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    Well it took some experimentation with shim thickness but I seem to have a working set of full floating front brake discs. Now for track testing and some data collection. Should be interesting. They clearly allow more movement between the carrier and the disc than the stock ones do. They actually rattle/make noise when handled. Accepting applications for a test rider, submit beersume'.
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    Clickbait SPAM Still haven't watched it
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    You don't need r6 forks. What you do need is swingarm angle and trail. You can get those with stock forks but once you solve the issue of a flat swing arm to get the bike to drive harder from the corner you'll soon be faced with a limited amount of trail. A ride height link will get your swingarm in place, puts you farther in the progression of the stock linkage but for a budget, it'll work just not a perfect solution. I'm glad to talk through set up with guys. It's not an OSFA solution and there are differing opinions on set up, I'd find a suspension tuner you can work with and get the bike measured. Build a plan for the bike and go from there. Every bike I've built or worked on at the end of the day to get geometry in line with a track bike it comes down to a rear solution in the form of linkage and a set of offset triples to get trail numbers where you'd expect them to be. The bike was never meant for track use and geometry numbers confirm that. With all that said its a rideable bike in stock form. All depends on budget and goals.
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    Find a track to ride on like that. Too aggressive for the street especially with all those blind corners. Also wear a jacket before you get hamburger arms.
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    Personally I don't think that they are too big, not bigger than stock to my eye. I would mount then to give you the best view, not per how they look. The way I figure is that I'm riding the thing and I care about what I can see (in the mirrors) more than what the bike looks like when I'm not on it. Personally I don't think many people give two cents worth of their time admiring or disliking the bike save for other moto enthusiasts.
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    Hey guys new to the forum! Been reading it for the past little while but haven't actually signed up until now! Have a few mods i want to make for the FZ/MT07 lineup so figured this would be a good place to start sharing them down the road! If you have IG check me out also! @avg_fz07 Thanks!
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    Tl;dr I finally got the dang thing off and changed the oil! Okay so update on this after coming back from vacation. I followed all the helpful suggestions from everyone (thank you!) but this bolt just did not want to budge whatsoever. I went to my local hardware store where the owner previously rode bikes. He got his pipe wrench out along with a cheater bar and still nothing. Incredible! There was an automotive shop down the street so I went there next and explained my situation. I don't know how the mechanic did it but he was able to get the bolt off using a 6 point socket. It might have been one of those sockets that is meant for loosening destroyed bolts? Anyway, I had a replacement bolt with me that we put on as soon as the chewed up bolt came off. I rode back home, changed the oil, and then went for a victory ride. Thanks Beemer for suggesting going to the shop! I wouldn't have had my replacement bolt with me if you hadn't mentioned going to a shop.
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    Congrats! I just got a Tracer GT as well, for two up rides with my GF since I converted my only two seater into a custom one seater. First weekend went to Sedona, AZ from Las Vegas, and came back through the Grand Canyon. 800 miles in a day and a half, and she loved it! - Paul
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    Other than the nearly empty gas tank and pretty trash wheelie at 33 seconds in, looks good to me.
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    Which is why I'm doing triples and rear link - Paul
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    Good info. I just wanted to add that using a 520 chain & sprockets is a nice way to lose weight and gain options usually at a cheaper price as you said, but if you go 520 don't go low end. Make sure the chain you choose is rated for the power output of your bike. The cheaper 520 chains aren't all rated for the power output of the MT/FZ-07. I chose a name brand 520 chain that is listed as appropriate for up to 1200cc engines.
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    If you flip the mirrors outward they'll work a lot better. Though they might not look as "cool".
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    I'm confused.... seeing that the stock ones suck, why did you put those on your FZ? I use the stock ones with extenders and blind-spot mirrors and mine work great!
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    Unnecessarily high octane can actually hurt performance. It burns much slower than lower octane numbers and somewhat delays the combustion process. There's absolute no power gain at all with higher octanes. There's extra additives in higher octanes to produce the slower burn. If you're engine doesn't need them you are paying for something that you're literally blowing out your tailpipe. You're also introducing ingredients that your engine doesn't need/can't efficiently process and can cause undue carbon build up. It's literally a waste of money and resources. These bikes run in tip top form on 87 octane and ethanol. It's what's they were engineered for. Basically, static compress ratios and valve timing ( can profile) determine what octane an engine needs, among other small details. If someone "tunes" your engine without changing any of the basics ( compression ratio and cam) and it suddenly requires extra octane to operate safely....I'd reconsider. $0.02
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    Welcome back. I am 65, still compete in triathlons and do well against 30 year olds, SCUBA dive, fly airplanes and everything I ever did. I also still race motocross and hare scrambles. I see no reason to face my age at all or ever grow up. But I work out every day, swim, bike, run, lift. Years of long distance running and swimming and cycling leave me nothing more than bone, muscle and scar tissue, pain is my friend. I see no reason to quit until I am actually dead. Then I will find something else to do. Eight years ago, I was attacked by pitbulls on a training ride on my bicycle, broke my femur badly, hip, cracked collar bone and it all resulted in a stroke. I dropped out of motorcycles because she who cares over me said so. But I am back. I never stopped bicycle racing or triathlons though it took three years to fully recover to pre-accident levels.
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    Scored a set of used Billet adjustable trees by Andy AP Palmer. and the delrin chain buffer from RobEm Engineering
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    Bonamici rear sets going on the RobEm Engineering brackets.
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    If, by chance, any socket spins and ruins what's left of the edges I would use, as a last resort, a vice grips and breaker bar combo but you really have to get those vice grips on there real tight. That's worked for me more than once. That thing looks pretty chewed up already. Needless to say but get a new bolt afterwards. If you can't loosen it still take it to a shop and ask them to just loosen it but not so much that it's leaking when you ride it home to finish the job.
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    I have the Graves Exhaust on my FJ-09( Tracer900) and can vouch for quality and workmanship... But Graves is one of the very very few I have seen that taper/step the header pipes, midpipe vs just sliding two pipe together via a thick weld in the aftermarket world vs a hand built fancy factory rider was only exhaust piece... with Graves you get far more(workmanship, the R&D, quality, technical technology,etc) for the price vs paying a premium for the "Akra" name in my opinion...
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    Alpinestars and dianese have been 2 brands I've been looking at. I have an alpinestars air and love it
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