the old girls.
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    Nightmare hope pics ok .
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    I love the sound of this bike but would it be decent for track days?
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    Greetings and welcome to the forum. Nice start.
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    Sportbike= not a cruiser/HD or a ADV bike nor a SuperSport... MT-07, MT-09, MT-10 Crotch Rocket/SuperSport= R1, R6, GSXR, Ninjas, Hayabusa, H2,R3, RC390... I see the FZ-07 as a bit of a blank canvas... a little investment here you got entry lvl track bike... Or a little investment here you got a touring rig... It does the job(what you set it up for) pretty decently but not enough to do the task past 90%... It's a NAKED sportsbike but somehow NAKED is supposed to offer wind protection like a cruiser?? Same thing for a WINDSCREEN which is supposed to function like an automotive WINDSHIELD??
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    @Beemer Thanks for your suggestions friend. Indeed my driving is a little bit too much for a public road. I am always losing control of myself on this baby. @norcal616 Lol what clickbait and spam mate? @topazsparrow Empty tank makes the bike turn easier and faster. Just a tip for your next ride. The wheelie at 33 sec was indeed trash
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    Sweet, more details and pics please. How about putting it on a couple of scales and giving us a weight. What did you have to do to the CCM frame? I’m assuming it had the DR 650 engine stock? That’s a very rare bike in the U.S., I was always a fan.
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