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    The “Cup Your Butt Seat” Hi, my name is “Ray”, and I have a tender butt. (Pause for reply) It’s been like that since birth. Falling on it as a youth resulted in days of being on the butt respirator. If you suffer from tender butt and haven’t found a comfortable seat for your FZ07, then this article may be what you have been looking for. You may be able to address your embarrassing tender butt anonymously by reading this article. Other riders have experienced good results with the Yamaha Comfort seat; not me. The ASTech custom gel insert; not me. The Airhawk Air Seat; not me. A piece of gel in a liner; not me. If you’re like me, you have a sore butt after only about 1/2 hour of riding. Well, now there’s the “Cup Your Butt” seat design, by yours truly; me. Here you go: The solution is simple: Cut some quilt batting the shape of your stock seat, excluding about 3" from wide back and 5" the narrow front. You’ll need about 25 layers. Then, layer by layer, cut them a tad shorter on the wide end by about 1/8” each; in other words, each layer gets shorter than the prior later by about 1/8". Put a nice ½” gel pad under it and make sure it is about ½” longer than the bottom layer of the quilt bats, on each end. You now have a graduating slope of padding sitting on a gel pad. It slopes from lower to higher from back to front. Put it in a liner made of leather or whatever you have or like. Now here’s the part you have to get: Place the liner with the padding about 1/3 to 1/2 the distance forward on your seat. That’s right. You have some bare stock seat showing. (gasp!) The part of the seat that is showing, slopes down and towards the front. Your home made seat cushion slopes backwards. When the stock seat slope and the home made seat are combined, you have a pocket for your posterior; the one slopes forward while the other slopes backward. Put in a prostate channel if you'd like. AND, you no longer have to hold yourself backwards in the seat with your legs since the seat isn't trying to slide you forward. Sit in it and pack it down. Wiggle around a bit. Get used to it. The batting stands very high, but packs down with weight. Once you’ve gotten the hang of getting settled in the right spot, it cups your butt, dispersing your weight more evenly over your butt and thighs between the stock seat and your newly made seat pad. From the attached pictures, you can see that I used an old Airhawk air pad liner with the air bladder removed. It’s fastened down to the seat with poster board putty. (I might replace it with a home made leather liner to get rid of that zipper). It stays put very nicely and can be adjusted very easily. Slide it to the front or the rear. Whatever works for you. I can ride for about 5 hours before pain begins to dominate my thoughts. Happy riding.
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    Save your money, the factory already did the testing for you and they say 87. If they thought it didn't clean well enough they would've told us to use 91 with more detergents and I haven't heard one complaint about 87 octane or other damaging someone's engine. People are just over thinking it and being overly critical. Here's a clip from this article: "It won't make your car perform better, go faster, get better mileage, or run cleaner." Paying a Premium for High Octane Gasoline? Higher octane fuel is not necessarily better for your car.
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    If you flip the mirrors outward they'll work a lot better. Though they might not look as "cool".
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    I spy a perfect little bump in the road just after the bend to the left that's perfect to pull a wheelie over! Who cares about talking and texting when you can be wheelieing and going nuts in the dirt?!
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    Hi all. Just joined the forum today. I'm in the Clermont area and curious if any others here are? Hills and a few twisties over my way.
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    Here's a new one. If you choose to pay in full with cash instead of financing the cost of the vehicle goes up. Edit: After consideration, maybe not such a bad deal. But, the Obama crack stands because Obama.
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