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    Could someone with a Yoshi system and a reasonably late model smartphone load up a sound meter app and let me know how loud the Yoshi is both at idle and when revving (in dB)? It's really quick, easy, and free. I'm just in a spot where my Black Widow is arguably too loud, and I need to find something a bit quieter. Can't afford to keep buying and selling exhausts >.<
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    I thought this was a neat video. A bit of reckless riding.
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    A lighter grip on the bars/grips lets the bike handle more responsively. It'll steer better, the suspension functions better and you'll be able to control it more accurately with less fatigue on top of the grips not spinning loose. Try it, you'll like it. Use a light yet secure grip, as if you're twisting in a light bulb or playing with er never mind.
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    It's just a tight tolerance, so it stays in place with friction. I've hit some decent potholes and train tracks and haven't had issues with it jumping out.
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    I want to use grippy grips. The heated grips are about as hard as the oem grips
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    Don't be too quick to laugh at a Prius. In the right hands a Prius can blow away a Pinto!
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    I have an Akra carbon fiber pipe that makes that same rattling sound on decel and I never knew exactly what was causing it so maybe that's the cause with my pipe, also, so thanks! As far as a loud pipe goes this is my suggestion. With my db killer in it's still a little loud but not nearly as obnoxiously loud as many Harley's. Still, to avoid upsetting the neighbors (immediate neighbors within six or so houses from mine anyway) I don't rev my bike when I start it and I barely give it any gas to get it rolling in 1st gear. No cars coming I just putt along in 1st past the first couple neighbors giving it no throttle what so ever and let it warm up a little for that time. After the first couple houses is when I start giving it any throttle. Just a little gas in each gear (I'm barely cracking the throttle) and I only take it up to between 3 and 4k rpm and then I shift and slowly accelerate up to the same rpm and shift again. It has the torque to pull so it's no problem doing that. I'm right at 200 lbs. If you're heavier you may have to let it wind out a little more in each gear. On another note, I see it like this. I try to be considerate but I don't worry too much about what the neighbors have to say because if I have to put up with neighbors lawn mowers, weed whackers and leaf blowers blasting away for 30 minutes or more then they can put up with hearing my bike for just a mere few seconds when I go past their house. I don't think that's asking too much.
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    its not for a speedo healer- its for running per gear mapping with a PowerCommader as far as I know...
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    I very much doubt it!
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    I love the 2WDW tune so far! Next mod is the R6 throttle tube
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    Finally got that test ride in. Mmmm. Definitely happy with the tune. So nice to have fine throttle control now instead of the absurd hard engine braking whenever you come off the throttle (then the jerk when you try to roll back on and it stops). Definitely noticeable power difference with the exhaust, snorkel out and tune. Untuned + exhaust was great when WOT but had some softer bits earlier in the curve. Feels stronger all the way now, pretty significantly so too. All in all, really pleased.
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    Hey, "good" news! Talked to the dude I hit and repair was $3,347. Not ideal, but not terrible. I was expecting $5-6k. He also said that my helmet or something hit the top right corner of the rear of his car. I had no idea! haha
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    I've read somewhere that you can use blue lights but they, the lights themselves, can not be exposed. For example, if you use a string of blue LED's to make your bike looks cool at night even then the light source can not be exposed because it can be mistaken for a cops blue lights. The blue light alone that is emitted from them is fine and legal. If you can't see the LED inside your intake cowl that's probably why no cops have bothered you.
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    I absolutely love Jason Bateman's sense of humor! That line and the way he says it cracks me up every time!
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    The "short answer" is yes.... I bought the Hordpower intake system. He gives you the PCV map via email with purchase of his intake. It requires you to tap into the gear sensor, and re-maps the fuel delivery depending on what gear you're in. If you go the PCV route, it lets you retain the "ECO mode", and cruises really nice @ highway speeds, and I still get about 60 mpg. That intake/map was the BEST $300 I've spent on my bike. I spoke to "Hord", and he said it will make about +1HP without the baffle in. I didn't notice a difference with my "Butt-dyno" . The thing pulls harder than ever! I forgot I was wearing my bluetooth helmet, and my wife (riding her bike) heard me laughing inside my helmet on the first ride! -
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    No sign of wobble up to 100mph on my 2017. Still using factory tires.
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    You're on YouTube probation until further notice.
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    The shift points in the manual are for best fuel economy and reduces stress on the engine and transmission. I tend to shift in the 4k to 6k range, unless I am in for some spirited riding, and then it's in the 8K range, but nothing extreme. I find the 4 - 5K range still makes the bike fun to ride, while getting good fuel mileage.
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    Way to go man! I look forward to the day that I get my Tenere 700 and do some crazy hooligan stuff!
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    Sounds like a typical ride for me on the FZ.
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    Just remembered that a few years ago, there were several fatal accidents in Germany due to some morons deliberately pouring oil or diesel on the road, clearly targeting motorcyclists
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    I'm afraid that motorcycle + oil spill = 0% standing a chance. Just hope you never have that problem,and wish for some luck if you do.
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