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    Thanks. My landing gear design will be unique. Each side will be independent and use it's own actuator. The design is being finalized by a fellow racer/designer who is a genius. He sent the design to an engineer friend who works at Cessna for analysis and he said it is way over designed for a landing gear set up. I will also have green and red led's on the dash to notify me when each side is in the up or down position. The speed of our system is only 2 seconds from full up to full down positions. Rekluse makes an auto clutch to fit the FZ so we are doing that too which will make things easier coming to a stop and hitting the landing gear switch.
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    Be careful Joe. My buddy that I blather on about on this forum made himself a T5 para on a bike and we went thru a lot of the same stuff you have or will during his return to riding/bike build/hand control/balance stuff. This part is all good. What we didn't plan for was nearly burning his leg off, 18 square inches of 2nd & 3rd degree burns including the tib/fib. We were unprepared and/unaware during our experimentation-build phase and we left his bare leg in front of the re-directed radiator shroud fan on his Spyder when we built his hand controls, floor boards and velcro fastener systems for his attempts at the salt flats land speed record. Then there was that sideswipe of the pickup truck on his ZX12 test mule due to slow landing gear actuators; oh, and the crash into the ditch when the actuators lost pressure and the gear fell while moving, Oops. Anyway, he's on a Spyder now since he has great difficulty with balance and his friends are idiots. I would think you're better off in that regard but please be careful and don't be afraid to holler at your well meaning help if necessary. Dave, Seth and the handicrapped death machine
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    ive been a long time user of Graves. On a motor with this configuration(inline twin) there is not going to be much difference in performance between systems but my goals with this bike include making it as light as possible so the titanium system fits this goal. I am also a huge fan of Graves quality and feel good about supporting a true American made system The easiest full system I have ever installed on a bike and the sounds is pure eargasmic! one of the best sounding bikes ive ever owned.
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    Couldn't take the seat any longer. It was killing me on rides that lasted more than an hour. When I started my search for a new seat Corbin hadn't started making one for the 2018 MT-07 but finally, they did it. My 11 year old daughter loves to go out on sunset rides with me.....so the optional backrest was a must. In the end it was all a bit on the pricey side. But rest assured.....if you hate the stock seat this is way more comfortable. I also love the way it is shaped from a riding perspective. It holds you in place really well when you get on the throttle.
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    I haven't been on this forum for awhile since my project had many delays. We still aren't done but done enough to test the bike and me out last Friday. Video and pics from my practice day at Road Atlanta yesterday. We missed the morning sessions due to some issues but rode the 3 afternoon sessions. The video starts with me being pushed to pit out and the first time ever back on a motorcycle one day prior to my 6 year crash anniversary. I'm pretty sketchy the first session out. At 6:41 the video flips to the third session and I'm already much more comfortable. I took about 30 seconds off my lap times from just the first to third sessions. Got down to a 2:11 in the third session which is slow but I was still being conservative since it's all still new to me. Before my crash I think I turned 1:44's at Road Atlanta on my Aprilia/RZ 396cc 2T hybrid. Huge props to Doug McCracken. I wouldn't have been out there if it weren't for him. More mods to the bike are coming. Also have to thank Sue, Dustin Ducote, Pops, Richie, Edwin, Stick, all of WERA and many more who helped me along the way to get me where I am today. I decided to not race Saturday because I would have to start from pit lane and I know I'd get lapped. Some racers have traveled far and are spending hard earned money to race and I don't want to get in their way if fighting for a win or position. We had a great day and much to build upon. https://youtu.be/vteXo1czNWE https://youtu.be/ZHIXCDr1cN4
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    I did my first track day with my winter modifications at NJMP on Monday 06/03/19 The new suspension, Ohlin’s cartridges, KTech Razor RR stock and AP dog bone linkage have transformed my FZ. I also have a more aggressive riding position with the woodcraft clip ons and rearsets. i started with the manufacturers settings which were pretty close. After a warm up session I had the local suspension tuner dial it in for me. I really couldn’t be happier with the feel and performance. I had a good day and rode well, also got to use my GoPro that my boys got me for Christmas. Here are a couple of clips. On the rear camera video, you can here my modified stock exhaust, I think it sounds good. Second clip will only imbed link https://youtu.be/xPZuBmj5v5w Ed
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    Yep. Known and common issue. Some people like it, personally I hated it because it made cornering stressful at higher RPMs (and you often want to be there to have maximum torque coming out without needing to shift). Lived with it for a year, and just last night flashed my ECU with a FTECU bike side harness + @2wheeldynoworks tune disabling the injector decel cutoff. Night and day. Now I can roll smoothly on and off throttle at any RPM, with only expected engine braking at very high RPM. No more toggle-like engine brake or acceleration choice upsetting bike balance in corners. The kit's worth it even if that's the only thing you do... but I strongly recommend the 2WDW tune as well, as there's a noticeable difference to the bike overall (and it ensures you can get an updated tune at any time you want to change intake/exhaust components, as updates are free!) So, so much better without the excessive engine braking. Also: I've a 2018 model. It was the strongest engine braking I'd every experienced on a motorcycle [that didn't have a seized engine] and I've ridden a great many bikes over the last 25-30 years. So, yeah, it's not just you, and it's not just your bike. They all do that.
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    Hey, "good" news! Talked to the dude I hit and repair was $3,347. Not ideal, but not terrible. I was expecting $5-6k. He also said that my helmet or something hit the top right corner of the rear of his car. I had no idea! haha
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    Ordered the valve shim kit today
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    this is the least expensive and least powerful bike I have bought in a long time but it keeps putting smiles on my face!! Took advantage of the cooler mornings before our heat rolls in, nothing like wearing protective gear inside an oven
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    Finally had a bit of time to pop out my airbox's snorkel, hook up my FTECU bike harness, and flash a 2WDW tune. Haven't had a chance to test ride yet - finished late at night and it's raining - but I'm pretty stoked. Hooking up the harness and flashing the ECU was trivially easy and quite a bit of fun. I'm very curious how the 2WDW tune will differ from stock settings.
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    I bent pieces of 1/8" thick aluminum flat stock. It's nothing I can duplicate easy without taking fairings off, which is not something I have time to do right now. When bending aluminum anneal using a propane torch to reduce chances of cracks. Wipe bar soap on the area to bend. When the soap turns brown the aluminum is hot enough. Let cool and then make your bend.
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    Picture of new lighting. Also, I adjusted the tension on my chain.
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    You always feel fine when you're in shock and the adrenaline and endorphins kick in. You can bet he felt that later.
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    i should do this soon, but would need a place to do so apartment parking lot is not a good place to do major internal engine work
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    I haven't forgotten about this - I'm closing on a new house this coming week then I'll have the garage space I've craved to get this done. And none too soon, my machine is at ~26,300 miles on the clock.
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    Agree about the head bearings. The OEM bearings are not top tier on any factory bike. I plan on upgrading to equivalently sized tapered bearing when the time come to replace them.
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